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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Boekwinkel
A dictionary of the Maori l... Williams,H.W. A dictionary of the Maori language. Wellington, 1975 XXXVIII,499 pp. Boards,d/j. € 15,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A history of Australia. I: ... Clark,C.M.H. A history of Australia. I: From the earliest times to the age of Macquarie. Melbourne, 1963. € 20,42 Antiquariaat Kok
A history of Victoria. 2nd ed. Blainey,Geoffrey. A history of Victoria. 2nd ed. Cambridge, 2013 338 pp. B./w. ills. Softcover. € 17,50 Antiquariaat Kok
A history of Wollongong Hagan,Jim & Andrew Wells (eds). A history of Wollongong Wollongon, 1997 282 pp. Col. & b./w. ills. Hardcover, d./j. € 15,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A missionary voyage to the ... Wilson,James. A missionary voyage to the southern Pacific Ocean 1796-1798. N.Y., Washington & London, n.d. XIX,C,420 pp. 13 maps & plts (partly fold.). Boards. € 35,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A Pacific bibliography. Pri... Taylor,C.R.H. A Pacific bibliography. Printed Matter relating to the Native peoples of Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia. 2nd ed. Oxford, 1965 XXX,692 pp. Hardcover, d./j. - Dustjacket sl. dam. & discol. on spine. € 35,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A Port Arthur Diary by Thom... Lempriere,Thomas James. A Port Arthur Diary by Thomas James Lempriere. Illustrated by Roderick Shaw. Sydney, The St Mark's Press, 1990. 42 pp. B./w. ills. Hardcover.Numbered edition of 60 copies. This is nr. 5. € 125,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A Van Diemen's Land Settler... GUY,SAMUEL. Schaffer,Irene. A Van Diemen's Land Settler. The Letter of Samuel Guy. Van Diemen's Land, 1823. Sydney, The St Mark's Press, 1991. 20 pp. B./w. ills. Hardcover.Numbered edition of 60 copies. This is nr. 7. € 120,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A voyage round the world. B... Shelvocke,George. A voyage round the world. By the way of the Great South Sea, preform'd in the years 1719-1722, in the speedwell of London... London, 1726 Reprint Amst. 1971. XXXII,466 pp. Maps & plts. Imit. vellum. (Bibl. Australiana 71). € 35,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A Voyage round the World in... ANSON,GEORG. Walter,Richard & B.Robins. A Voyage round the World in the Years MDCCXL, I, II, III, IV, by George Anson. London, 1974 XXV, 402 pp. Plates & 2 folding maps. Hardcover, d/j. - Plasticized. € 35,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A voyage to Terra Australis... Flinders,M. A voyage to Terra Australis; undertaken for the purpose of completing the discovery of that vast country, and prosecuted in the years 1801, 1802 and 1803....... London, 1814 Reprint Adelaide 1966. 2 text-volumes & 1 box w. 9 botanical plates & 20 fold. maps. Cloth. Printed ... € 350,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Across unknown Australia. Terry,Michael. Across unknown Australia. London, 1926 311 pp. Plts. Hardcover. For-edge with some foxing otherwise very good. € 95,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Adventure in New Zealand, f... Wakefield,E.J. Adventure in New Zealand, from 1839 to 1844; with some acount of the beginning of the British colonization of the islands. London, 1845 Reprint Amst., 1971. 2 vols. X,482,546 pp. IUniform imit. vellum bindings. (Bibliotheca Australiana,... € 17,50 Antiquariaat Kok
American activities in the ... Ward,R.Gerard. American activities in the central Pacific 1790-1870. Volume 5. Ridgewood, 1967 XIII,578 pp. Ills. Hardcover. € 20,00 Antiquariaat Kok
American activities in the ... Ward,R.Gerard. American activities in the central Pacific 1790-1870. Volume 7. Ridgewood, 1967 XIII,545 pp. 31 ills. Hardcover. € 20,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Among cannibals. An account... Lumholz,Carl. Among cannibals. An account of four years' travels in Australia and of camp life with the Aborigines of Queensland London, John Murray, 1889 XX,396 pp. Wood-engr. text-ills, chromolithogr. plates & 2 folded lithogr. maps. Hardcover. - Spine-... € 225,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Among the natives of the Lo... Hadfield,E. Among the natives of the Loyalty Group. London, 1920 XIX,316 pp. B./w. ills. Hardcover - Spine-ends sl. worn. Some foxing. € 45,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Among the savages of the So... Tetens,Alfred. Among the savages of the South Seas. Memoirs of Micronesia, 1862-1868. Translated from the german by F.Mann Spoehr. Stanford, 1958 XXXVI,107 pp. IIls. Boards. € 15,00 Antiquariaat Kok
An Anthropological and Lite... Westphalen,Linda. An Anthropological and Literary Study of Two Australian Aboriginal Women's Life Histories. Lewiston, 2012 XIII,451 pp. Hardcover. € 75,00 Antiquariaat Kok
An ethnological sketch of R... Birket-Smith,Kaj. An ethnological sketch of Rennell Island. A Polynesian outlier in Melanesia. Kobenhaven, 1956 222 pp. 72 figs. Softcover. (Det Kong. Danske Videnskab. Selskab. 35/3). - Some shelfwear. € 35,00 Antiquariaat Kok
An introduction to Polynesi... Te Rangi Hiroa (Peter H.Buck). An introduction to Polynesian Anthropology. Honolulu, 1945 133 pp. Softcover. (Bernice Bishop Museum Bull. 187). - Some shelfwear.* Copy with the signature of ... € 35,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Anthropologie der Neu-Caled... Sarasin,Fritz. Anthropologie der Neu-Caledonien und die Loyalty-Insulaner. Berlin, 1916-1922 631 pp. 55 ills. Softcover. In box. Good copy in original cover. - Without the atlas. € 500,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Anthropology in Oceania. Es... Hiatt,L.R. & C.Jayawardena. Anthropology in Oceania. Essays presented to Ian Hogbin. Ontong, 1971 XI,290 p. Ills. Boards. € 10,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Arioi und Mamaia. Eine ethn... Mühlmann,Wilhelm E. Arioi und Mamaia. Eine ethnologische, religionssoziologische und historische Studie über Polynesische Kultbünde. Wiesbaden, 1955 268 pp. Soft cover. (Studien zur Kulturkunde, Band 14). € 15,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Art and artefacts of the Pa... HOOPER,JAMES [collection]. Phelps,Steven Art and artefacts of the Pacific, Africa and Americas. The James Hooper collection. London, 1976 487 pp. 257 plates (7 col.). Hardcover, d./j. - Light shelfwear; edges sl. browned; dustjacket serio... € 750,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Art and Performance in Ocea... Craig,Barry, a.o. Art and Performance in Oceania. Honolulu, 1999 318 pp. Ills. Hardcover, d/j. € 12,50 Antiquariaat Kok
Art of the Marquesas Island... Hall,Henry Usher. Art of the Marquesas Islanders. Philadelphia, 1921 40 pp. Ills. Softcover. - Spine dam. (The Museum Journal - Dec. 1921 oo. 253-292). € 35,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Artefacts from the Solomon ... BRENCHLEY,JULIUS [collection].Waite,Deborah B. Artefacts from the Solomon Islands in the Julius L. Brenchley collection. London, 1987 94 pp. 1 b./w. map & 16 plts with b./w. ills. Hardcover, d./j. - Dusjacket partly discol.Rather rare... € 250,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Australian aboriginal studi... Stanner,W.E.H. Australian aboriginal studies. A symposium of papers presented at the 1961 research conference. Melbourne, 1963 XX,,505 pp. Cloth. € 25,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Australie. Voyage autour du... Beauvoir, Le Comte de. Australie. Voyage autour du monde. 8th.ed Paris, Henri PLon, 1873. IV,363 pp. 12 engr. plts & 1 col.(fold) map. H.cloth, rubbed & binding loos... € 25,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Bei kunstsinnigen Kannibale... Krämer-Bannow,Elisabeth. Bei kunstsinnigen Kannibalen der Südsee. Wanderungen auf Neu-Mecklenburg 1908-1909. Berlin, Dietrich Reimer, 1916 XV,284 pp. 142 b./w. ills. Orig. pictorial boards. - some shelfwear (spine-ends & corners); minimal ... € 250,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Beiträge zum Asylrecht von ... Hellwig,Albert. Beiträge zum Asylrecht von Ozeanien. Stuttgart, Verlag von Ferdinand Enke, 1906 64 pp. Softcover. [Offprint from: Zeitschift für vergleichende Rechtswissenschaft, XIX.Band). € 20,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Beiträge zur Ethnographie d... Bülow,W.v. Beiträge zur Ethnographie der Samoa-Inseln. Berlin, n.d 45 pp. 2 fine col. lithogr. plts. Rebound in Cloth. (Archiv f.Ethn. XII). € 100,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Über das Verhältnis des Mal... Wulff,K. Über das Verhältnis des Malayo-Polynesischen zum Indochinesischen. Kobenhavn, 1942 156 pp. Soft cover. (Kgl. Dansk Vidensk. Selskab, XXVII,2). € 15,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Bestattungsformen in Ozeanien. Doerr,Erich. Bestattungsformen in Ozeanien. St.Gabriel, 1935 90 pp. Softcover. [Diss.]. - Spine and covers worn.* Funeral-practices in Oceania. € 45,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Bibliography of the Austral... Greenway,John. Bibliography of the Australian Aborigines and the native peoples of Torres Strait to 1959. Sydney, 1963 XV,420 pp. Cloth. € 200,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Big Men and Cargo Cults. Cochrane,Glynn. Big Men and Cargo Cults. Oxford, 1970 X,187 pp. Hardcover, d./j. € 15,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Bland menniskoätare. Fyra a... Lumholtz,Carl. Bland menniskoätare. Fyra ars resa i Australien.Aistralien. Stockholm, 1889 XVI,494 pp. 9 wood-engr. plts., 4 col. lithogr. plts. & 2 maps. Decor. cloth, slightly worn.4 fine c... € 25,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Bougainville navigateur et ... BOUGAINVILLE,LOUIS-ANTOINE DE. Martin-Allanci,Jean-Étienne. Bougainville navigateur et les découvertes de son temps. Paris, 1964 2 vols. XII,1600 pp. Softcover. € 100,00 Antiquariaat Kok
British Imperialism and Aus... Trainor,Luke. British Imperialism and Australian Nationalism. Manipulation, conflict and compromise in the late nineteenth century. Cambridge, 1994 213 pp. Ills. Hardcover, d./j. € 15,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Brother Wohlers. A biograph... WOHLERS,J.F.H. Natusch,Sheila. Brother Wohlers. A biography of J.F.H.Wohlers of Ruapuke. Christchurch, 1969 227 pp. B./w. plts. Hardcover, d./j. - Dustjacket with some shelfwear. € 17,50 Antiquariaat Kok
Communards en Nouvelle-Calé... Baronnet,Jean & Jean Chalou. Communards en Nouvelle-Calédonie. Histoire de la déportation. [Paris], 1987 431 pp. 47 b./w. ills on plts. Softcover. € 15,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Contribution to the history... Anell,Bengt. Contribution to the history of fishing in the Southern Seas. Uppsala, 1955 XIX,249 pp [uncut]. 15 maps, 23 figs & 8 plts. Softcover. - Cover with light shelfwear & slightly di... € 50,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Corpus of the hand figurati... Verbrugge,A.R. Corpus of the hand figuration in primitive Australia. Compiègne, 1970 256 pp. 138 ills & 1 folds. map. Raised gilt-lettered h.maroque. Interleaved with blanc pages & corr... € 75,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Corpus of the hand figurati... Verbrugge,A.R. Corpus of the hand figurations in primitive Australia. Compiègne, 1970 256 pp. 138 b/w ills & 1 folds. map. Soft cover. Or.edition. € 35,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Das Geschlechtsleben der Wi... Malinowski,Bronislaw. Das Geschlechtsleben der Wilden in Nordwest-Melanesien. Liebe / Ehe und Familienleben bei den Eingeborenen der Trobriand-Inseln / Britisch - Neu -Guinea. Eine ethnographische Darstellung. Leipzig & Zürich, Grethlein & Co., [1929] XIX,425 pp. B./w. frontispiece & 96 b./w. ills. Orig. hardcover (gilt lettered black cloth).Preface ... € 17,50 Antiquariaat Kok
Das Geschlechtsleben der Wi... Malinowski,Bronislaw. Das Geschlechtsleben der Wilden in Nordwest-Melanesien. Liebe, Ehe und Familienleben bei den Eingeborenen der Trobriand-Inseln, Britisch - Neuguinea. Eine ethnographische Darstellung. Frankfurt am Main, Syndikat, 1979 463 pp. 90 b./w. ills. Softcover, sl. worn. (Schriften in vier Ba¨nden, 2). Preface by Havelock Ell... € 14,50 Antiquariaat Kok
Das Naturforscherschiff ode... Wörishöffer,S. Das Naturforscherschiff oder Fahrt der jungen Hamburger mit der "Hammonia" nach den Besitzungen ihres Vaters in der Südsee. Bielefeld & Lpzg., 1922 464 pp. 25 ills. Cloth, spine partly broken, corners & edges worn. € 12,50 Antiquariaat Kok
Der Fischdrachen. Plischke,Hans. Der Fischdrachen. Leipzig, 1922 45 pp. 2 b./w. plts & 1 map. Softcover. (Veröff. d. städt. Museums f. Völkerkunde zu Leipzig, 6). € 25,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Der Geschlechtsantagonismus... Stagl,Justin. Der Geschlechtsantagonismus in Melanesien. Wien, 1971 109 pp. Ills. Softcover. (Art Ethnologica et Linguistica 22). € 17,50 Antiquariaat Kok

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