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Richard Girling - The View from the Top

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Afbeelding: Richard Girling - The View from the Top
Schrijver: Richard Girling
Titel: The View from the Top
ISBN: 9780821224397
Uitgever: Little, Brown
Bijzonderheid: Goed, 1997, Linnen band met stofomslag, 144p
Prijs: € 10,00
€ 3,50
Meer info The striking panoramic photographs in this book capture the fifteen bestloved and most compelling vistas in England, Scotland, and Wales. Britain has some of the world's most dramatic and varied landscapes, from the perpendicular thrills of the Scottish Highlands to the improbable, gravity-defying tricks of the Norfolk Broads. These plus a baker's dozen of other breathtaking sites provide a true visual delight.Along with maps that pinpoint each locale and instructions on how to get there, Richard Girling's fascinating text acquaints us with the history and lore of each landscape on view.
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