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Lessing, Doris - Time Bites. Views and reviews.

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Schrijver: Lessing, Doris
Titel: Time Bites. Views and reviews.
ISBN: 9780060831400
Uitgever: HarperCollins Publishers
Bijzonderheid: 2005; 376 pag.; Gebonden met omslag;
Prijs: € 7,50
Meer info Assembled here for the first time in book form are the very best occasional writings from the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. A selection of the very best of Doris Lessing's essays: articles on writers as diverse as Jane Austen, Muriel Spark, Virginia Woolf, D. H. Lawrence and Mikael Bulgakov sit alongside autobiographical looks at the beliefs that have shaped Lessing's thinking. There are adoring and adorable pieces on the beloved cats that she has allowed to share her life, and insightful looks at the Africa in which she grew up, and London and England, the place where she made her home. The range of subjects, cultures and periods within these essays is huge, but the collection is utterly consistent in one key regard: Doris Lessing's clear-eyed vision and clearly expressed prose are present throughout. There is a huge amount of wisdom and entertainment in these pages, shot through with Lessing's infectiously forthright, zestful and impish spirit.
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