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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
A bibliography of African a... GASKIN, L.J.P. A bibliography of African art compiled at the International African Institute. International African Institute London, 1965. 4to. Cloth. X, 120 p. € 55.00 Arno Vermeulen
A catalog of Maya hieroglyphs. THOMPSON, J.E.S. A catalog of Maya hieroglyphs. University of Oklahoma Press Norman, 1962. 8vo. Gilt tooled leather (ex private libr.). XIV, 458 p. sev. text-ills., 16 plates, g... € 75.00 Arno Vermeulen
A concise Ulster dictionary. MACAFEE, C.I. (ed.) A concise Ulster dictionary. Oxford University Press Oxford, 1996. 8vo. Softcover. XLI, 405 p. sev. figs.[The fullest survey of Ulster dialect ever publi... € 75.00 Arno Vermeulen
A critical survey of studie... UHLENBECK, E.M. A critical survey of studies on the languages of Java and Madura. (meer info) Martinus Nijhoff 's-Gravenhage, 1964. 8vo. Softcover. VIII, 207 p. fold. map. € 25.00 Arno Vermeulen
A descriptive and illustrat... BROWN, W.N. A descriptive and illustrated catalogue of miniature paintings of the Jaina Kalpasutra as executed in the early Western Indian style. (meer info) The Lord Baltimore Press Washington, 1934. Folio. Cloth. V, 66 p. of text. ills. on 45 plates. € 55.00 Arno Vermeulen
A descriptive catalogue of ... CHIBBETT, D.G., B.F. Hickman and S. Matsudaira A descriptive catalogue of the pre-1868 Japanese books, manuscripts and prints in the library of the School of Oriental and African Studies. Oxford University Press London, 1975. 8vo. Hardcover. X, 187 p. frontisp., ills. on 13 plates o.o.t. € 50.00 Arno Vermeulen
A dictionary of Chinese sym... EBERHARD, W. A dictionary of Chinese symbols. Hidden symbols in Chinese life and thought. Routledge Kegan Paul Transl. London, 1986. 8vo. Hardcover. 332 p. Num. ills. € 90.00 Arno Vermeulen
A dictionary of Latin words... MORWOOD, J. A dictionary of Latin words and phrases. Oxford University Press Oxford, 1998. 8vo. Paperback. XVI, 224 p. € 10.00 Arno Vermeulen
A dictionary of symbols. CHEVALIER, J. and A. Gheerbrant A dictionary of symbols. Penguin Books Transl. of the 2nd French ed. London, 1996. 8vo. Paperback. VI, 1177 p. € 15.00 Arno Vermeulen
A glimpse of Japanese ideal... HARADA, Jiro A glimpse of Japanese ideals. Lectures on Japanese art and culture. (meer info) Kokusai Bunka Shinkokai [The Society for International Cultural Relations] 2nd print. Tokyo, 1938. 4to. Cloth. XVII, 239 p. col. frontisp., 144 plates o.o.t., some in col. € 75.00 Arno Vermeulen
A glossary of the construct... STONE, G.C. A glossary of the construction, decoration and use of arms and armor in all countries and in all times. Together with some closely related subjects. Jack Brussel Reprint. New York, 1961. 4to. Cloth. (VIII), 694 p. Frontisp., 874 ills. € 50.00 Arno Vermeulen
A grammar and dictionary of... PRATT, G. A grammar and dictionary of the Samoan language. Trubner Co. 2nd ed. London, 1878. Ed. by S.J. Whitmee. Sm8vo. Hfleather (shaved). VI, 376 p. € 35.00 Arno Vermeulen
A grammar of Southern Tati ... YAR-SHATER, E. A grammar of Southern Tati dialects. Mouton The Hague-Paris, 1969. L8vo. Cloth. 277 p. 2 maps. Series: 'Median dialect studies', I. Columbia Uni... € 25.00 Arno Vermeulen
A guide to book publishing. SMITH, Jr., D.C. A guide to book publishing. University of Washington Press Revised ed. Seattle-London, 1989. 8vo. Softcover. XIII, 268 p. € 15.00 Arno Vermeulen
A history of fine art in In... SMITH, V.A. A history of fine art in India and Ceylon from the earliest times to the present day. (meer info) The Clarendon Press 1st ed. Oxford, 1911. 4to. Orig. gilt cloth. T.e.g. XX, 516 p. Frontisp., 253 ills., 132 plates (sev... € 150.00 Arno Vermeulen
A history of Japanese colou... SEIDLITZ, W. von A history of Japanese colour-prints. J.B. Lippincott/William Heinemann Transl. Philadelphia-London, 1910. 4to. Cloth (spine part loose). 16 col. plates, incl. frontisp., a... € 85.00 Arno Vermeulen
A Japanese touch for your h... YAGI, Koji A Japanese touch for your home. Kodansha International 3rd print. Tokyo, 1983. 4to. Hardcover. 84 p. num. figs., and ills., 121 in col. € 25.00 Arno Vermeulen
A necklace of peach-stones.... CORNABY, W.A. A necklace of peach-stones. "A string of Chinese peach-stones" rewritten, with appendix of Chinese lighter literature. North-China daily news herald Shanghai, 1925. 8vo. Cloth. (VIII), 401 p. col. frontisp., many ills. € 55.00 Arno Vermeulen
A pronouncing and etymologi... MACLENNAN, M. A pronouncing and etymological dictionary of the Gaelic language. Gaelic-English. English-Gaelic. (meer info) Acair/Mercat Press Reprint. Stornoway-Edinburgh, 1995. 8vo. Softcover. XV, 613 p. € 25.00 Arno Vermeulen
A short history of Japanese... ROBINSON, H. Russell A short history of Japanese armour. Her Majesty's Stationery Office. London, 1965. Obl.8vo. Softcover. (II), 47 p. 7 figs., 16 plates, 1 col. plate. € 20.00 Arno Vermeulen
A social history of the Chi... McDERMOTT, Joseph P. A social history of the Chinese book. Books and literati culture in late imperial China. Hong Kong University Press Hong Kong, 2006. 8vo. Paperback. XIV, 294 p. 7 ills., map. Series: 'Understanding China'. € 20.00 Arno Vermeulen
A variety of Japanese fine ... SHIMOMISSE, Sohachi (ed.) A variety of Japanese fine arts. "Arrangements of flowery patterns". Creation and plastic. Kyoto Shoin Kyoto, 1990. 4to. Softcover. 124 p. num. col. ills. Text in Japanese and English. € 40.00 Arno Vermeulen
A woman's impressions of Ge... OVERELL, L. A woman's impressions of German New Guinea. John Lane The Bodley Head London, 1923. 8vo. Cloth. X, 224 p. frontisp., 30 plates o.o.t. € 55.00 Arno Vermeulen
Aardrijkskundig woordenboek... DUMONT, C.F.H. Aardrijkskundig woordenboek van Nederlandsch Oost-Indie. Nijgh Van Ditmar Rotterdam, 1917. 8vo. Hfleather. (VIII), 655 p. large fold. col. map. € 75.00 Arno Vermeulen
Abelam. Die magische Welt d... MAAZ, K. Abelam. Die magische Welt der Abelam. Kunst und Kult in Papua-Neuguinea. Lippisches Landesmuseum Detmold, 1989. Sq.8vo. Softcover. 52 p. 58 ills., mostly in col. € 45.00 Arno Vermeulen
Aboriginal bark paintings f... McCULLOCH, A. (introd.) Aboriginal bark paintings from the Cahill and Chaseling collections. National Museum of Victoria, Melbourne Australia. The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, 1965. 4to. Softcover. (38) p. 24 plates, map. € 25.00 Arno Vermeulen
African and ancient Mexican... LORAN African and ancient Mexican art. The Loran collection. (meer info) The Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco San Francisco, 1974. 4to. Softcover. 96 p. 107 ills., sev. in col., 2 maps. € 25.00 Arno Vermeulen
Afrika. De kunst der negerv... LEUZINGER, E. Afrika. De kunst der negervolken. (meer info) Elsevier Transl. Amsterdam/Brussel, 1972. 8vo. Cloth. In slipcase. 234 p. 144 figs., 64 tipped-in col. plates... € 35.00 Arno Vermeulen
Afrika. Kunst aus dem schwa... GERBRANDS, A.A. Afrika. Kunst aus dem schwarzen Erdteil. Aurel Bongers Recklinghausen, 1967. L8vo. Cloth. 29 p. of text. Some ills. in text, 102 b/w ills. on plates, XIII ... € 20.00 Arno Vermeulen
Afrikanische Sitze. BOCOLA, Sandro Afrikanische Sitze. (meer info) Prestel Munchen, 1994. 4to. Softcover. 200 p. num. ills. and plates, many in col. € 25.00 Arno Vermeulen
Ajanta. The colour and mono... YAZDANI, G. Ajanta. The colour and monochrome reproductions of the Ajanta frescoes based on photography. (meer info) Oxford University Press Part I in 2 vols. London, 1930. See more info. € 350.00 Arno Vermeulen
Altes Zinn. Ein Handbuch fu... BERLING, K. Altes Zinn. Ein Handbuch fur Sammler und Liebhaber. (meer info) Richard Carl Schmidt Co. 2nd revised and enlarged ed. Berlin, 1920. 8vo. Hardcover. 245 p. 146 ills., incl. 3 tables with mar... € 20.00 Arno Vermeulen
American culture: some begi... ANGLE, P.M. and E. Schenk Miers (comp. and introd.) American culture: some beginnings. (meer info) Kingsport Press Kingsport, 1961. 4to. Cloth. In cloth slipcase. 91 p. Lim. ed. of 1250 copies. € 35.00 Arno Vermeulen
American folk art canes. Pe... MEYER, G.H. American folk art canes. Personal sculpture. Sandringham Press Bloomfield Hills, 1992. 4to. Cloth. 252 p. num. ills., many in col. € 50.00 Arno Vermeulen
An introduction to the stud... ASHTON, L. An introduction to the study of Chinese sculpture. Ernest Benn London, 1924. 4to. Cloth. XVIII, 114 p. of text. ills. on 63 plates, map. € 150.00 Arno Vermeulen
Anasazi pottery. Ten centur... LISTER, R.H. and F.C. Anasazi pottery. Ten centuries of prehistoric ceramic art in the Four Corners Country of the Southwestern United States as illustrated by the Earl H. Morris memorial pottery collection in the University of Colorado Museum. University of New Mexico Press 6th printing. Albuquerque, 1990. 4to. Softcover. IX, 94 p. 46 plates. € 25.00 Arno Vermeulen
Antike Bronzestatuetten. NEUGEBAUER, K.A. Antike Bronzestatuetten. Schoetz Parrhysius Berlin, 1921. 8vo. Cloth. 132 p. of text. 8 text-figs., 67 ills. on plates. € 25.00 Arno Vermeulen
Archaeology in China. (A su... WATSON, W. Archaeology in China. (A survey of some recent discoveries from the Palaeolithic to the end of the Han Dynasty. Max Parrish London, 1960. 4to. Cloth. 32 p. of text. 146 ills. on 123 plates, map. € 25.00 Arno Vermeulen
Archaic Chinese bronzes fro... DEYDIER, Chr. Archaic Chinese bronzes from Shang and Zhou dynasties. Oriental Bronzes Ltd. London, 1989. 4to. Softcover. 62 p. 16 col. plates, 2 fold. Exh. cat. € 30.00 Arno Vermeulen
Art esoterique de l'Himalay... BEGUIN, G. Art esoterique de l'Himalaya. Catalogue de la donation Lionel Fournier. Reunion des musees nationaux Paris (Guimet), 1990. 4to. Softcover. 203 p. num. ills, mostly in col. € 45.00 Arno Vermeulen
Art in Japanese esoteric bu... SAWA, Takaaki Art in Japanese esoteric buddhism. (meer info) Weatherhill/Heibonsha Transl. New York-Tokyo, 1972. L8vo. Cloth. 151 p. 180 ills., many in col. € 30.00 Arno Vermeulen
Art of Cameroon. With a cat... GEBAUER, Paul Art of Cameroon. With a catalog of the Gebauer collection of Cameroon art at the Portland Art Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Portland Art Museum & Metropolitan Museum of Art Portland, 1979. 8vo. Softcover. XX, 395 p. num. ills. and plates. € 75.00 Arno Vermeulen
Art of the South Pacific is... WINGERT, P.S. Art of the South Pacific islands. The Beechhurst Press New York, 1953. 4to. Cloth. 64 p. col. frontisp., 22 figs., over 102 ills. on plates o.o.t., 3 maps. € 55.00 Arno Vermeulen
Art of the surimono. BOWIE, T., J.T. Kenney and F. Togasaki Art of the surimono. Indiana University Art Museum Bloomington, 1979. 1st ed. Sm4to. Papercover. 188 p. 111 ills., 8 in col. € 35.00 Arno Vermeulen
Ascese. Salvatores dei. KAZANTZAKIS, Nikos Ascese. Salvatores dei. De Bezige Bij Transl. Amsterdam, 1973. 8vo. Softcover. 110 p. 'Kwintessens 18'. € 20.00 Arno Vermeulen
Asiatische Reiterspiele. Ei... DIEM, C. Asiatische Reiterspiele. Ein Beitrag zur Kulturgeschichte der Volker. Deutscher Archiv - Verlag Berlin, 1941. L8vo. Cloth (sl. shaved). 292 p. 120 ills. and plates, 9 col. plates o.o.t. € 45.00 Arno Vermeulen
Australian rare books 1788-... WANTRUP, J. Australian rare books 1788-1900. Hordern House Sydney, 1987. L8vo. Cloth. X, 468 p. Col. tipped-in frontisp., sev. ills. € 55.00 Arno Vermeulen
Automobielkaart Java en Mad... JAVA Motor Club Automobielkaart Java en Madoera. Koninklijke Vereeniging Java Motor Clob With separate 62 p. booklet: 'Afstandstabellen 1928'. 3 fold. maps: West-Java, Midden-Java en Oost-J... € 90.00 Arno Vermeulen
Balinese bauddha brahmans. HOOYKAAS, C. Balinese bauddha brahmans. (meer info) North-Holland Publ. Comp. Amsterdam-London, 1973. 4to. Softcover, 251 p. many text-figs., ills. on 4 plates o.o.t., 2 fold. ta... € 65.00 Arno Vermeulen
Bambuti, Die Zwerge vom Kongo. SCHEBESTA, P. Bambuti, Die Zwerge vom Kongo. F.A. Brockhaus Leipzig, 1932. 8vo. Cloth. 270 p. Frontisp., many ills. on plates o.o.t., 3 sketchmaps. € 45.00 Arno Vermeulen

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