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Boccaccio, Giovanni - The Decameron

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Afbeelding: Boccaccio, Giovanni - The Decameron
Schrijver: Boccaccio, Giovanni
Titel: The Decameron
ISBN: 9780192836915
Uitgever: Oxford University Press
Bijzonderheid: 752pp
Prijs: € 7,00
€ 5,95
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The Decameron (c.1351) is an entertaining series of one hundred stories written in the wake of the Black Death. The stories are told in a country villa outside the city of Florence by ten young noble men and women who are seeking to escape the ravages of the plague. Boccaccio's skill as a dramatist is masterfully displayed in these vivid portraits of people from all stations in life, with plots that revel in a bewildering variety of human reactions.
With introdfction, bibliography, chronology, explanatory notes.
'This new translation of The Decameron is especially valuable for the manner in which it accurately imitates the divergent tones and structures of Boccaccio's prose. Boccaccio's art is an exercise in brinkmanship which leads characters and readers alike into a turmoil of moral and social
disorder only to retrieve them within his formal literary structure at the end. In common with the main text, this introduction will prove very useful both to the general reader and to the student unable to read in the Italian.'
Christopher C. Stevens. Italian Studies, XLIX, 1994
"Gracious Ladies, so often as I consider with my selfe, and observe respectively, how naturally you are enclined to compassion; as many times doe I acknowledge, that this present worke of mine, will (in your judgement) appeare to have but a harsh and offensive beginning, in regard of the mournfull remembrance it beareth at the verie entrance of the last Pestilentiall mortality, universally hurtfull to all that beheld it, or otherwise came to knowledge of it."
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