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Swain, William - Addictive Content Marketing - Drive Demand, Maximize Traffic, Sales, and Brand Recognition

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Schrijver: Swain, William
Titel: Addictive Content Marketing - Drive Demand, Maximize Traffic, Sales, and Brand Recognition
ISBN: 9781913397197
Uitgever: Thomas William Swain
Bijzonderheid: 2019 84pp Paperback / softback
Prijs: € 29,40
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Game Changing Content Marketing Techniques That Will Blow Your Mind!
If you are seeking to reach an audience, maximize sales and grow your brand professionally or personally then content marketing will help you.
Content Marketing is more than just a buzzword. It is science based, real and proven ways that businesses can use to reach customers without having to spend big bucks. In fact more than 80% of customers appreciate learning about a brand or a business through content.
The truth is delivering outstanding content is time consuming and often with no results in sight. However with a solid understanding and framework the process becomes much easier. With a great content marketing strategy you will get much more traffic, attention, and customers.
Create Addictive Content That People Are Literally Glued To
In this book you will discover why Content Marketing is so important, and you'll learn all about how to grow your brand with it. Discover the tactics and actions I'm using daily to compel thousands of people to consume content like crazy. This is perfect for the serious beginner or those wanting to stand out from the crowd.

What Content Marketing Is & How It Works

How To Tell A Compelling Story

How To Create Detailed Buyer Personas

Growth Hacking Your Personal Branding

Optimize Your Website For Content Marketing

Drive Profitable User Actions

How To Automate The Process Using Software

Find Out Where Your Customers Hangout Online

Discover How Your Customers Behave Online

And Much, Much More….

Save yourself hundreds of dollars buying other books, hiring people or looking for the secret sauce. Read this book instead

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