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The Honorary Consul. Greene, Graham. The Honorary Consul. Vintage Classics, 2004. Paperback, 264pp., VG. Condition. Graham Greene's gripping tragicomedy of a bungled kidnapping in a provincial Argentinian town. € 7.00 Fenix Amsterdam button
The heart of man. An illust... LAWRENCE,D.H. - PHILIP,NEIL (ed.) The heart of man. An illustrated selection. Bloomsbury,1989 € 10.00 Smit&Bos
A literary history of Spain... Wilson Edward M and Duncan Moir A literary history of Spain, the Golden Age drama 1492-1700 London Ernest Benn Ltd € 15.00 Colombine
A circus in Miniature, a na... Reve Gerard Cornelis van het A circus in Miniature, a narrative with a painting by Dick Elffers Amsterdam Delta international summer review 1964 pp 52-63, translation by James S. Holmes en Hans van Marle € 65.00 Colombine
Les amours d' un poète, des... Barthou, Louis Les amours d' un poète, dessins de Victor Hugo gravés sur bois par Beltrand Paris, Arthème Fayard, 1929, 126p, broché rousseurs € 15.00 Colombine
Plays pleasant and unpleasa... Shaw, Bernard Plays pleasant and unpleasant. The second volume containing the four pleasant plays London, Constable & Co Limited, 1952, 295p, bound cloth, fine € 16.00 Colombine
Anthology of American Negro... CALVERTON, V.F: Anthology of American Negro Literature, 1st edition, NY, Modern Library, 1929, 535p, hardcover cloth, used, 1st hinge cracked but not broken, otherwise good reading copy € 35.00 Colombine
A literary history of Spain Shaw Donald L A literary history of Spain London, Ernest Benn Ltd € 15.00 Colombine
43 Lives of saints, all pub... POPULAR GREEK LITERATURE - RELIGIOUS. 43 Lives of saints, all published ca.1880-1900. Bound together in one small-octavo binding. With woodcuts. Totalling ca. 650 pp. (binding worn) A.o. Saints Cyrillus, Riginos, Marcella, Matrona, Cyriacus, Paraskeva, Catherina, Charalambos, Helios, Dionysius, Cosmas and Damian, Athanasius, Spiridonus, Theodorus, Nicholas, George, etc. € 100.00 Brinkman
Serah. Roman. Amsterdam, A.... PRAAG, SIEGFRIED E. VAN Serah. Roman. Amsterdam, A.J.G. Strengholt, 1955 (Or. cloth. 184 pp.) € 6.00
€ 3,50
Het blijspel. (Grieksche en... KUIPER,W.E.J. Het blijspel. (Grieksche en Romeinsche letterkunde). Utrecht, de Haan, n.d. 4to. 45 p.; 2 pls. Wrs. (Offpr. 'Algemene literatuur geschiedenis', deel I) € 6.00 Fragmenta Selecta
Maurois André - Climats Maurois André Climats Paris, Grasset, 1932, 286p, demicuir, papier bruni, très belle, bien relié € 35.00 Colombine
Drie Griekse studies. Amst.... LENNEP,D.F.W. VAN. Drie Griekse studies. Amst., De Beuk, 1956. 71 p. Pb. (De agonistische geest; Herodotus als short-story schrijver; Hesiodus als realistisch dichter) € 6.00 Fragmenta Selecta
Met steltloperspasjes. Verh... PRAAG, SIEGFRIED E. VAN Met steltloperspasjes. Verhalen en schetsen. Hilversum, Gooi & Sticht, 1990 (Or. wrps. 120 pp.) € 9.00
€ 3,50
Hofmannsthal und Calderon, ... SCHWARZ, Egon: Hofmannsthal und Calderon, Harvard germanic studies III, 'sGravenhage, Mouton, 1962, 120p, gebunden, gut erhalten € 15.00 Colombine
The Other World. According ... Patch, Howard Rollin The Other World. According to Descriptions in Medieval Literature. (meer info) Harvard University Press € 32.00 Skara Books
Only connect. Three studies... PORTER,D.H. Only connect. Three studies in Greek tragedy. Lanham etc., Univ. of America Press, 1987. XV,112 p. Pb. 22 cm € 13.00 Fragmenta Selecta
Greek tragedy: a literary s... KITTO,H.D.F. Greek tragedy: a literary study. Ldn., Methuen, 1966. X,401 p. Pb. (University Paperback) € 12.00 Fragmenta Selecta
Anthology of Japanese liter... Donald Keene Anthology of Japanese literature Penguin Classics € 2.50 AlleMachtigPrach
O, Ghee...The Croack! Lindquist, Ole. O, Ghee...The Croack! Stapeled, wrappers, 16 pp., 13 x 17cm in very good condition. € 25.00 Fenix Amsterdam button
Werke. 1. Abt. Band I: Gebu... NIETZSCHE,F. Werke. 1. Abt. Band I: Geburt der Tragödie, Unzeitgemässe Betrachtungen, 1. bis 4. Stück. Lpz., Naumann, 1895. XI,589,22 p., portrait. H.calf (Sl. worn at extremities; occ. pencil) € 41.00 Fragmenta Selecta
Dictionary of anonymous and... HALKETT, S. & J.LAING. Dictionary of anonymous and pseudonymous English literature. Vol. 9: Additions to vol.I-VIII, by D.E.Rhodes & A.E.C.Simoni. Edinburgh 1962. L-8vo. viii479 pp. Orcl. € 30.00 Brinkman
The Oldest Man and other ti... Kotzwinkle, William. The Oldest Man and other timeless stories. Ills. By Joe Servello. Pantheon Books / Random House, 1971. Cloth, dustwrapper 66 pp. 21.1x14.7x1 cm. Fine. € 30.00 Fenix Amsterdam button
Decorative Cast Ironwork: C... Rasl, Zdenek. Decorative Cast Ironwork: Catalogue of artistic and decorative iron castings from the 16th to 20th centuries preserved at the National Technical Museum of Prague. National Technical Museum, Prague, 1980. Decorated linnen with dustwrappers, 21x28x1,5 cm, 172 pp., with black-and-white photo's, literature and register, in very good condition. € 25.00 Fenix Amsterdam button
Fremde Wirklichkeiten. Lite... HÖMKE,N. & M. BAUMBACH. (Eds.) Fremde Wirklichkeiten. Literarische Phantastik und antike Literatur. Heidelberg, Winter, 2006. IX,437 p. Hardb. 22 cm (Kalliope 6) € 33.00 Fragmenta Selecta
Bloomsbury: a House of Lions. Edel, Leon. Bloomsbury: a House of Lions. Hogarth Press. London. 1979. First Edition. Cloth, dustwrapper, 288 pp., with 8 black-and-white plates, notes, bibliography, index, some wear on dustwrapper, in very good condition (VG/G). € 10.00 Fenix Amsterdam button
The Greek chorus. Ldn., Met... WEBSTER,T.B.L. The Greek chorus. Ldn., Methuen, (1970). XIV,223 p.; 8 pls. Cl. 22 cm € 27.00 Fragmenta Selecta
Het beleg van Lissabon roman Saramago, José Het beleg van Lissabon roman Amsterdam, Meulenhoff, 1996, 333p, pbck, als nieuw € 14.00 Colombine
The Golden Twenties. Art an... SCHRADER, Barbel / Jurgen Schebera. The Golden Twenties. Art and Literature in the Weimar Republic. New Haven/London, Yale University Press, 1990. Paperback. 270 p. Ills. 24 x 26 cm. - € 10.00 Boek en Glas
Ancient greek literature. BOWRA, C.M. Ancient greek literature. N.Y.1960. Paper. 256 pp. € 6.00 Brinkman
De gouden druppel Tournier, Michel De gouden druppel Amsterdam, Meulenhoff Quarto, 4e dr, 1987, 214p, pbck, goede staat € 14.00 Colombine
Dionysiaca. Nine studies in... PAGE,D.- Dionysiaca. Nine studies in Greek poetry by former pupils. Presented to Sir Denys Page on his 70th birthday. Ed. by R.D. DAWE, J. DIGGLE & P.E. EASTERLING. (Cambr., Classical Faculty Library,), 1978. XIV,203 p. Portr. Pb. 22 cm (Festschrift) € 21.00 Fragmenta Selecta
Are our pearls real? ... MURRAY,G. Are our pearls real? 1954. 16 p. Wrs. (Offpr. Class. Ass. Proc., LI, 1954) € 5.00 Fragmenta Selecta
Dios en la tierra Revueltas, José Dios en la tierra Mexico, 1979, 176p, paperback, obras completas 8 € 14.00 Colombine
The Eighteenth Century. The... Sambrook, James The Eighteenth Century. The Intellectual and Cultural Context of English Literature 1700-1789 Longman € 10.00 Poor Yorick
An Illustrated Companion to... QUENNELL, Peter / Tore Zetterholm. (ed.). An Illustrated Companion to World Literature. New York, Excalibur Books, 1986. Bound dustjacket. 314 p. 540 illustrations, 300 in full color. - € 15.00 Boek en Glas
(FESTSCHRIFT:) Yadname-ye J... RYPKA, J. (FESTSCHRIFT:) Yadname-ye Jan Rypka: a collection of articles on persian and tajik literature. Praha 1967. 262 pp. Wrappers. € 19.00 Brinkman
Modern Belgian Literature 1... MALLINSON, Vernon. Modern Belgian Literature 1830-1960. London, Heinemann, 1966. Bound dustjacket. 205 p. - € 10.00 Boek en Glas
Adaptations of western lite... MILLER, J.S. Adaptations of western literature in Meiji Japan. W.19 ill. New York 2001. x,180 pp. Or.boards w. dustj. € 28.00 Brinkman
Clio's cosmetics: three stu... WISEMAN, T.P. Clio's cosmetics: three studies in greco-roman literature. Leicester UP, 1979. xi,209 pp. Bound w.dustj. € 22.00 Brinkman
Nine, a Magazine of Literat... RED. Nine, a Magazine of Literature , Poetry, Criticism and the Arts, Nos 3, 7, 8, 9 London Peter Russell 1949/50, 51, 52, 52. Vol II no 2, vol III no 2, 3, and 4. Each ca 90pp. Sewn, traces of use (back of no. seven slightly damaged), with ills. € 15.00 Morgenster
La littérature grecque. Par... ROBERT,F. La littérature grecque. Paris, PUF, 1967. 128 p. Pocket (Que sais-je?) € 5.00 Fragmenta Selecta
A handbook of Latin literat... ROSE,H.J. A handbook of Latin literature. With a supplementary bibliography by E. COURTNEY. Ldn., Methuen, 1967. (X),582 p. Pb. 21 cm € 10.00 Fragmenta Selecta
The ancient arts of western... GOLDMAN, B. The ancient arts of western and central Asia. A guide to the literature. Ames, Iowa State UP, 1991. L-8vo. ix,303 pp. Cloth € 28.00 Brinkman
Numerical Processes in Diff... Babuska, Ivo, Milan Prager and Emil Vitasek. Numerical Processes in Differential Equations. In cooperation with R.Radok. (meer info) € 24.00 Ovidius
The House in Russian Litera... BAAK, Joost van. The House in Russian Literature. A Mythopoetic Exploration. Amsterdam, Rodopi, 2009. Bound, 525 p. - € 70.00 Exalto in boeken
On literature and art Mao Tse-Tung On literature and art € 3.00 pseudoniem
Studies in roman literature... WAGENVOORT, H. Studies in roman literature, culture and religion. Leiden, Brill, 1956. ix,316 pp. Cloth. € 12.00 Brinkman
A handbook of greek literat... ROSE, H.J. A handbook of greek literature from Homer to the age of Lucian. London 1956. ix,458 pp. Cloth. € 10.00 Brinkman
Can There Be a Gothic Liter... McCARTHY, Mary. Can There Be a Gothic Literature? Johan Huizinga-lezing 1973. De Harmonie, Amsterdam, 1975. Oorspr. omslag, 35 p. - € 9.00 Boek en Glas

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