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+ (3) Oase 70 - Noord-Afrik... Dusée, G & Champault, D (3) + (3) Oase 70 - Noord-Afrika in foto's (meer info) + (3) Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde Leiden & Staatsuitgev Den Haag, 1970 + (3) 46 pp - - 28 z/w foto's - pb - a little foxy € 30.00 Oom Willem
A Baruya-Tok Pisin-English ... LLOYD, J.A. A Baruya-Tok Pisin-English dictionary. Canberra 1992. 4to. x,685 pp. bound Pacific Ling.C/82; Papua New Guinea) € 45.00 Brinkman
A bibliography of the Japan... WENCKSTERN, F.v. A bibliography of the Japanese Empire 1477-1906. Leiden /Tokyo 1895-1907. 2 vols. Ocl. xvi,338,68,xvi,486,28,23 pp. To which is added: NACHOD, O., H.PRAESENT & W.HAENISCH. Bibliographie von Japan,1906-1937. Stuttgart 1970. 6 Bde. Olw. xvi,832,xv,410,xvi,351,xii,452,xii,569 Ss. Nachdr.Ausg.1928-40) € 600.00 Brinkman
A bibliography of the japan... WENCKSTERN, F.v. A bibliography of the japanese empire, being a classified list of all books, essays and maps in european langauges relating to Dai Nihon (1859-1893). To which is added a reprint of L.Pagès: Bibliographie japonaise depuis le XVe siècle jusqu'à ... Stgt.1970. xiv,338.iv,68 pp. Ocl. Bibl.vol.I, repr.ed.Leiden 1895, vol.II (bibl.1894-1906) repr.ed.Tokyo 1907) € 45.00 Brinkman
A camel journey to Tibesti.... THESIGER, , Wilfred. A camel journey to Tibesti. (Tchad) extr. The Geographical Journal, 1939, p.433-446. With map in the text and 4 plates. New wrappers with clasp. € 28.00 Brinkman
A catalogue of cuneiform so... BRINKMAN, J.A. A catalogue of cuneiform sources pertaining to specific monarchs of the kassite dynasty. Chicago, Oriental Institute, 1976. 4to. xxiv,469 pp + 11 plates. Wrappers. Mat.& Studies for Kassite Hist.I) € 25.00 Brinkman
A catalogue of the U.S.Libr... TACHIKAWA, M.& Y.NAGANO. A catalogue of the U.S.Libr.of Congress collection of tibetan literature in microfiche. Tokyo 1983-88. 2 vols. xiv,353,viii,406 pp. St.Ph.Buddh.III) € 40.00 Brinkman
A comparative dictionary of... TURNER, R.L. A comparative dictionary of the indo-aryan languages. W.Indexes & Phonetic analysis by R.L.& D.R.Turner. Oxf.1966-1971. In 4 vols. Cloth. 4to. xx,viii,841,ix,357,viii,236 pp. without the Addenda & corrigenda, published in 1985) € 300.00 Brinkman
A comparative study of lake... MICHELSON, K. A comparative study of lake-iroquoian accent. Dordrecht 1988. x,197 pp. Or.boards.. € 165,80) € 90.00 Brinkman
A comparative vocabulary of... WOLFF, H. A comparative vocabulary of Abuan dialects. (Niger delta) Evanston, Northwestern Univ.Press, 1969. ix,293 pp. orig.cloth. € 30.00 Brinkman
A compendious syriac dictio... SMITH, J.PAINE. A compendious syriac dictionary. Oxford 1967 reprint ed.1903). 4to. viii,626 pp. Cloth w.dustj. (dustj. sl.used; top edge very sl. foxed) € 40.00 Brinkman
A critical pali dictionary. TRENCKNER, V., D.ANDERSEN, H.SMITH, O.v.HINÜBER a.o. (ed.) A critical pali dictionary. Copenh.1924-2001. Vol.I,II & III/parts 1-7 K - Kamadhatu). xxxix,561,99; xxi,801 & pp.xiv,386. In 36 parts as issued. 4to. (in progress) € 750.00 Brinkman
A cure for grieving: studie... BEELAERT, A.L.F.A. A cure for grieving: studies on the poetry of the 12th-cent. persian court poet Khaqani Sirwani. Leiden, NINO, 2000. xi,232 pp. Cloth DeGoeje Fund 31) € 28.00 Brinkman
A dakota-english dictionary... RIGGS, S.R. A dakota-english dictionary. Ed.by J.O.Dorsey. St.Paul 1992 repr.ed.1890). Paper. xvi,665 pp. € 28.00 Brinkman
A dictionary of Creek / Mus... MARTIN, J.B. & M.McKane MAULDIN. A dictionary of Creek / Muskogee. With notes on the Florida and Oklahoma Seminole dialects of Creek. W.ills. Lincoln, Univ.of Nebraska Press, 2000. xxxviii,353 pp. bound € 38.00 Brinkman
A dictionary of old Marathi. TULPULE, S.G. & A.FELDHAUS. A dictionary of old Marathi. Oxford 2000. 4to. Ocl. xliv,807 pp. € 55.00 Brinkman
A dictionary of some tuamot... STIMSON, J.F.& D.S.MARSHALL. A dictionary of some tuamotuan dialects of the polynesian language. The Hague 1964. Ocl. 623 pp. € 90.00 Brinkman
A dictionnary of Urdu,class... PLATTS, J.T. A dictionnary of Urdu,classical Hindu and English. Oxford 1965. 4to. viii,1259 pp. Or.cloth. € 75.00 Brinkman
A generative syntax of Luan... SALMOND, A. A generative syntax of Luangiua,a polynesian language. W.6 fig.& map. The H.1974. 4to. 256 pp. Janua L.SP.152, € 78.-) € 45.00 Brinkman
A grammar of Chalcatongo Mi... MACAULAY, M. A grammar of Chalcatongo Mixtec. Berkeley 1996. 4to. xvi,298 pp. UC.Publ.Ling.127; Mexico) € 58.00 Brinkman
A grammar of diola-fogny (S... SAPIR, J.D. A grammar of diola-fogny (Senegal). W.map. Cambr.1965. Ocl. L-8vo. xiii,129 pp. W-Afr.Lang.Mon.3) € 48.00 Brinkman
A grammar of Kham. WATTERS, D.E. A grammar of Kham. Cambr.2002. Obd. L-8vo. xxv,477 pp. € 60.00 Brinkman
A grammar of Kwaza. A descr... VOORT, H. van der. A grammar of Kwaza. A description of an endangered and unclassified indigenous language of Southern Rondônia, Brazil. Leiden, 2000. xxii,759 pp. Pbk. thesis) € 40.00 Brinkman
A grammar of southern Tati ... YAR-SHATER, E. A grammar of southern Tati dialects. The H.1969. Ocl. 277 pp. Col.Un.ME.St.B/3) € 25.00 Brinkman
A grammar of the kolokuma d... WILLIAMSON, K. A grammar of the kolokuma dialect of Ijo. Cambr.1965. Ocl. L-8vo. vii,127 pp. W-Afr.Lang.Mon.2) € 50.00 Brinkman
A grammar of the pukhto,pus... RAVERTY, H.G. A grammar of the pukhto,pushto or language of the Afghans. N.Delhi 1987. Obd. 4to. xvi,204 pp. repr.ed.1860) € 32.00 Brinkman
A guide book to Lisu language. MAITRA, A. A guide book to Lisu language. Delhi, Mittal, 1988. xi,99 pp. orig.cloth w.dj. € 18.00 Brinkman
A guide to source materials... HANDLER, J.S. A guide to source materials for the study of Barbados history 1627-1834. W.map. New Castle 2002. xvi,206 pp. Orig.cloth € 18.00 Brinkman
A history of Egypt from the... BUDGE, E.A.W. A history of Egypt from the end of the neolithic period to the death of Cleopatra VII,B.C.30. W.192 ill.& 1 map. Oost.1968 repr.ed.1902). 8 vols.in 4. Ocl. xxiv,222,xvi,207,xvi,219,xvi,241,xvi,219,xxxiv,230,xvi,251,xvi,321 ... € 120.00 Brinkman
A history of matrimonial in... HOWARD, G.E. A history of matrimonial institutions. N.Y.1964 repr.ed.1904). 3 vols. Ocl. xv,473,xv,497,xv,449 pp. € 60.00 Brinkman
A history of swahili prose ... ROLLINS, J.D. A history of swahili prose (I), from the earliest times to the end of the 19th cent. Leid.1983. xvi,141 pp. all publ., stamp on tp.) € 22.00 Brinkman
A history of technology,I: ... SINGER, C., E.J.HOLMYARD & A.R.HALL. A history of technology,I: from early times to the fall of the ancient empires. W.570 fig.,8 maps & 37 pl. Oxf.1979. Ocl. 4to. lv,827 pp. € 60.00 Brinkman
A history of writing in Jap... SEELEY, C. A history of writing in Japan. W.6 fig.& 21 pl. Leiden, Brill, 1991.xvii,243 pp. Cloth. Brills Japanese Studies Library 3) € 70.00 Brinkman
A javanese period in sumatr... STUTTERHEIM, W.F. A javanese period in sumatran history. (9th cent.AD). Surakarta 1929. 25 pp. libr.st.) € 8.00 Brinkman
A Journey from Madras throu... BUCHANAN, F. A Journey from Madras through the countries of Mysore,Canara and Malabar. W.35 pl.& fold.map. New Delhi 1988 repr.ed.1807) 3 vols. L-8vo. Cloth. xv,424,iv,566,iv,479,xxxi,(32) pp. € 70.00 Brinkman
A journey in Nuristan. THESIGER, Wilfred. A journey in Nuristan. extr. The Geographical Journal, Dec.1957, p.457-464. With 4 plates & loose coloured folding map. Loose in new wrappers. € 24.00 Brinkman
A key into the language of ... WILLIAMS, R. A key into the language of America: or, An help to the language of the natives in that part of America, called New-England. W.intr.by H.M.Chapin. Bedford MA, ca.1990). (repr.of ed.1936). Sm-8vo. [xi],208 pp. (on the Narragansett language) € 18.00 Brinkman
A magyar nyelv rétegzödése. KISS, J. & L.SZÜTS. (ed.) A magyar nyelv rétegzödése. Budapest 1988. 2 vols. Orbd. 1071 pp. € 65.00 Brinkman
A man of indonesian letters... TEEUW. HELLWIG, C.M.S.& S.O.ROBSON (ed.) A man of indonesian letters: essays in honour of prof.A.Teeuw. W.portr.& bibliogr. Dordr.1986. vii,349 pp. TLVk.121) € 15.00 Brinkman
A manual of japanese writing. CHAPLIN, H.I. & S.E.MARTIN. A manual of japanese writing. New Haven 1974. 3 vols. L-8vo. xi,369,vi,330,vi,378 pp. € 30.00 Brinkman
A medical history of Persia... ELGOOD, C. A medical history of Persia and the eastern Caliphate. W.6 pl.& 1 table. Amsterdam 1979 repr.of ed.1951 w.corr.). xvi,617 pp. Orig.cloth (Garrison & Morton 6515) € 68.00 Brinkman
A medicine-man's implements... WASSÉN, S.H. A medicine-man's implements and plants in a tiahuanacoid tomb in highland Bolivia. W.num.ill. (partly col.). Göteb.1972. 196 pp. Etn.St.32) € 20.00 Brinkman
A modern arabic biography o... WESSELS, A. A modern arabic biography of Muhammad: a crit.study of M.H.Haykal's Hayat Muhammad. Leid.1972. xii,272 pp. thesis; last flyleaf spotted) € 20.00 Brinkman
A modern history of transca... SARKISYANZ, M. A modern history of transcaucasian Armenia. Nagpur 1975. xvi,413 pp. Halfcloth w. sl.dam.) dustj. € 28.00 Brinkman
A Pacific bibliography. Pri... TAYLOR, C.R.H. A Pacific bibliography. Printed matter relating to the native peoples of Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia. W.1 pl.& map. Wellington 1951. L-8vo. xxix,492 pp. Ocl. w.dj. € 40.00 Brinkman
A phonetic study of west af... LADEFOGED, P. A phonetic study of west african languages. W.16 pl. Cambridge 1964. xviii,74 pp. W-Afr.Mon.1) € 30.00 Brinkman
A political history of Ghan... KIMBLE, D. A political history of Ghana (1850-1928). W.5 pl.& 9 maps. Oxford, OUP, 1971. L-8vo. xviii,587 pp. Orig.cloth. € 32.00 Brinkman
A practical sanskrit dictio... MACDONELL, A.A. A practical sanskrit dictionary. Oxford 1958. 4to. xii,382 pp. Or.cloth. spine sl.damaged) € 60.00 Brinkman
A reader on the Sanskrit gr... STAAL, J.F. (ed.) A reader on the Sanskrit grammarians. Cambridge, MIT, 1972. Large 8vo. xv,557 pp. Cloth. SiL.1; cloth sl.unfresh; upper corned bumped) € 30.00 Brinkman
A record of buddhistic king... FA-HIEN. A record of buddhistic kingdoms (travels in India and Ceylon, A.D.399-414). Transl.& annot.by J. Legge, with a corean recension of the chinese text. W.9 pl.& 1 map. New Delhi 1991. xv,123, 44) pp. Orig.cloth € 15.00 Brinkman

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