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A letter of the alphabet, a dress, a rock formation or an airplane � the diversity of forms that the new architecture can take is almost infinite. In Building as Ornament, Michiel van Raaij interviews ten leading architects and historians to trace back how this new architecture first emerged in the early 1990s and how it has matured over the start of the present century. A new generation of architects regards the design of the scaled-up ornament as an intrinsic part of their practice. What are their motiva-tions? How do they place their ideas in the tradition of their old profes-sion? Michiel van Raaij argues that the new ornament allows architects to design ever more eloquent buildings, but that this new practice is also bound by certain rules. A successful ornament represents a virtue and explains the function, social status, load-bearing structure, organi-zation and/or context of the building. Michiel van Raaij is editor-in-chief of Architectenweb, a leading archi-tecture platform in the Netherlands. Includes interviews with Auke van der Woud, Denise Scott Brown, Charles Jencks, Adriaan Geuze, Michiel Riedijk, Alejandro Zaero-Polo, Ben van Berkel, Steven Holl, Winy Maas and Bjarke Ingels.
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onbekend - 9789462080447