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Logo Anacharsis Voor de koper. Zodra de bestelling geplaatst is, ontvangt u een email met de verzendkosten. Na ontvangst van de betaling gaat uw boek zo snel mogelijk op de bus. Uw boek wordt zoveel mogelijk verpakt in gerecycled materiaal. Maar wie was Anacharsis? Anacharsis Cloots (1755-1794) was een aristocraat, vrijdenker, republikein, auteur, intellectueel en wereldreiziger. Hij werd in 1794 als nummer 513 onder de guillotine onthoofd.

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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
Cold Light / (Resnick 6) John Harvey Cold Light / (Resnick 6) (meer info) Henry Holt Company 1994, 370pp. HARDBOUND with dust jacket. (1ste print) In good condition € 3.75 Anacharsis
Cold War Europe 1945-1991. ... Young, John W. Cold War Europe 1945-1991. A Political History (second edition) Arnold 1996, 292pp. Soft cover. No fold in spine. In excellent condition. As new € 15.00 Anacharsis
Colijn en het einde van de ... Puchinger, G. Dr. Colijn en het einde van de coalitie.De geschiedenis van de kabinetsformaties. COMPLEET. dl I.1918-1924, dl II.1925-1929 en dl III 1933-1939 Uitgeverij Kok Kampen, 2de druk 3 delen: 1970/1980/1993, 1194pp. Gebonden met stofomslag. Klein scheurtje in 1 omslag, 1 band kleurv... € 47.50 Anacharsis
Collapse. How Societies Cho... Diamond, Jared Collapse. How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed Viking 2005, 575. HARDBOUND with dustjacket. With ill., maps, index. In excellent condition. As new € 10.00 Anacharsis
Collecting Across Cultures ... Daniela Bleichmar, Peter C. Mancall Collecting Across Cultures / Material Exchanges in the Early Modern Atlantic World University of Pennsylvania Press 2013, 392pp, paperback. In good condition € 45.00 Anacharsis
Collectors and Curiosities.... Pomian, Krzysztof (translated by Elizabeth Wiles-Portier) Collectors and Curiosities. Paris and Venice, 1500-1800 Polity Press 1990, 348pp. Hardbound in black linen. No dj. Notes, sources, index. In excellent condition. As new € 225.00 Anacharsis
Colonial Agro-Industrialism... Arjo Roersch Van Der Hoogte Colonial Agro-Industrialism. Science, Industry and the State in Dutch Golden Alkaloid Age, 1850-1950 Ipskamp Enschede 2015, 216pp, paperback. Proefschrift met los stellingen. Summary in Dutch. As new € 21.50 Anacharsis
Colonial Borderlands: Franc... Louis Sicking Colonial Borderlands: France and the Netherlands in the Atlantic in the 19th Century Nijhoff Publishers, Leiden/ Boston 2008, 217 pp. Hardbound. As new € 34.50 Anacharsis
Colonial Identity in the At... Canny, Nicholas Pagden, Anthony (Eds.) Colonial Identity in the Atlantic World, 1500-1800 Princeton University Press 1987, 291pp. Hardbound with dust jacket. Dj discolored. Ex. Libr copy with a single stamp. Book very... € 25.00 Anacharsis
Colonial New York. A History Kammen, Michael Colonial New York. A History Charles Scribner's Sons 1975, 426pp; Hardbound with dust jacket and protective removable plastic. With ill. In very good con... € 13.50 Anacharsis
Comment on a laissé l'Islam... Obin, Jean-Pierre Comment on a laissé l'Islamisme pénétrer l'école Hermann 2020, 163pp. paperback. As new € 10.50 Anacharsis
Commerce, 1924-1932. Une re... Sophie Levie Commerce, 1924-1932. Une revue internationale moderniste Fondazione Camillo Caetani, Roma 1989, 260pp, soft cover. Italian edition € 10.00 Anacharsis
Commerce, Culture, and Libe... Clark, Henry C. Commerce, Culture, and Liberty: Readings on Capitalism Before Adam Smith Liberty Fund 2003, 680pp. Hardbound in blue with gilt decorated and reading ribbon. In excellent condition. As ne... € 22.50 Anacharsis
COMMERCE WITH THE CLASSICS:... Anthony Grafton COMMERCE WITH THE CLASSICS: Ancient Books Renaissance Readers The University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor 1997, 237pp. Hardbound with dustjacket. With plates. In excellent condition. As new € 55.00 Anacharsis
Communicating Observations ... Miert, Dirk van (ed.) Communicating Observations in Early Modern Letters (1500-1675). Epistolography and Epistemology in the Age of the Scientific Revolution. The Warburg Institute. London/Turin 2013, 268pp. Soft cover. With ill. In excellent condition. As new € 34.50 Anacharsis
Communication Theory Today Crowley, David & David Mitchell Communication Theory Today STANFORD UNIV PR 1994, 324pp, paperback. In good condition. As new € 9.50 Anacharsis
Communities of Discourse. I... Wuthnow, Robert Communities of Discourse. Ideology and Social Structure in the Reformation, the Enlightenment and European Socialism Harvard University Press 1989, 737pp. Soft cover. Stripe under. No fold in spine. In excellent condition. As new € 29.50 Anacharsis
Companion Encyclopedia of t... W. F. Bynum and Roy Porter (ed.) Companion Encyclopedia of the History of Medicine. Volume I and II Routledge London 1997. Vol.I/778pp and Vol. II/1806pp /Paperbacks. Small spot on cover vol.I. In excellent condition... € 175.00 Anacharsis
Companion to the History of... Olby, R. / Cantor, G. / Christie J. / Hodge M. (redactie) Companion to the History of Modern Science Routledge, Londen / New York 1990, 1081, HARDBACK with dustjacket, Spine dj discolored. Very strong binding. No marks. Very good ... € 99.50 Anacharsis
Comparative Religion: A His... Sharpe, Eric J. Comparative Religion: A History. (second edition) Open Court 1986, 341pp. Paperback. With some underlining. Cover somewhat discolored. Good copy € 14.00 Anacharsis
Comparative Religion. Its G... Jordan, Louis Henry Comparative Religion. Its Genesis and Growth Scholars Press Reprints and Translations Series. Scholars Press. 1986, 668pp. Thick paperback. In good condition € 15.00 Anacharsis
Competition for empire 1740... Dorn, Walter L. Competition for empire 1740-1763 (The Rise of Modern Europe) Harper 1963, 424pp. Sewn. Cover discolored. Book in good condition. € 8.00 Anacharsis
Conceptual Change and the C... Ball, Terence Pocock, J. G. A. (ed.) Conceptual Change and the Constitution University Press of Kansas 1988, 218pp. Paperback. In excellent condition. As new € 29.95 Anacharsis
Concience  Courage. Rescuer... Fogelman, Eva Concience Courage. Rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust Anchor Books 1994, 393pp. Hardbound in original dust jacket. As new € 12.50 Anacharsis
Concise Guide to Newgrange O'Kelly, Claire Concise Guide to Newgrange Houston Printers 1993, 27pp; Sewn. With litt. As new € 9.50 Anacharsis
Concurrent of bondgenoot. E... Breevaart, J.O. van de Concurrent of bondgenoot. Een christelijk perspectief op populisme Uitgeverij de Banier 2020, 252pp, paperback. Als nieuw € 11.75 Anacharsis
Confidence man. The making ... Haberman, Maggie Confidence man. The making of Donald Trump and the breaking of America Penguin Press 2022, 597pp. HARDBOUND with dustjacket. With ills.,notes, index. In excellent condition. As new € 17.50 Anacharsis
Consciousness and society. ... Hughes, Stuart H. Consciousness and society. The reorientation of european social thought 1890-1930 Alfred Knopf 1961, 433pp. Hardback. Signature in front, slightly loose binding. € 7.50 Anacharsis
Conservatism. Modern Ideolo... O'Sullivan, N. Conservatism. Modern Ideologies Dent Sons Londen 1965, 167pp. Paperback. Good copy € 9.50 Anacharsis
Conservatisme Dunk von der, H. W. Conservatisme Fibula, Bussum 1976, 150pp. Gebonden met stofomslag. In prima staat € 9.50 Anacharsis
Consilience. The unity of k... Edward O. Wilson Consilience. The unity of knowledge Alfred A. Knopf 1998, 333pp. HARDBOUND with dust jacket. In excellent condition. As new € 12.00 Anacharsis
Constitutional Reason of St... Friedrich, C. J. Constitutional Reason of State. The Survival of the Constitional Order Brown University Press 1957, 131pp. hardbound with dust jacket. In very good condition € 9.50 Anacharsis
Constitutional Thought In S... Church, William Farr Constitutional Thought In Sixteenth Century France. A Study In The Evolution of Ideas Octagon Books 1979, 360pp. Hardbound (no dj) in blue linen. Stamp on front. Good copy € 22.50 Anacharsis
Constitutionalism, Ancient ... Mcilwain, Charles Howard Constitutionalism, Ancient and Modern Cornell University Press 1947, 180pp. Paperback. Used copy with some underlinings € 4.00 Anacharsis
Constitutionalism and Resis... Franklin, Julian H. (translated and ed.) Constitutionalism and Resistance in the Sixteenth Century: Three Treatises by Hotman, Beza, Mornay Pegasus 1969, 208pp. paperback. No fold in spine. In very good condition. As new € 45.00 Anacharsis
Constructing the Subject / ... Kurt Danziger Constructing the Subject / Historical Origins of Psychological Research Cambridge University Press 1994, 254pp, paperback. name inside. In good condition € 34.50 Anacharsis
Consumed Nostalgia / Memory... Gary Cross Consumed Nostalgia / Memory in the Age of Fast Capitalism Columbia University Press 2015, 296pp. Hardbound with original dust jacket. As new € 45.00 Anacharsis
Consumers and Luxury. Consu... Berg, Maxine and Clifford, Helen (eds.) Consumers and Luxury. Consumer Culture in Europe 1650-1850 Manchester University Press 1999, 260pp. Hardbound in red linen with gold. With ills. In excellent condition. As new € 95.00 Anacharsis
Consuming America. A data-d... Melvin Wevers Consuming America. A data-driven analysis of the United States as a reference culture in Dutch Republic discourse on consumer goods, 1890-1990 Ipskamp Printing, Enschede 2017, 494 pp. Paperback. Proefschrift met samenvatting in het Nederlands. Nieuw, lichte vouw in kaft... € 25.00 Anacharsis
Consumption and the Country... Stobart, Jon and Rothery, Mark Consumption and the Country House Oxford University Press 2016, 304pp. Hardbound with dustjacket. With ill, family trees, bibliography. Absolute excellent cop... € 115.00 Anacharsis
Consumption and the World o... John Brewer Roy Porter Consumption and the World of Goods Routledge, London New York 1993, 563pp. Paperback. As new € 40.00 Anacharsis
Contemporary Political Phil... Crespigny, Anthony de & Kenneth Minogue (eds.) Contemporary Political Philosophers Methuen & Co 1975, 296pp. Paperback. No fold in spine. In excellent condition. As new € 9.50 Anacharsis
Contributions presented to ... Slicher van Bath, B. H., Faber, J. A., Roessingh, H.K. ,Van der Woude A.M. en H. J. van Xanten Contributions presented to the third International Conference of Economic History (A.A.G. Bijdragen 12) Afdeling Agrarische Geschiedenis Landbouw Hogeschool Wageningen 1965, 110pp. Soft cover. In good condition (English/French) € 8.50 Anacharsis
Converting California: Indi... Sandos, James A. Converting California: Indians and Franciscans in the Missions Yale University Press 2004, 251pp. Hardbound with dustjacket. With illustrations. In excellent condition. As new € 45.00 Anacharsis
Convivium. Aangeboden aan p... Hattinga van 't Sant, E.A. (red.) Convivium. Aangeboden aan prof. jkvr. dr. J.M. van Winter bij haar afscheid als hoogleraar aan de Rijksuniversiteit te Utrecht Verloren 1988, 223pp. Gebonden met stofomslag. Met ills. en bibliografie. In nieuwstaat € 5.50 Anacharsis
Cookbook, The Gardner Museu... Conroy, Lois McKitchen Cookbook, The Gardner Museum Café The Harvard Common Press 1985, 149pp. Paperback. With lots of recepies. As new € 12.50 Anacharsis
Corners of the Globe Goddard, Robert Corners of the Globe (meer info) Random House UK 2014, 392pp. Thick paperback. Signs of use. In good condition € 6.75 Anacharsis
Correspondence of Adam Smith Smith, Adam (edited by Ernest Cambell Mossner and Ian Simpson Ross Correspondence of Adam Smith (meer info) LibertyClassics, 1987, 464pp. Paperback with hard cover. Second revised edition. In excellent condition. As new € 10.00 Anacharsis
Corruption. Ethics and powe... Waquet, Jean-Claude )translated by Linda McCall) Corruption. Ethics and power in Florence, 1600 - 1770 Pennsylvania University Press 1991, 227pp. Hardbound with dust jacket. In excellent condition € 11.50 Anacharsis
Cosmopolis. The Hidden Agen... Toulmin, Stephen Cosmopolis. The Hidden Agenda of Modernity The Free Press - A Division of Macmillan, Inc. The Free Press 1990, 228pp. HARDBOUND with dustjacket. With bibl, index, notes. In very good condition. € 17.50 Anacharsis

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