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Riou, Edward & M.D. Nash (ed.) - The Last Voyage of the Guardian. Lieutenant Riou, Commander. 1789-1791.

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Schrijver: Riou, Edward & M.D. Nash (ed.)
Titel: The Last Voyage of the Guardian. Lieutenant Riou, Commander. 1789-1791.
ISBN: 0-620-14455-6
Uitgever: Van Riebeeck Society, Cape Town
Bijzonderheid: Gebonden met stofomslag, 1990, 243+ blz. Engelstalig. Met tekeningen en een index.
Prijs: € 12,50
Meer info Dagboek en brieven van Edward Riou (1762-1801).

HMS Guardian was a 44-gun Roebuck-class fifth-rate two-decker of the Royal Navy, later converted to carry stores.

The voyage of HMS Guardian is unique in naval history. She sailed from Spithead in September 1789, laden with stores and provisions for Britain's new 'thief colony' in New South Wales, but did not ever reach her destination. Thirteen days out from the Cape of Good Hope she struck an iceberg that tore away her rudder and most of her keel. Half the ship's company took to the boats, only one of which survived the stormy 1300 mile voyage back to the Cape. A month later, through exemplary courage and seamanship and against all probabilities, the crippled Guardian herself sailed into Table Bay.Here her young captain, Edward Riou, was to spend an anxious and frustrating year before he finally received orders from the Admiraltry to dispose of the fatally damaged ship and return home.

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Van Riebeeck Society Publications. Second series, no. 20.
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