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A chronological history of ... Burney,James. A chronological history of North-Eastern voyages of discovery; and of the early eastern navigations of the Russians. London, 1819 [Reprint Amst., 1967]. VIII,310 pp. 1 fold. map. Imit. vellum. (Bibl. Australiana 49). € 20,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A collection of documents o... MARTENS,FRIEDRICH & ISAAC DE LA PEYRÈRE. White,Adam. (ed.). A collection of documents on Spitzbergen & Greenland, comprising a translation from F. Martens' Voyage to Spitzbergen, a translation from Isaac de La Peyrère's Histoire du Groenland, and God's power and providence in the preservation of eight ... London, 1855 XVI,288 pp. 2 single-page b./w. plts of plants & 2 fold. b./w. maps. Orig. hardcover (embossed turqu... € 275,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A history of exploration fr... Sykes,Percy. A history of exploration from the earliest times to the present day. [1st ed.]. London, 1934 XIV,374 pp. Col. frontispiece & num. b./w. ills (incl. fold. maps). Hardcover, spine sl. faded; inve... € 20,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A history of travel in Amer... Dunbar,Seymour. A history of travel in America. Being an outline of the development in modes of Traval from Archaic vehicles of colonial times to the completion of the first continental railroad.... N.Y., 1937 XLIX,1530 pp. 400 ills. Cloth. Library marks. € 20,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A Journey Across Asia from ... Bruce,C.D. A Journey Across Asia from Leh to Peking. From: The Geographical Journal, No 6. June, 1907. Vol. XXIX. Pages 598-626. B./w. ills. One large folding map of Central Asia showing t... € 10,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A l'Assaut du pôle sud. Voy... Bournand,Francois. A l'Assaut du pôle sud. Voyages et aventures dans les régions antarctiques 1599-1906. Paris, 1905 223 pp. 12 ills. Boards, spine dam. € 25,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A Narrative of four voyages. Morrell,Benjamin. A Narrative of four voyages. Upper Saddle River, 1970 492 pp. Boards. € 60,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A new account of the East I... HAMILTON,ALEXANDER. Foster,William. A new account of the East Indies [...] edited with introduction and notes by sir William Foster. London, The Argonaut Press, 1930 [Reprint Amsterdam/NY: N. Israel/Da Capo Press, 1970]. 2 vols in 1. XXXVII,259, 225 pp. 12 b./w.ills... € 30,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A reader in Edo period travel. Plutschow,Herbert. A reader in Edo period travel. Folkstone, 2006 347 pp. B./w. ills. Hardcover, d./j. - Dustjacket sl. worn along the top-edge. € 45,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A Spanish voyage to Vancouv... Jane,Cecil. (ed.). A Spanish voyage to Vancouver and the North-West coast of America being the narrative of the voyage made in the year 1792 by the schooners Sutil and Mexicana to explore the Strait of Fuca. London, 1930 [reprint Amst & N.Y., 1971]. XIV,142 pp. Ills. Im. leather. (Argonaut Press). € 17,50 Antiquariaat Kok
A traveller in thirteenth-c... IBN ALl-MUGAWIR,ABU AL-FADL YUSUF B. YA'QUB. Smith,G. Rex. (ed.). A traveller in thirteenth-century Arabia. Ibn al-Mujawir's Tarikh al-mustab?ir. Translated from Oscar Löfgren's Arabic text and edited with revisions and annotations by G. Rex Smith. Aldershot [etc.], Ashgate, 2008 XIX, 341 pp. b./w. ills. Hardcover. d./j. (Works issued by the Hakluyt Society, 3rd series, no. 19). € 30,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A Viagem de Fernao de Magal... MAGELLAN,FERDINAND. Teixeira da Mota,A. A Viagem de Fernao de Magalhaes e a Questao das Molucas. Actas do II Coloquio Luso-Espanhol de Historia Ultramarina. Lisboa, 1975 XXV,764 pp. 7 b./w. ills. Hardcover, no d./j. - Some pages sl. soiled along the edges. (Centro de Es... € 75,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A Voyage round the world; b... Portlock,Nathaniel. A Voyage round the world; but more particularly to the North-West coast of America: performed in 1785, 1786, 1787, and 1788, in the King George and Queen Charlotte, captains Portlock and Dixon. [London, John Stockdale, 1789] Reprint Amst. 1968. XII,384,XL pp. Maps. Imit. leather. (Bibliotheca Australiana 43). € 20,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A voyage round the world; b... Dixon,George. A voyage round the world; but more particularly to the North-West coast of America: performed in 1785, 1786, 1787, and 1788, in the King George and Queen Charlotte, captains Portlock and Dixon. London, 1789 Reprint Amst., 1968. XXIX,360,47 pp. Maps & plts. Imit. vellum. (Bibl. Australiana 37). € 30,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A voyage round the world. B... Shelvocke,George. A voyage round the world. By the way of the Great South Sea, preform'd in the years 1719-1722, in the speedwell of London... London, 1726 Reprint Amst. 1971. XXXII,466 pp. Maps & plts. Imit. vellum. (Bibl. Australiana 71). € 35,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A voyage round the world fr... Campbell,Archibald. A voyage round the world from 1806 to 1812; in which Japan, Kamschatka, the Aleutian Islands, and the Sandwich Islands, were visited. Edinburgh, 1816 [Reprint Amst., 1969]. 288 pp. 1 fold. map. Imit. vellum. (Bibl. Australiana, 50). € 30,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A Voyage round the World in... ANSON,GEORG. Walter,Richard & B.Robins. A Voyage round the World in the Years MDCCXL, I, II, III, IV, by George Anson. London, 1974 XXV, 402 pp. Plates & 2 folding maps. Hardcover, d/j. - Plasticized. € 35,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Accounts and letters of the... COLUMBUS. Taviani,Paolo E., a.o. (ed.). Accounts and letters of the second, third, and fourth voyages. Translated into English by Luciano F. Farina and Marc A. Beckwith. Roma, Inst Poligrafico, 1994. 2 vols. 435, 437 pp. Uniform hardcovers. In slipcase. (Nuova raccolta Colombiana,... € 25,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Adventures and Missionary L... Bowen,T.J. Adventures and Missionary Labors in several countries in the interior of Africa from 1849 to 1856. N.Y., 1969 XII,359 pp. Hardcover. € 30,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Agatharchides of Cnidus on ... AGATHARCHIDES OF CNIDUS. Burstein,Stanley M. (transl. & ed.). Agatharchides of Cnidus on the Erythraean Sea. London, The Hakluyt Society, 1989 XI,202 pp. 1 b./w. map. Orig. blind stamped blue cloth, lettered gilt to spine, gilt vignette to upp... € 17,50 Antiquariaat Kok
Akbar and the Jeuits. An ac... DU JARRIC,PIERRE. Ross,Denison & Eileen Power. (ed.). Akbar and the Jeuits. An account of the Jesuit missions to the court of Akbar. Ed. by E. Denison Ross and Eileen Power ; transl. with introd. and notes by C.H. Payne. London, 1926 [Reprint London & N.Y., 2005]. XLVIII,288 pp. B./w. ills. Hardcover. (The Broadway Travellers). € 35,00 Antiquariaat Kok
An account of a geographica... Sauer,Martin. An account of a geographical and astronomical expedition to the northern parts of Russia. London, 1802 [Reprint, Richmond, 1972] 332, [58] pp. B./w. ills. 1 fold. map. Hardcover. € 20,00 Antiquariaat Kok
An addition to the Sea Iour... Gerritsz.,Cornelis. An addition to the Sea Iournal of the Hollanders unto Iava. London, 1598 [Reprint Amst. 1968]. Text & ills. Cloth. (The English Experience 2). Fine. € 45,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Anecdotes Arabes et Musulma... Hornot,A. & Lacroix. Anecdotes Arabes et Musulmanes depuis l'an de J.C. 614, Époque de l'établissement du Mahométisme en Arabie, par le faux Prophète Mahomet. Jusqu'à l'extinction totale du Califat en 1538. Paris, Vincent, 1772 VI,734, (2) pp. 19th century leather, gilt spine. - Small stamp on first endpaper. € 175,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Anleitung zu wissenschaftli... Neumayer,G.von. Anleitung zu wissenschaftlichen Beobachtungen auf Reisen. 3. umgearb. und verm. Aufl. Hannover, 1906 2 vols. XXIV,842,878 pp. B./w. ills., plts. & 2 fold. col. maps. Hardcovers. - Last (index) pages of... € 17,50 Antiquariaat Kok
Anleitung zu wissenschaftli... Sonklar,C. von. Anleitung zu wissenschaftlichen Beobachtungen auf Alpenreisen. Wien, 1882 2 vols. 464, 434 pp. B./w. ills. & 1 folding map. H.leather, worn. € 30,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Arctic journeys, The story ... Shackleton,Edward. Arctic journeys, The story of the Oxford University Ellesmere land Expedition, 1934-35. London, 1936 XII,372 pp. Ills & 1 H.cloth, no d./j. - Spine sl.discol.;minor shelfwear. € 50,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Arctic searching Expedition... Richardson,John. Arctic searching Expedition: A journal of a boat-voyage through Ruperts Land and the Arctic Sea in Search of the Discovery Ships under command of Sr John Franklin, with an appendix of the Physical Geography of North America. London, Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1851 2 vols. VIII,413, VII,426 pp. 8 b./w. text-ills & 10 (partly handcol.) tinted lithogr. plts (incl. 2... € 1.000,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Arthur Phillip 1738-1814. H... PHILLIP,ARTHUR. Frost,Alan. Arthur Phillip 1738-1814. His voyaging. Melbourne, 1987 X,320 pp. Ills. Hardcover, dustjacket. € 20,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Belangrijke Land en Zeereiz... Quack,Jan. Belangrijke Land en Zeereizen, Togten en Wandelingen naar en door de onderscheidene deelen der Wereld. Deel I. Amst., J.C.van Kesteren, 1825 VI,267 pp. 2 b./w. lithographs. Cont. softcover. - Covers worn, spine damaged, innerjoints partly lo... € 50,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Bombay in the days of Queen... BURNELL,JOHN. Sheppard,Samuel T., a.o. Bombay in the days of Queen Anne. Being an account of the settlement written by John Burnell with an introduction and notes by Samuel T.Sheppard. To which is added Burnell' s Narrative of his adventures in Bengal with an introd. by William Fos... London, The Hakluyt Society, 1933 [Reprint by Kraus Reprint Limited, Nendeln/Liechtenstein, 1967]. XXX,192 pp. 3 b./w. maps (incl. fro... € 25,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Bougainville navigateur et ... BOUGAINVILLE,LOUIS-ANTOINE DE. Martin-Allanci,Jean-Étienne. Bougainville navigateur et les découvertes de son temps. Paris, 1964 2 vols. XII,1600 pp. Softcover. € 100,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Byron's Journal of his circ... BYRON,JOHN. Gallagher,Robert E. (ed.). Byron's Journal of his circumnavigation 1764-1766. Edited by R.E.Gallagher. Cambridge, 1964 LXXXII,230 pp. 18 ills (b./w.) & 2 fold. maps. Hardcover, d./j. - Dustjacket very sl. worn. (The Hak... € 20,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Cape to Cowley via Cairo in... Belcher,M.L. Cape to Cowley via Cairo in a light car. London, 1932 237 pp. B./w. ills. Hardcover, d./j. - Dustjacket repaired. € 150,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Capitain Jacobsen's Reise a... JACOBSEN,JOHAN ADRIAN. Woldt,A. Capitain Jacobsen's Reise an der Nordwestküste Amerikas 1881-1883 zum Zwecke ethnologischer Sammlungen und Erkundigungen nebst Beschreibung persönlicher Erlebnisse für den deutschen Leserkreis bearb. von A. Woldt. Kristiana, Cammermeyer, 1884 VIII,431 pp 1 fold. map. Rebound in early 20th century h.cloth, marbled covers. With signature in in... € 125,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Christopher Columbus's disc... COLUMBUS. Unali,Anna. Christopher Columbus's discoveries in the testimonials of Diego Alvarez Chanca and Andrés Bernáldez. Introduction and notes by Anna Unali. Translation into English by Gioacchino Triolo [&] Luciano F. Farina. Roma, 1992 379 pp. Hardcover. (Nuova raccolta Colombiana, English edition, vol. V). € 20,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Coleccion de Diarios y Rela... SARMIENTO DE GAMBO,PIEDRO. Coleccion de Diarios y Relaciones para la Historia de los Viajes y Descubrimientos III: Sarmiento de Gamboa (1579-1580). Madrid, 1944 134 pp. 5 fold. maps. Softcover. - Cancelled exlibris from the Scheepvaartmuseum. € 45,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Collection abrégée des voya... Bancarel,F. Collection abrégée des voyages anciens et modernes autour du monde. Paris, 1808-1809 12 vols. Over 6000 pages and ca. 75 single-page engravings plates. Uniform contemp. full leather bin... € 450,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Colonising expeditions to t... Harlow,V.T. Colonising expeditions to the West Indies and Guiana, 1623-1667. London, Hakluyt, 1925 XCV,262 pp. 4 plts & 3 fold. maps. Cloth. (Hakluyt Society 2nd Series LVI). € 100,00 Antiquariaat Kok
 - Comemoracoes Henriquinas. Comemoracoes Henriquinas. Lisboa, 1961 263 pp. Ills. Soft cover.Contents a.o.: As duas viagens de Cadamosto a Africa Ocidental 1455 - 1456 ... € 45,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Dagboek van Dr. H.A.Bernste... BERNSTEIN,H.A. Musschenboek,S.C.J.W.Van. Dagboek van Dr. H.A.Bernstein's laatste reis van Ternate naar Nieuw-Guinea, Salawati en Batanta. 17 October 1864-1865. Bewerkt door Mr. S.C.J.W.van Musschenbroek. 's-Grav., M.Nijhoff, 1883 258 pp. 1 large folding map. Softcover. -Cancelled exlibris of the "Scheepvaart Museum". € 175,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Danish expeditions on the s... Wolff,Torben. Danish expeditions on the seven seas. Danske ekspeditioner pa verdenshavene. Copenhagen, 1967 325 pp. Ills. Cloth. With coloured pictures. Cover sl. damaged. € 15,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Dans la mer du Groenland. L... Charcot,J.B. Dans la mer du Groenland. Les croisières du "pourquoi pas?" Bruges, 1937 207 pp. B/w ills. Raised, green, h.leather. Fine copy in nice binding. € 25,00 Antiquariaat Kok
David Livingstone. Ein Pion... LIVINGSTONE,DAVID. März,Johannes. David Livingstone. Ein Pionier des schwarzen Erdteils für Jugend und Volk erzählt. 2.Aufl. Lpz., n.d VIII,270 pp. 43 ills & 1 map. Cloth, worn. € 15,00 Antiquariaat Kok
Découverte de l'Albert N'Ya... Baker,Samuel White. Découverte de l'Albert N'Yanza. Nouvelle explorations des sources du Nil. Ouvrage traduit de l'Anglais par Gustave Masson. Paris, L.Hachette et Cie., 1868 XI,[5],512 pp. 30 wood-engr. ills. & 2 maps (1 fold.). Raised & gilt green h.mor. - Some foxing, enp... € 125,00 Antiquariaat Kok
De eerste landvoogd Pieter ... BOTH,PIETER. Rietbergen,P.J.A.N. De eerste landvoogd Pieter Both (1568-1615). Gouveneur-Generaal van Nederlands-Indië (1609-1614). Zutphen, 1987 2 vols. 360 pp. B./w. ills. Uniform hardcovers, d./j. - Dustjackets on spines sl. spotted & discol. ... € 30,00 Antiquariaat Kok
De eerste Nederlandsche tra... Nouhuys,J.W.van. De eerste Nederlandsche transatlantische stoomvaart in 1827 van Zr. Ms. Stoompakket Curaçao. 's-Grav., 1927 & 1951 2 vols. XXVII, 186, X, 224 pp. 15 b./w. plates. 2 maps & 1 drawing. Orig. uniform hardcovers. - Libr... € 37,50 Antiquariaat Kok
De eerste schipvaart der Ne... HOUTMAN,CORNELIS DE. Rouffaer,G.P. & J.W. IJzerman. De eerste schipvaart der Nederlanders naar Oost-Indië onder Cornelis De Houtman 1595-1597. Journalen, documenten e.a bescheiden uitgegeven en toegelicht. Vol. III: Verdere Bescheiden betreffende de Reis. 's-Grav., 1929 LXXV,439 pp. 1 b./w. map, 3 b./w. plates & 10 facs. Orig. hardcover. (Linschoten-Vereeniging 32). € 75,00 Antiquariaat Kok
De Nederlandsche Pool-exped... Snellen,Maurits. De Nederlandsche Pool-expeditie 1882-83. Beschreven door Dr. Maurits Snellen, uitgegeven door de zorg van den Luitnt. ter Zee 1ste klasse B.J.G.Vlock. Utrecht, L.E.Bosch & Zn., 1886 XII,164 pp. 23 monochrome photo-lithographed plates. Orig. blue linen with gilt imprint on spine & f... € 225,00 Antiquariaat Kok
De Ontdekking van de Wereld... Daalder,Remmelt. (ed.), a.o. De Ontdekking van de Wereld. Nederlanders in onbekend Vaarwater (1600-2000). Amst., 2003 144 pp. Col. & b./w. photographs. Softcover. € 10,00 Antiquariaat Kok

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