C. W. E. Bigsby , Christopher William Edgar Bigsby - A Critica

Titel: A Critical Introduction to Twentieth-Century American Drama: Volume 3, Beyond Broadway
ISBN: 9780521278966
Uitgever: Cambridge University Press
Bijzonderheden: Goed, 1985, Paperback, 485p
Prijs: € 10,00
Verzendkosten: € 4,50 (binnen Nederland)
Meer info:
In this, the third and final volume of his critical account of American drama in the twentieth century, Christopher Bigsby turns from the text-oriented drama of Williams, Miller and Albee (volume 2) in order to trace other, parallel theatrical developments of the post-war period, including contemporary groups and playwrights. Beyond Broadway denotes the geographical and spiritual challenges to prevailing standards which so fragmented the theatre of the 1960s in particular. Following his analysis of the Off-Broadway and Off-Off Broadway playwrights and theatres, Dr Bigsby separates the period into four main areas: performance theatre (including the Living Theatre and the Performance Group); the conjunction of dance, music and painting with drama in the 'theatre of images'; two successful contemporary playwrights, Sam Shepard and David Mamet; and finally the committed theatre exemplified in the San Francisco Mime Troupe and Chicano, black and women's theatre.
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