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Boekwinkeltje kaff hanteert voor de verzendkosten de normale tarieven van Wanneer een boek als pakket verzonden moet worden staat dat meestal in de beschrijving vermeld. Meerdere boeken samen kunnen vaak als één pakket(je) verzonden worden. Afhalen op afspraak is natuurlijk ook mogelijk. De scans en foto's bij de boeken zijn altijd van het exemplaar dat door kaff te koop wordt aangeboden. Eventuele gebreken worden zoveel mogelijk in de omschrijving vermeld. Dat geldt ook voor onderstrepingen of aantekeningen, en voor handgeschreven namen, stempels, of ex-libris van vorige eigenaren. Normale slijtage door ouderdom waar die bij antiquarische boeken te verwachten is wordt niet altijd vermeld. Voor vragen kunt u natuurlijk altijd contact opnemen via de knop "stel een vraag".
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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
The American Cinema Staples, Donald E. (edited by) The American Cinema Washington, United States Information Agency 1973 (3rd edition 1991), ix, 449 pp. paperback; "Forum Reader Series"; excellent state; pakket post € 6.00 kaff
The Ancient Novel. An Intro... Holzberg, Niklas / translated by Christine Jackson-Holzberg The Ancient Novel. An Introduction London, Routledge 1995 (transferred to digital printing 2004), 129 pp, paperback; good state € 15.00 kaff
The Antiques Roadshow. A ce... Malcolm, Fiona / special consultant: Paul Atterbury / foreword by Hugh Scully The Antiques Roadshow. A celebration of the first 21 years London, Mitchell Beazley 1998, 151 pp. hardback with dustwrapper; good state € 7.50 kaff
Sansom, Ian - The Bad Book Affair Sansom, Ian The Bad Book Affair London, Fourth Estate 2010, 358 pp. paperback; very good state € 6.00 kaff
The Beast Within. A Vampire... Wieck, Stewart (edited by) The Beast Within. A Vampire: The Masquerade Anthology (meer info) Clarkston, White Wolf Publishing 2001 (second edition), 288 pp. paperback; as new € 4.00 kaff
The Beatles Stokes, Geoffrey (text) / introduction by Leonard Bernstein / art direction by Bea Feitler The Beatles (meer info) New York, Times Books 1980, 245 pp. half-cloth with dustwrapper; "A Rolling Stone Pres Book"; cover by Andy Warhol; pakket... € 20.00 kaff
The Beatles at the Beeb 196... Howlett, Kevin The Beatles at the Beeb 1962-65. The Story of Their Radio Career London, British Broadcasting Corporation 1982, 128 pp. paperback € 8.00 kaff
The Beginning and the End Mahfouz, Naguib / translated by Ramses Awad, edited by Mason Rossiter Smith The Beginning and the End Cairo, The American University in Cairo Press 1985 (third printing 1988), 379 pp, paperback; used state € 5.00 kaff
The Black Book Durrell, Lawrence The Black Book London, Faber and Faber 1977, 243 pp. paperback; Faber Paperbacks € 4.00 kaff
The Blaue Reiter Almanac. N... Kandinsky, Wassily Franz Marc (edited by) / edited and with an introduction by Klaus Lankheit The Blaue Reiter Almanac. New Documentary Edition New York, Da Capo 1989, 296 pp. paperback; A Da Capo Paperback; good state € 6.00 kaff
The Buddha in Your Mirror. ... Hochswender, Woody, Greg Martin Ted Morino / foreword by Herbie Hancock The Buddha in Your Mirror. Practical Buddhism and the Search for Self Santa Monica, Middleway Press 2001, xv, 228 pp. paperback; dedication on fly-leaf, otherwise good € 7.00 kaff
The Bull of Minos. The disc... Cottrell, Leonard / with a new introduction by Peter Levi The Bull of Minos. The discoveries of Schliemann and Evans New York, Facts On File Publications 1984, 224 pp. hardback with dustwrapper € 6.00 kaff
The Cambodian Alphabet. How... Tonkin, Derek The Cambodian Alphabet. How to write the Khmer Language (meer info) Bangkok, Trasvin Publications 1991, 62 pp. paperback € 7.50 kaff
The Confessions of Georgina Robinson, Julian (The Comte du Bouleau) (introduction by Geoffrey Lowndes) The Confessions of Georgina North Hollywood, Brandon House 1968, 256 pp. paperback; Brandon House Library Edition 6025 € 5.00 kaff
The Core of the Matter. Haa... Tiggelaar, Ben The Core of the Matter. Haalbaarheid en effectiviteit van gedragsgerichte dual system-interventies bij verandering in organisaties (meer info) Soest, Tyler Roland Press 2010, xii, 225 pp. paperback; goede staat € 10.00 kaff
The Corpse Wore Grey O'Neill, Peter The Corpse Wore Grey Paris, The Olympia Press 1962, 204 pp. paperback; "Othello Books" € 7.50 kaff
The Dialogue of the Mind wi... Starzyk, Lawrence J. The Dialogue of the Mind with Itself. Early Victorian Poetry and Poetics Calgary, University of Calgary Press 1992, 168 pp. paperback; good, unused state € 12.00 kaff
The Division of Britain Mann, J.C. M.G. Jarrett The Division of Britain Reprinted from The Journal of Roman Studies Vol. LVII 1967, pp. 61-64, paperback € 2.00 kaff
The Drive to Global Citizen... Pollet, Ignace Jan Van Ongevalle (Eds.) The Drive to Global Citizenship. Motivating people - Mapping public support - Measuring effects of global education Antwerpen, Garant 2013, 209 pp. paperback; excellent state € 12.00 kaff
The Early Dilmun Settlement... Killick, Robert Jane Moon (edited by) The Early Dilmun Settlement at Saar Ludlow, Archeology International 2005, xii, 367 pp. hardback with dustjacket; pakketpost € 45.00 kaff
King, Dorothy - The Elgin Marbles King, Dorothy The Elgin Marbles London, Hutchinson 2006, 340 pp. hardback with dustjacket; photographs; unread state; pakket post € 9.00 kaff
The Emotions. Social, Cultu... Harré, Rom W. Gerrod Parrott (edited by) The Emotions. Social, Cultural and Biological Dimensions London, Sage Publications 1996, viii, 323 pp. hardcover; as new € 50.00 kaff
The Encyclopaedia of Alien ... Baker, Alan The Encyclopaedia of Alien Encounters London, Virgin 1999, 272 pp. hardback w/dustjacket; good state; pakketpost € 8.00 kaff
the Encyclopaedia of islam.... Pearson, H. J.D. (compiled by) / edited by E. van donzel the Encyclopaedia of islam. New Edition. Index to Volumes I-IV and to the Supplement, Fascicules 1-6 Leiden, E.J. Brill / Paris, Éditions G.-P. Maisonneuve Larose 1989, vi, 295 pp. paperback € 6.00 kaff
The Encyclopedia of Unusual... Love, Brenda / introduction by Michael Perry The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices London, Greenwich Editions 1999 (reprinted 2001), xiii, 336 pp. hardcover with dustjacket; slight wear to dustjacket, book fine... € 10.00 kaff
The Falsification of Macedo... Martis, Nicolaos K. / translated by John Philip Smith The Falsification of Macedonian History. 4th edition revised with supplementary material Athens, Nicolaos K. Martis 1984, 227 pp. wrappers; very good copy € 4.50 kaff
Randall, Bob - The Fan Randall, Bob The Fan London, Methuen Paperback 1978, 243 pp. paperback; "Magnum Books" € 4.00 kaff
The Figural Bronzes + Suppl... Zadoks-Josephus Jitta, A.N.; W.J.T. Peters Antoinette M. Witteveen The Figural Bronzes + Supplement 1983 (meer info) Nijmegen, Rijksmuseum G.M. Kam 1973, 117 pp. hardback + 1983, 32 pp. paperback; both ex-library copies € 8.00 kaff
The Flash Press. Sporting M... Cohen, Patricia Cline / Gilfoyle, Timothy J. / Horowitz, Helen Lefkowitz The Flash Press. Sporting Male Weeklies in 1840s New York Chicago, The University of Chicago Press 2008, 278 pp. paperback; good state € 10.00 kaff
The Fortune Teller's Mah Jo... Walters, Derek / cards illustrated by Amanda Barlow The Fortune Teller's Mah Jongg. The Ancient Game as a Modern Oracle [book + 144 cards] Topsfield, Salem House Publishers 1988, 103 pp. hardback; with 144 cards (+ 3 blanco cards) in box; good state € 20.00 kaff
The Forum and Basilica of R... Hebditch, Max Jean Mellor The Forum and Basilica of Roman Leicester Reprinted from Britannia Vol. IV, 1973 1973, 83 pp. + IV plates; stapled; staples strengthened by tape € 6.00 kaff
The Gaulish Inscription of ... Schmidt, Karl Horst The Gaulish Inscription of Chamalières Gwahanlith / Offprint from: Bwletin y Bwrdd Gwybodau Celtaidd / The Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies Cyf./Vol. XXIX Rhan/Part I Mai/May 1981 1981, pp. 256-268, stapled; used state € 3.00 kaff
The Gentle Art of Flirtation Barnes, Jan Beryl Peters (compiled by) The Gentle Art of Flirtation East Grinstead, Copper Beech Publishing 1999, 64 pp. paperback; excellent state € 4.00 kaff
The Gentle Art of Lexicogra... Partridge, Eric The Gentle Art of Lexicography as pursued and experienced by an addict London, Andre Deutsch 1963, 119 pp. hardback with dustjacket € 7.50 kaff
The German Policy of August... Wells, C.M. The German Policy of Augustus. An Examination of the Archaeological Evidence Oxford, at the Clarendon Press 1972, xxiv, 337 pp. cloth with dustwrapper; dustwrapper torn; book in good state; pakketpost € 20.00 kaff
The Guitarist's Good Book. ... Raven, Mike The Guitarist's Good Book. Folk songs, community songs, hymns and carols from Britain, Europe and America arranged for solo classical guitar, and voice with guitar accompaniment Derrington, Michael Raven 1977, 192 pp. paperback € 10.00 kaff
The Happiest Man Alive. A B... Dearborn, Mary V. The Happiest Man Alive. A Biography of Henry Miller New York, Simon Schuster 1991, 368 pp. hardback with dustjacket € 6.00 kaff
The Homosexual Handbook d'Arcangelo, Angelo The Homosexual Handbook London, The Olympia Press 1971, 281 pp. paperback € 7.50 kaff
The House of Borgia. Two Vo... Van Heller, Marcus (introduction by Jack Hirschman) The House of Borgia. Two Volumes in One North Hollywood, Brandon House 1967 (third printing 1968), 352 pp. paperback; Brandon House Library Edition 2035 € 5.00 kaff
The Indispensable Guide to ... Karlen, Josh Christopher Sulavik / illustrated by Amy Libra The Indispensable Guide to Classic Men's Clothing New York, Tatra Press 1999, 196 pp, paperback; excellent state € 7.50 kaff
The Inn at Lake Devine Lipman, Elinor The Inn at Lake Devine New York, Vintage Books 1998, 253 pp. paperback; unread state € 6.00 kaff
The Land of the Etruscans f... Settis, Salvatore (edited by) / drawings by Giovanni Caselli The Land of the Etruscans from Prehistory tot the Middle Ages (meer info) Firenze, SCALA 1985. 95 pp. paperback; excellent state € 4.00 kaff
The Leather from Ditch I Groenman-van Waateringe, W. The Leather from Ditch I Reprinted from: Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, vol. 111 (1981), pp. 318-328 19891, pp. 318-328 + plates, stapled; "I.P.P. Publicatie 302" € 2.50 kaff
The Leatherman's Handbook Townsend, Larry The Leatherman's Handbook New York, The Traveller's Companion (The Olympia Press) 1972, 319 pp. paperback; "The Other Traveller"; TC-3313 € 7.50 kaff
The Left Hand of God Hoffman, Paul The Left Hand of God London, Michael Joseph 2010, 437 pp. paperback; uncorrected proof copy, as new; pakketpost € 4.00 kaff
The Life of Ian Fleming Pearson, John The Life of Ian Fleming London, The Companion Book Club 1966, 368 pp. hardback; with photographs; good state € 7.50 kaff
The Lifestyles of Islam. Re... Nieuwenhuijze, C.A.O. van The Lifestyles of Islam. Recourse to Classicism, Need of Realism Leiden, E.J. Brill 1985, 255 pp. paperback; = Social, Economic and Political Studies of the Middle East Vol. XXXVII € 15.00 kaff
The Limerick. 1700 Examples... [Legman, G.] The Limerick. 1700 Examples, with Notes, Variants and Index Paris, Les Hautes Études 1953, 517 pp. paperback; good state; pakketpost € 7.50 kaff
The Limerick Volume I / Vol... Legman, G. (editor) The Limerick Volume I / Volume II (TWO VOLUMES) St. Albans, Panther 1976 (reprinted 1977 / 1976), 283 / 285 pp. TWO paperbacks; name on flyleafs, otherwise fine € 8.00 kaff
The Loves of Faustyna Fitzpatrick, Nina The Loves of Faustyna London, Fourth Estate 1995, vii, 216 pp. paperback € 4.50 kaff

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