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Logo Aurora Borealis Book Specialized in books on travel and exploration from the 18th and 19th century, in books on natural history of the same period, and in books on books.

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Haus-Apotheke Ulsamer, Johann Alfred Haus-Apotheke (meer info) Kempten: Verlag der Jos. Kösel’chen Buchhandlung, 1891 German book on medicinal herbs € 19.00 Aurora Borealis Book
Histoire Universelle des Vo... Morrell, Benjamin Histoire Universelle des Voyages, tome XX (meer info) Paris: Armand-Aubrée, nd (1834) Voyages of captain Benjamin Morrell in the Atlantic and the Southern Ocean € 49.00 Aurora Borealis Book
La terre et les mers / Tabl... Figuier, Louis La terre et les mers / Tableau de la nature (meer info) Paris: Hachette, 1866 Extensively illustrated first edition of this famous essay on earth and oceans € 29.00 Aurora Borealis Book
Le Monde. Histoire de tous ... Lostalot-Bachoué, M.E. de Le Monde. Histoire de tous les Peuples (meer info) Paris: Lebigre-Duquesne Frères, 1859 Beautiful illustrated history of France € 29.00 Aurora Borealis Book
Les Mystères de l’Océan Mangin, Arthur Les Mystères de l’Océan (meer info) Tours: Alfred Mame, 1865 (deuxième édition) Beautifully bound book with key facts about oceans € 29.00 Aurora Borealis Book
Les Voyages Modernes Bernard, Laure Les Voyages Modernes (meer info) Paris: Imprimerie De Casimir, n.d. (circa 1820) Travels and discoveries in Canada, Mexico, Gyuana, Africa, Cape of Good Hope and Brasil € 19.00 Aurora Borealis Book
Sittengeschichte Europas vo... Lecky, William Edward Hartpole Sittengeschichte Europas von Augustus bis auf Karl den Großen (meer info) Leipzig und Heidelberg: C. F. Wintersche Verlagshandlung, 1870-71 Decorative first German edition of a classic on the history of morals and traditions € 49.00 Aurora Borealis Book
The Adventures of Captain B... Irving, Washington The Adventures of Captain Bonneville in the Rocky Mountains and the Far West (meer info) New York: Putnam, 1867 Thrilling journal of exploration of the Oregon Trail and meetings with indians € 39.00 Aurora Borealis Book
Voyage au Cap De Bonne Espe... Sparrman, Andre Voyage au Cap De Bonne Esperance et Autour du Monde avec le Capitaine Cook; et Principalement dans le Pays des Hottentots et des Caffres [Volume 2] (meer info) Paris: Chez Buisson, 1787 The most accurate contemporary description of the Cape € 90.00 Aurora Borealis Book

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