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Lithostratigraphy and depos... Atsushi Urabe, Hideo Nakaya, Tetsuji Muto, Shigehiro Katoh, Masayuki Hyodo, Xue Shunrong Lithostratigraphy and depositional history of the Late Cenozoic hominid-bearing successions in the Yuanmou Basin, southwest China. 2001. Quaternary Science Reviews 20; pp. 1671-1681, illustr. Orig. extract, very good, 4to. € 4.00 Lingua Terrae Books
New Tertiary pycnodonts fro... Longbottom, A.E. New Tertiary pycnodonts from the Tilemsi valley, Republic of Mali. 1984. Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History) Geology Vol. 38 No. 1; pp. 1-26, 29 fig./phot... € 7.50 Lingua Terrae Books
Chancelloriid sclerites fro... Moore, John L., Guoxiang Li and Susannah M. Porter Chancelloriid sclerites from the Lower Cambrian (Meishucunian) of eastern Yunnan, China, and the early history of the group. 2014. Palaeontology 57-4; pp. 833-878, 14 fig./phot./plts. Orig. extract, stapled, very good, 4to. € 8.00 Lingua Terrae Books
 - Alfa Romeo History museum Alfa Romeo History museum speciaal uitgegeven boek € 39.95 Montagna d'Oro
The Netherlands during the ... Zagwijn, W.H. The Netherlands during the Tertiary and the Quaternary: A case history of Coastal Lowland evolution. 1989. Reprint: Geologie en Mijnbouw 68; pp. 107-120, 23 fig. many col. Orig. reprint. € 5.00 Lingua Terrae Books
The Netherlands without eng... Mulder, E.F.J. de et al. The Netherlands without engineering geology: No lands. /&/ Environmental impact assessment on land reclamation projects in The Netherlands: A case history. 1994. Reprints: Engineering geology 37; pp. 5-14 & 15-23, 5+5 fig. Orig. wrps., very good. € 4.50 Lingua Terrae Books
The Holocene history of the... STEINFATT, E. The Holocene history of the valley between Hualien and Taitung, eastern Taiwan. 1988. Geol. Jb. B-69; 34 pp. 15 fig./col. phot. 5 fold. plts. in pocket. Orig. wrps. very good. € 18.00 Lingua Terrae Books
The underground terracotta ... New World Press The underground terracotta army of emperor Qin Shi Huang (meer info) 1987. 3th Edition, Softcover (with cover). Very Good Condition € 8.95
€ 3,65
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The geologic history of Kan... MERRIAM, D.F. The geologic history of Kansas. 1963. St. Geol. Surv. Kansas Bull. 162; 317 pp. 147 fig. 29 photoplts. Orig. wrps. € 23.00 Lingua Terrae Books
Recent sedimentation and er... HADLEY, R.F. Recent sedimentation and erosional history of Fivemile Creek, Fremont County, Wyoming. 1960. United States Geological Survey Prof. Pap. 352-A; 16 pp. 7 fig. 2 photoplts. h.t. 2 fold. plts... € 7.00 Lingua Terrae Books
Holocene glacier history of... John A. Matthews, Mark S. Berrisford, P. Quentin Dresser, Atle Nesje, Svein Olaf Dahl, Anne Elisabeth Bjune, Jostein Bakke, H. John, B. Birks, Øyvind Lie, Lisa Dumayne-Peaty, Catherine Barnett Holocene glacier history of Bjørnbreen and climatic reconstruction in central Jotunheimen, Norway, based on proximal glaciofluvial stream-bank mires. 2005. Quaternary Science Reviews 24; pp. 67-90, illustr. Orig. extract, stapled, very good, 4to. € 6.00 Lingua Terrae Books
literary History of England... George Sherburne and Donald Bond literary History of England ,The restairation and the Eighteen Century . GOOD CONDITION € 7.00
€ 3,50
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Tracer transport in the Gre... Nicolas Lhomme, Garry K.C. Clarke, Shawn J. Marshall Tracer transport in the Greenland Ice Sheet: constraints on ice cores and glacial history. 2005. Quaternary Science Reviews 24; pp. 173-194, illustr. Orig. extract, stapled, very good, 4to. € 6.00 Lingua Terrae Books
Ancient history of western ... Hrozný, B. Ancient history of western Asia, India and Crete. 1952. Prague, Artia. 259 pp., 144 fig., 1 fold. map. Orig. cloth, dustjacket, dj. with minor damage,... € 11.50 Lingua Terrae Books
Neogene and Quaternary hist... Thomas van der Hammen, Henry Hooghiemstra Neogene and Quaternary history of vegetation, climate, and plant diversity in Amazonia. 2000. Quaternary Science Reviews 19; pp. 725-742, illustr. Orig. extract, very good, 4to. € 5.00 Lingua Terrae Books
Quaternary geology and glac... Klassen, R A Quaternary geology and glacial history of Bylot Island, Northwest Territories. 1993. Geological Survey of Canada, Memoir 429; 93 pp., illlustr., 1 fold. & col. geol. map 1:250,000... € 11.50 Lingua Terrae Books
Terrain inventory and Quate... Jackson, L E, Jr Terrain inventory and Quaternary history of the Pelly River area, Yukon Territory. Geological Survey of Canada, Memoir 437; 47 pp., illustr., 17 maps. Orig. wrps., in folder with libr... € 11.50 Lingua Terrae Books
Kinematic history of a reac... Bailey, W.R. et al. Kinematic history of a reactivated oceanic suture: the Mamonia Complex Suture Zone, SW Cyprus. 2000. Journal of the Geological Society, 157; pp. 1107-1126, illustr. Orig. extract, stapled, 4to. € 6.00 Lingua Terrae Books
Stratigraphy and sedimentar... Hageman, J. Stratigraphy and sedimentary history of the Upper Cenozoic of the Pyrgos-area (western peleponnesus), Greece. 1976. Ann. Géol. Pays. Hellén. (1) 28 ; pp. 299-333, 11 fig., 1 fold-out plt. with map. Orig. ext... € 7.00 Lingua Terrae Books
Guide to the fossil plants ... Edwards, W.N. Guide to the fossil plants in the British Museum (Natural History). 2nd ed. 1935. British Museum, London. 73 pp., col. fp., 45 fig./phot., 5 photoplts. h.t. Orig. wrps., unobtr... € 9.20 Lingua Terrae Books
Eenige gegevens betreffende... Iongh, D. de Eenige gegevens betreffende het Boven-Karamagebied (Celebes). 1923. Tijdschr. Kon. Ned. Aardr. Gen. (2) XL-5; pp. 462-474, 1 uislaande plaat h.t. met kaart. Orig.... € 5.00 Lingua Terrae Books
Reisindrukken uit Kerintji.... Witkamp, H. Reisindrukken uit Kerintji. [Sumatra] 1923. Tijdschr. Kon. Ned. Aardr. Gen. (2) XL-3; pp. 259-278, 1 fig., 3 fotoplaten h.t. met 8 foto's.... € 6.00 Lingua Terrae Books
Introduction to geology, Vo... Read, H.H. & J. watson Introduction to geology, Vol. 2. Earth history. Part I. Early stages of Earth history, part II. later stages of earth history. [in 2 vols.] 1975. MacMillan, London. 221+371 pp., numerous figs., 6 phot. Orig. cloth, dustjacket, minor traces ... € 27.60 Lingua Terrae Books
No stone unturned. Reasonin... Peters, E.K. No stone unturned. Reasoning about rocks and fossils. 1996. Freeman, New York. 237 pp., many fig./phot. A history and philosophy of geology. Paperback. € 11.50 Lingua Terrae Books
Bands of America. A nostalg... Schwartz, H.W. Bands of America. A nostalgic, illustrated history of the Golden Age of band music. € 9.00 Gallus
A History of Sadler`s Wells... Jarman, Richard A History of Sadler`s Wells Opera. Veel zwart/wit foto`s. € 8.00 Gallus
Multimate Advantage II (for... Misc. writers Multimate Advantage II (for details see photo) (meer info) ? 1980s paperback in reasonable condition € 7.90
€ 4,00
CLICK,  pict. History of th... CLICK, pict. History of the Photograph met o.a. CAPA, CARTIER-BRESSON, BRANDT etc. € 17.50 VOL-DE-VENT
Jaguar Andrew John Appleton Whyte Jaguar The History of a Great British Car, conditie: goed € 20.00 Boekhandel Broekhuis button
Late Glacial-postglacial ve... Williams, A.S. Late Glacial-postglacial vegetational history of the Pretty Lake region, northeastern Indiana. 1974. United States Geological Survey, Professional Paper 686-B; 23 pp. 8 fig. 2 fold. plts. in pock... € 8.00 Lingua Terrae Books
TATTOO:  MOKO The Art and H... TATTOO: MOKO The Art and History of MAORI Tattooing - H.G. Robley, 212 blz. € 20.00 VOL-DE-VENT
PUNK:    PUNK,  The Illustr... PUNK: PUNK, The Illustrated History of a Music Revolution - veel foto's - Adrian Boet/Chris Salewicz - uitg. Boxtree, 157 blz. € 15.00 VOL-DE-VENT
Field Museum and the child,... Simms, Stephen C. Field Museum and the child, An outline of the Work carried out by Field Museum of Natural History among School Children of Chicago 1928, 34pp, softcover, goede staat € 25.00 Stadion Books
Sedimentary dynamics and ev... LUIS ALBERTO BUATOIS and MARIA GABRIELA MANGANO Sedimentary dynamics and evolutionary history of a Late Carboniferous Gondwanic lake in north-western Argentina. 1995. Sedimentology 42; pp. 415-436, illustr. Orig. extract, very good, 4to. € 6.00 Lingua Terrae Books
The history of ships Kemp. Peter The history of ships London, 1978. Groot formaat, gebonden, met stofomslag, 320 blz. € 6.00 Verheij
Upper Jurassic and Cretaceo... Jeletzky, J.A. & H.W. Tipper Upper Jurassic and Cretaceous rocks of Taseko Lakes map-area and their bearing on the geological history of southwestern British Columbia. 1968. Geological Survey of Canada Paper 67-54; 218 pp., 11 fig., 3 fold. plts. in pocket. Orig. wrps... € 11.50 Lingua Terrae Books
photographs and local Histo... GEORGE OLIVER photographs and local History,Oude foto,s Engeland LONDON € 10.00
€ 3,50
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The Imperfect Spies the his... Melman, Yossie and Raviv Dan The Imperfect Spies the history of Israeli Intelligence hardc. met stofomslag 469 pag. beetje vergeeld verder perfect € 10.00 wouterboek
Peter Parley's Universal hi... Parley P. Peter Parley's Universal history on the basis of Geography. A new edition, brought down to the present day. Illustrated by 20 maps and 125 engravings - 1880 , boards, kl.8vo, 718pp, New York, Ivision, Blakeman, Taylor & Company, cover damaged, name o... € 16.90 BoekenUitDeBilt
The Holocene evolution and ... Donna Roberts, Andrew McMinn, Holger Cremer, Damian B Gore, Martin Melles The Holocene evolution and palaeosalinity history of Beall Lake, Windmill Islands (East Antarctica) using an expanded diatom-based weighted averaging model. 2004. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 208; pp. 121-140, illustr. Orig. extract, st... € 6.00 Lingua Terrae Books
Ships & seamen. From the Vi... Lloyd Chr. Ships & seamen. From the Vikings to the present day: a history in text and pictures - 1961 , 1st edition, cloth, 4vo, 224pp, with numerous illustrations € 11.40 BoekenUitDeBilt
North Atlantic Seaway. Volu... Bonsor N.R.P. North Atlantic Seaway. Volume I. an illustrated history of the passenger services linking the old wor[l]d with the new - 1975 , 1e druk, karton+omslag, 471pp, met foto's, geplastificeerd € 16.90 BoekenUitDeBilt
The sway of the Grand Saloo... Brinnin J.M. The sway of the Grand Saloon. A Social History of the North Atlantic - 1971 , 1e druk, halflinnen+omslag, 599pp, N.Y., Delacorte Press, ills., geplastificeerd € 20.40 BoekenUitDeBilt
Greeks, Celts and Romans. S... HAWKES CHR. / Hawkes S. Greeks, Celts and Romans. Studies in Venture and Resistance - 1973 , 1e druk, karton+omslag, gr.8vo, 162pp, London, Dent&Sons Ltd, Archaeology into history 1, i... € 16.90 BoekenUitDeBilt
Benoni. Son of my sorrow Humphriss D. e.a. Benoni. Son of my sorrow - 1968 , 1st edition, boards+sl.damaged dj, 293pp, with numerous photographs, Town Council of Benoni... € 13.40 BoekenUitDeBilt
Dunn J.A. - History of Renfrew Dunn J.A. History of Renfrew - 1971 , 1st edition, cloth+sl.damaged dj, 220pp, with photographs, text on endpapers € 11.40 BoekenUitDeBilt
An outline history of China Shouyi B. An outline history of China - 2002 , 2nd revised edition, stiched, 804pp, l.signs of usage € 10.40 BoekenUitDeBilt
Longman history of the Unit... BROGAN H. Longman history of the United States of America - 1987 , boards+dj, 740pp, covered with plastic, corner cut from endpaper € 6.90 BoekenUitDeBilt

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