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McKenna, Jed - Spiritual Warfare

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Afbeelding: McKenna, Jed - Spiritual Warfare
Schrijver: McKenna, Jed
Titel: Spiritual Warfare
ISBN: 9780980184860
Uitgever: Wisefool Press
Bijzonderheid: 2010 / 425pp / Paperback / In Zo Goed Als Nieuwstaat
Prijs: € 18,00
€ 4,50
Meer info Samenvatting:

Guns and bombs are children's toys. A true war wages, and you're invited.
IT'S AN INVITATION you may not be able to accept if you want to, or decline if you don't. It's an invitation to fight in a war like no other; a war where loss is counted as gain, surrender as victory, and where the enemy you must face, an enemy of unimaginable superiority, is yourself.
In Spiritual Warfare, the metaphor of warfare rarely appears. Instead, we are presented with the living reality of a very normal woman - a wife and mother with a demanding career and high-stress lifestyle - and we see what happens when she receives an invitation that, try as she might, she can't refuse. And we meet another woman, a woman who accepted the invitation and fought and won. In the closing chapters of this book, we attend her memorial service as Jed delivers her eulogy.
Spiritual Warfare issues a damning and irrefutable indictment of its own audience and genre, putting spirituality and religion themselves on trial. A terrible crime is being committed against humanity, a crime of oppression and subjugation far beyond Orwell's 1984. We are the victims of this crime, but we are also its perpetrators. Our motive is fear, our sin is ignorance, and the chain in which we enslave ourselves is belief.
"Belief means not wanting to know what is true." -Friedrich Nietzsche
Spiritual Warfare is a book for those who do want to know; people who want to escape from their dark asylum and experience a direct and authentic spirituality; people for whom it's time to look, to think, to know, and, at long last, to put away childish things.
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