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Weinstein, Sol - You only live until you die.

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Schrijver: Weinstein, Sol
Titel: You only live until you die.
Uitgever: Trident Press, New York.
Bijzonderheid: 1968; 160 pag.; Gebonden met stofomslag. (Ouderdomssporen aan s.o.)
Prijs: € 11,00
Meer info All good things must come to an end... and few things are gooder than Agent Oy-Oy-7. When Israel Bond is drawn to Japan, he finds himself lost in a culture of miniaturized cars, oversized Buddhas, and danger around every tight turn. But what will spell the end of Oy-Oy-7? Will it be the deadly price of his high-stakes game of Monopoly? Will he go at the hands of the villain who got away in one of his earlier, affordable adventures? Might an oversized shellfish cause a doom both untimely and unkosher? Or could it be a fatal seduction by the delectable Miss Kopy Katz, Xerox's learned mistress in the art of reproduction? Does Oy-Oy-7 end with a whimper or a bang? If both, who is whimpering, and who is banging? Read, and find out!
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