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A Change of Light and other... CORTAZAR, JULIO A Change of Light and other stories. - Translated by Gregory Rabassa. First edition New York : Alfred A. Knopf 275 p., HARDCOVER, Cloth backed boards, dust jacket € 34,03 Sigma
A community in the Andes.  ... ADAMS, RICHARD N. A community in the Andes. - Problems and progress in Muquiyauyo (meer info) Seattle : Univ. of Washington Press 1959, 251 p., gloss., index, bibliogr., maps , HARDCOVER, (cl., sm. dam. by removed libr. label) € 18,15 Sigma
A crossbowman's story of th... MILLAR, GEORGE A crossbowman's story of the first exploration of the Amazon. - First Am. edit. New York : Knopf 1954, 354 p.,bibliogr. , HARDCOVER, (cl.) € 18,61 Sigma
A field guide tot the birds... Rodriguez Mata,Jorge R. a.o. A field guide tot the birds of South America. London, 2006 384 pp. Col. plts. Hardcover. € 80,00 Antiquariaat Kok
A glimpse at Mexico.  - ONDERDONK, FRANKS. A glimpse at Mexico. - Nashville : Board of Missions 1930, 90 p. , HARDCOVER, (cl., sl.worn) € 14,97 Sigma
A Grammar and a Vocabulary ... POLAK, J. E. R. A Grammar and a Vocabulary of the Ipurina Language. - By Rev. J. E. R. Polak, M.A. Cantab. Vocabulary Publication Fund. No.1. First Edition. (meer info) London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner, & Co 1894, VIII + 111 p., SOFTCOVER, (Orig. sewed publisher's green wrappers, front cover loose, but pres... € 159,50 Sigma
A History of the Spanish Le... Dworkin, Steven N. (Department of Romance Languages, University of Michigan) A History of the Spanish Lexicon - A Linguistic Perspective (meer info) Oxford University Press 2012 336pp Gebonden € 116,40
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A Latin American speaks.  -... QUINTANILLA, LUIS A Latin American speaks. - Sec. pr. New York : MacMillan 1943, VIII+268 p. , HARDCOVER, (cl. bnd) € 14,97 Sigma
A List of Maps of America i... PHILLIPS, P. LEE / MAPS OF AMERICA A List of Maps of America in the Library of Congress. - Preceded By A List Of Works Relating To Cartography. First Edition (meer info) Washington: GPO 1901, 1138 p., HARDCOVER, (Orig. burgundy buckram, lightly rubbed and loosening, first end paper loo... € 124,50 Sigma
A Manual of Analytical Meth... CHEMICAL CONTROL COMMITTEE / INNES A Manual of Analytical Methods for Use in the Control Laboratories of Raw Sugar Factories. - Second ed. (meer info) Jamaican Association of Sugar Technologists. 1965, 49 p., tables, HARDCOVER, (Orig. red gilt. cloth. Traces of use, but a GOOD firm copy) € 19,50 Sigma
A Medicine-man's Implements... WASSÉN, S. HENRY. A Medicine-man's Implements and Plants - in a Tiahuanacoid Tomb in Highland Bolivia, in: Etnologiska studier 32. Other contributors Wolmar E. Bondeson, Helge Hjalmarsson, Carl-Herman Hjortsjö, Bo Holmstedt, Eskil Hultin, Jan-Erik Lindgren, Th... Göteborg 1972, 196 p., num. (Col.)Illustr., SOFTCOVER, (Orig. Printed wrappers.Small number on spine. Front c... € 14,50 Sigma
A merchant adventurer in So... BENN , J.A. A merchant adventurer in South America. - 1st ed. (meer info) London : E. Benn limited 1931, 4 + 138, [1] p., diagr., map, index, HARDCOVER, (Or. black gilt. cloth, VG/no dw. With dedicat... € 45,00 Sigma
A padre views South America... DUNNE, PETER MASTEN A padre views South America. - Milwaukee ; Bruce 1945, XI+290 p.,ills.,map , HARDCOVER, (cl. bnd) € 14,97 Sigma
A people crucified.  -  The... OSTRIA GUTIERREZ, ALBERTO A people crucified. - The tragedy of Bolivia (meer info) New York : Prestige 1958, 224 p., maps on endpapers , HARDCOVER, (cardboard b.) € 19,06 Sigma
A selection of the principa... IRVING, LAURENCE A selection of the principal voyages, traffiques and discoveries of the English nation - by Richard Hakluyt 1552-1616 (.) many embellishments and a preface. First ed. London : Heinemann 1926, XXIV+293 p.,ills.., HARDCOVER, (cl.,gilt.b., sl. rubbed,.loosening, missing first endpaper.) € 22,69 Sigma
A Short History of U.S. Int... McPherson, Alan A Short History of U.S. Interventions in Latin America and the Caribbean (meer info) John Wiley & Sons Inc 2016 240pp Paperback / softback € 35,75
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A traves de tres civilizaci... TUSQUETS TRESSERRA, ENRIQUE A traves de tres civilizaciones. - (Analogias y contrastes) De Halifax a Chicago, pasando por Cuba, Méjico y San Francisco de California.. Biblioteca de cultura moderna y contemporanea.Prologo de Gonzalo DE REPARAZ (meer info) Barcelona: Ed. Minerva 1922?, XIX + 376 p.,plate with portrait of author, 18x13 cm., (Orig. wrpprs, front cover loose, bit ... € 15,00 taalsma
Aboriginal Indian Pottery o... KRIEGER, HERBERT W. Aboriginal Indian Pottery of the Domincan Republic. - First Edition. Bulletin 156 Washington: Smithsonian Institution 1931, 165 p.,56 b/w photogr. plates, maps, index, SOFTCOVER, (Orig.light gray wrappers, pages unopen... € 39,50 Sigma
Aboriginal Indian Pottery o... KRIEGER, HERBERT W. Aboriginal Indian Pottery of the Domincan Republic. - First Edition. Bulletin 156 Washington: Smithsonian Institution 1931, 165 p.,56 b/w photogr. plates, maps, index, SOFTCOVER, (Orig.light gray wrappers, pages uncut,... € 29,50 Sigma
Aborigines of The Amazon Ra... HANBURY-TENISON, ROBIN Aborigines of The Amazon Rain Forest: The Yanomami - Peoples of The Wild Series. First Printing in English. (meer info) Time Life Books 1982, 168 p., colour photographs throughout, , index bibliogr., HARDCOVER, (Orig. hardback AS NEW) € 49,80 Sigma
Acción de la economia dirig... BIDABEHERE, F.A. Acción de la economia dirigida en la República Argentina. - Control de cambios. Juntas reguladoras Buenos Aires 1937, 132 p. , SOFTCOVER, (paperb. loosening, uncut) € 15,88 Sigma
Achieving Education for All... Achieving Education for All through Public-Private Partnerships? - Non-State Provision of Education in Developing Countries (meer info) Taylor & Francis Ltd 2010 154pp Gebonden € 136,50
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Acht Lehr- und Wanderjahre ... BÜRGER, OTTO Acht Lehr- und Wanderjahre in Chile. - First edition. (meer info) Leipzig Dieterich'sche Vlgsbuchhandlung Theodor Weicher 1909, XII + 410 p. 31 plts & 6 text-figs., index, SOFTCOVER, (Orig. paperb., front cover loose, bac... € 19,50 Sigma
Adjustment with growth. A s... Haq, Khadija & Carlos Massad (edited by) Adjustment with growth. A search for an equitable solution North South Roundtable, Islamabad, Pakistan Paperback; 1984; 336pp.; Conditie: Goed; Incollaboration with U.N. Economic Commission for Latin Ame... € 15,00
€ 3,50
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African American Contributi... Jacoby Adeshei Carter African American Contributions to the Americas' Cultures - A Critical Edition of Lectures by Alain Locke (meer info) Palgrave Macmillan 2016 184pp Gebonden € 81,90
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African and ancient Mexican... LORAN, E.ET.AL African and ancient Mexican art. - The Loran Collection San Francisco : The Fine Arts Museum 1974, 95 p., (col.) ills., maps, bibliogr., 21x28 cm. , SOFTCOVER, (paperb.) € 24,96 Sigma
Agrarian reform in Latin Am... SMITH, T.LYNN Agrarian reform in Latin America. - New York : Knopf 1965, IX+206 p.,bibliogr. , (paperb.) , SOFTCOVER € 11,44 taalsma
Album de la vie quotidienne... SOUSTELLE, JACQUES Album de la vie quotidienne des Azteques. - Les legendes ont ete redigees par N.Fatien. Photogr. de G.Freund, H.Lehmann, J.Soustelle, Musee de l'Homme Paris : Hachette 1959, 94 p.,(col.)ills.,map,19x24 cm. , HARDCOVER, (hlf cl,cardb.) € 16,34 Sigma
Alexander von Humboldt.  - ... KLENCKE, H. Alexander von Humboldt. - Ein biographisches Denkmal. Mit dem Portrait Alexander von Humboldts und einer Karte des Orinoco-Stromes (meer info) Leipzig : Spanner 1851, X+252 p., map, frontisp. , HARDCOVER, (cl. waterst., bit fox. ) € 72,60 Sigma
Alexander von Humboldt.  - ... DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER WISSENSCHAFTEN Alexander von Humboldt. - Wirkendes Vorbild für Fortschritt und Befreiung der Menschheit. Festschrift. Modelo en la lucha por el progreso y la liberación de la humanidad. Memorial (meer info) Berlin : Akademie 1969, XVIII+153+8 p. col. ills, , HARDCOVER, (cl.) € 25,41 Sigma
All the best in Mexico.  - ... CLARK, SIDNEY All the best in Mexico. - 7th revised ed. (1944) New York : Dodd 1956, XLVI+253 p.,ills.,maps,index , HARDCOVER, (cl. bnd) € 16,34 Sigma
Alt-Amerika. - Musik der In... MARTI, SAMUEL Alt-Amerika. - Musik der Indianer in präkolumbischer Zeit. - Musikgeschichte in Bildern II. Reprint of 1970 edition. (meer info) Leipzig: VEB Deutscher Verlag für Musik 1985, 194 p.,,black and white photos, introduction, map, chronology, bibliography, index.,35 x 25 cm... € 29,50 Sigma
Altamerikanische Kunst.  - SCHWEIZERISCHE MUSEUM FUER VOLKSKUNDE Altamerikanische Kunst. - Basel : Schweizerische Museum n.d. , 42 p.+24 plates , SOFTCOVER, (paperb.) € 14,97 Sigma
ALT-MEXIKANISCHE HYMNEN. - ... SCHOTTELIUS, JUSTUS WOLFRAM & FREUND, RICHARD ALT-MEXIKANISCHE HYMNEN. - Alt-mexikanische Hymnen. Nachdichtungen von Justus Wolfram Schottelius und Richard Freund. Erste Auflage. Jena: Diederichs 1928, XXXII + 110 p., 8 b/w plates, HARDCOVER, (Orig. blue gilt. cloth, AS NEW) € 29,00 Sigma
Alt-Mexiko. - First Edition DRÄGER, LOTHAR / DRAGER, LOTHAR Alt-Mexiko. - First Edition (meer info) Leipzig : Prisma-Verlag Zenner 1961, 43p., 32 b/w plates, map on inside dust jacket, (Orig. pictorial hlf cloth, bottom edge slight... € 14,80 Sigma
Altmexikos heilige Bücher. ... BIEDERMANN, HANS. Altmexikos heilige Bücher. - 1. Auflage. (meer info) Graz : Akademische Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt 1971, 120 p.,30 mounted col.plates, num. text ills., 28 x 31 cm., HARDCOVER, (Orig. decor. cloth. P... € 39,50 Sigma
Amazonas. - Archeologisch e... STOLK, A. Amazonas. - Archeologisch en ethnologisch onderzoek in Zuid-Amerika.1 ed. (meer info) Den Haag : Servire 1966, 112 p, b/w. illustr. (photogr. and drawings by author), SOFTCOVER, (Orig. decor. wrpprs. GOOD... € 23,00 Sigma
Amazonas. - Archeologisch e... STOLK, A. Amazonas. - Archeologisch en ethnologisch onderzoek in Zuid-Amerika.1 ed. (meer info) Den Haag : Servire 1966, 112 p, b/w. illustr. (photogr. and drawings by author), (Orig. decor. wrpprs. Slight traces o... € 16,20 taalsma
Amazonia Hoy: - Cronicas De... RUMRRIL, ROGER Amazonia Hoy: - Cronicas De Emergencia. First ed. (meer info) CETA & CAAAP 1982, 240 p. + 2 estados plegados + 1 mapa, bibliogr., SOFTCOVER, (Orig. pict. wrappers.AS NEW) € 17,50 Sigma
America. .Historia de Su De... CRONAU, RUDOLF America. .Historia de Su Descubrimiento Desde Los Tiempos Primitivos Hasta Los Mas Modernos - First edition (meer info) Barcelona : Montaner y Simon 1892, I: 408 p, with 176 ills; II: 334 p. with 169 ills; III: 408 p. with 135 ills. , col. Frontispi... € 158,00 Sigma
America South.  -  2nd imp. BEALS, CARLTON America South. - 2nd imp. Philadelphia : Lippincot 1938, 559 p.,maps, index, HARDCOVER, ( bnd, VERY GOOD) € 17,50 Sigma
America South.  -  3rd imp. BEALS, CARLTON America South. - 3rd imp. Philadelphia : Lippincot 1938, 559 p.,maps , (cl. bnd, sl. stained and stamped) , HARDCOVER € 16,34 taalsma
Amerika. - De jongste zee- ... RIETSTAP, J.B. Amerika. - De jongste zee- en landreizen in dat werelddeel aan het volk verhaald. (Travels to North Pole, USA, Canada and Latin America). With school prize label dated 16 July 1874. (meer info) Leiden : Heuvell & Van Santen 1874 (?), 312 p., col. frontisp., index, HARDCOVER, (Orig. stamped cl., with very bright gilt decora... € 149,50 Sigma
Amerika-Wanderungen eines D... WILDA, JOHANNES Amerika-Wanderungen eines Deutschen. - 3 vols., 2. Aufl. Berlin : Allg. Verein f. Deutsche Lit. 1906, I:VIII+367 p., ills., fold. map; II:339 p., ills., fold. map; III:391 p., ills., fold. map , ... € 77,50 Sigma
América. Historia de su des... CRONAU, RODOLFO América. Historia de su descubrimiento - desde los tiempos primitivos hasta los mas modernos. 3 vols. Barcelona : Montaner 1892, I:VIII+408; II:344; III:408 p., 3 col. lithogr. plates, num. (full-p.) woodengraved ills., fr... € 158,82 Sigma
América libre : -  exercice... CORTANZE, GÉRARD DE América libre : - exercice de lectures transformationnel(les) de la poésie latino-américaine contemporaine (meer info) Paris : Seghers 1976, 383 p., b/w ills., bibliogr., 20 x 25 cm., SOFTCOVER, (paperback, corner sl. bumped) € 36,30 Sigma
An den Rändern dreier Erdte... KEILPFLUG, E.R. An den Rändern dreier Erdteile. - Eine Reise durch die Küstengebiete Südamerikas, Südeuropas und Afrikas. Mit 16 Aufnahmen des Verfassers Berlin : Wegweiser 1931, 382 p., ills. , HARDCOVER, (hlf cl.) € 19,97 Sigma
Anahuac  -  ou l'indien ans... CHADOURNE, MARC Anahuac - ou l'indien ans plumes. Ouvrage orne de 34 dessins orignaux et de 22 culs-de-lampe avec une carte dans le texte de Th.Brenson. 3e mille Paris : Plon 1934, XII+329 p.,ills.,map , SOFTCOVER, (paperb.,traces of use) € 21,78 Sigma
Analectas de historia ecles... MALDONADO, FRANCISCO Analectas de historia eclesiastica venezolana. - Seis primeros obispos de la Iglesia venezolana en la época hispanica, 1532-1600. Biblioteca de la Academia Nacional de la Historia (Caracas) ; 117. Caracas : Fuentes para la historia colonial de Venezuela 1973, LXIV + 521 + 6 p., indexes, SOFTCOVER, (Or. printed wrappers. Small ex-libris former owner. VE... € 45,00 Sigma
Ancash.  -  Documental del ... CORTAZAR, PEDRO FELIPE Ancash. - Documental del Peru. 3rd ed. Lima : Ioppe 1969, 160 p.,(col.)ills.,(col.)(fold.)maps,15x21cm. , SOFTCOVER, (paperb.) € 24,96 Sigma

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