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Crabb, Kristin - A Puzzle Half Finished

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Schrijver: Crabb, Kristin
Titel: A Puzzle Half Finished
ISBN: 9781645156628
Uitgever: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Bijzonderheid: 2019 56pp Paperback / softback
Prijs: € 17,55
€ 1,75
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I have pretty much always considered myself a glass half full type of person. You have heard the phrase, I am an optimist. I see the glass as half full rather than half empty. I had no reason not to be. Every plan I had ever had for my life had fallen into place with relative ease. I graduated high school and went straight to college for the major I knew fit me perfectly. I graduated with highest honors, married the man of my dreams, and sat back waiting for my perfect job, and even more perfect child, to fall into the picture. Easy, just like everything else. I mean, that's how it works when you follow God's plan for your life, right?
Then that beautiful picture of what my future was supposed to look like crashed into a million pieces. Suddenly, my beautiful plan shattered into a puzzle I had no idea how to put back together. It is ironic that my life was now a mess of confusing puzzle pieces, because the catalyst to my whole life makeover came when I heard the words, Oh yes, your son is definitely autistic.
In this honest glimpse into the life of autism parenting, we, Kristin and Joey, walk the reader through the first signs and emotions of becoming special needs parents. We also explore the ongoing lessons that God has taught us through our journey parenting a child with autism. Our story, like yours, has just begun. One could say, it is a puzzle half finished.

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