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Ben Trein - Confessions of my life as a spider

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Afbeelding: Ben Trein - Confessions of my life as a spider
Schrijver: Ben Trein
Titel: Confessions of my life as a spider
Uitgever: BenTrein Boeken
Bijzonderheid: 2020, 68pp, paperback, new
Prijs: € 5,95
€ 3,84
Meer info A horror story sprouted from a conflicted mind. Ben Trein tells his story of a past with consentual sex, described in intimate and pleasing detail. At the same time he confesses to a series of gruesome murders, also presented with an eye for detail that could lead the police on a forensic adventure around the world.
With many different bodily fluids flowing freely, this book sheds an insight into a severely twisted and hurt mind. Read cautiously!

This first edition can be sold signed by the author for a 2,- euro surcharge.

Warning: this book is rated R.
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