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Green, William - Rocket Fighter

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Afbeelding: Green, William - Rocket Fighter
Schrijver: Green, William
Titel: Rocket Fighter
Uitgever: Ballantine, 1971
Bijzonderheid: Softback, 159 pags, rijk geïllustreerd, in uitstekende staat. Gesigneerd door auteur William Green !!
Prijs: € 9,90
€ 5,00
Meer info The Me163 Komet fighter story is fascinating. A concept so dangerous that no country would pursue it except a desperate Germany. This book details the trials of tribulations of its development in Germany, as well as comparable projects in the USA, UK and Russia. The *highly* volatile components of the liquid rocket fuel and the plane's extraordinary speed made it a dangerous proposition. Yes it could cut through bomber formations at 500 mph, but that didn't give the pilot much time to aim and he could only make a couple of passes before running out of fuel. One slip in the dead stick landing and the pilot was dead, either by explosion or T-Stoff dissolving his body in the cockpit (no joke).
This book is extremely well researched and very well written.
William Green gives a fairly comprehensive account of this odd aircraft, with plenty of illustrations and photographs to back up his text, and anyone who reads this will gain a full story of this most bizarre of all of World War II's fighter aircraft.
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