William Guant - A concise history of English Painting

Titel: A concise history of English Painting
ISBN: 9780500200162
Taal: Engels
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Auteur: William Guant

Taal: engels

Though English painting has always been susceptible to in?uence coming from abroad, it has retained an individual character of its own down to the present day. The comparative isolation of British art�has given a special signi?cance to the work of those artists whose genius transcends its boundaries. yet the, general character of English painting can be de?ned for us by the work of a number of great individuals: Hogarth�s illustration of social life; Gainsborough's intimacy of feeling; the devotion to landscape of Constable and Turner; the intellectual fervour and compressed classicism of Stubbs; the poetic vision of Blake and Palmer. The aim of this book is to give as complete a view of _English painting .as possible: It ranges from England�s position in the Middle Ages, and the English character- istics which may be discerned in pictorial art prior to the Tudor period, tothe in?uence of Post-Impressionism, Cubism, Futurism, Surrealism and abstract'art, seen as a prelude to a ?ourishing modern period. The illustrations have been chosen to showcharacteristic works of the artists but, at the same time, to avoid further reproduction of very familiar paintings in preference for lesser known works.
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William Guant - A concise history of English Painting