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holt, elizabeth g. - a documentary history of art - 2 volumes

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Schrijver: holt, elizabeth g.
Titel: a documentary history of art - 2 volumes
Uitgever: anchor - doubleday
Bijzonderheid: 1957, Paperback, reprint, 766
Prijs: € 12,50
€ 4,00
Meer info 25+24 b/w ills, 380+386 pp. Vol 1:the middle ages and the renaissance, vol 2: michelangelo and the mannerists: the baroque and the eighteenth century. 'the theoretical and practical writings of the artists architects, clerics and phlosophers of the tenth through the sixteenth centuries, which provide the background to the artistic life of the time', minor wear to covers, protective tape to spines, name on front covers and first pages,very rare user marks, good
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