U. S. Olympic Committee - A Basic Guide to Speed Skating

Titel: A Basic Guide to Speed Skating
ISBN: 9781580000871
Uitgever: Griffin Publishing Group
Bijzonderheden: Goed, 2001, Paperback, 152p
Prijs: € 6,50
Verzendkosten: € 3,50 (binnen Nederland)
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There's nothing more exciting and engaging than the Olympic Games. Athletes from across the globe unite to participate in the most thrilling and vigorous competitions of their lives. These athletes didn't get to the Olympics by accident -- it takes years of dedication, sweat, and training to become an Olympic athlete. But you don't have to be training for the Olympics to enjoy sports. Whether you like bike riding, skiing, or softball this official U.S. Olympic Committee Sports Series has been designed to introduce young athletes and their families to the world of Olympic sports. Each book explains how the sport is played, what to watch for as a spectator, and how to get actively involved as a participant.
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