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Logo Brinkman Volgens voorwaarden van de NVvA, die o.a. bepalen dat de goederen het eigendom blijven van de verkoper tot volledige betaling. Boeken die niet aan de verwachting voldoen kunnen, na overleg, binnen 14 dagen na ontvangst worden teruggestuurd. Betaling binnen 30 dagen op bank, of met credit card (Visa, Mastercard). Porto: € 5,90 (Nederland), € 7,50 België, € 8,90 (Duitsland), overige landen naar gewicht.

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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
1996. PROCEEDINGS of the XIXth Intern.Congress of Onomastic Sciences, 1996. Aberdeen 1998. 3 vol. xviii,356-vi,402-vi,405 p. € 50.00 Brinkman
1672 - 26 en 27 Juni - 1872... DYSERINCK, Joh. 1672 - 26 en 27 Juni - 1872. "Vrede zij in uwe vesting". Een toepasselijk woord ter wijding van het tweede eeuwfeest van Aardenburg's verdediging, uitgesproken in de Doopsgezinde kerk aldaar. + Feestrede, uitgesproken door G.A.Vorsterman van O... Haarlem, Erven Loosjes, 1872). [vi],16 pp. + Schoonhoven, S.E.van Nooten, 1872. 24 pp. Familie-exemplaar van de familie Dyse... € 90.00 Brinkman
A Baruya-Tok Pisin-English ... LLOYD, J.A. A Baruya-Tok Pisin-English dictionary. Canberra 1992. 4to. x,685 pp. bound Pacific Ling.C/82; Papua New Guinea) € 45.00 Brinkman
A battlefield of ideas. Naz... DEBSKI, T. A battlefield of ideas. Nazi concentration camps and their Polish prisoners. Ne York, Columbia UP, 2001. [xii],285 pp. Cloth w.dustj. one or two pencil lines) € 28.00 Brinkman
A bibliographical catalogue... BRUCKNER, J. A bibliographical catalogue of seventeenth-century German books published in Holland. W.17 plates. The Hague, Mouton, 1971. xxxviii,552 pp. Cloth Angl.Germ.13; lists 623 nrs.; € 45.00 Brinkman
A bibliography of Bertrand ... RUSSELL, B.] BLACKWELL, K. & H.RUJA. A bibliography of Bertrand Russell. (1.Separate publications 1896-1990; 2.Serial publications 1890-1990; 3.Indexes.) W.portraits and 16 plates. London, Routledge, 1994. 3 vol. lvi,611-xiv,575-xi,305 pp. Orig.cloth w.celluloid dustjackets in slipcase. Collected Papers (vol.14); ticket on spines, a few libr.stamps, a very good library copy) - heavy se... € 150.00 Brinkman
A bibliography of British m... BRUCE, A. A bibliography of British military history. From the Roman invasions to the Restoration, 1660. München, Saur, 1981. x,350 pp. bound lists 3280 numbers) € 18.00 Brinkman
A bibliography of Canadian ... TREMAINE, M. A bibliography of Canadian imprints,1751-1800. Toronto 1999 reprint ed.1952). xxx,705 p. orcl. € 80.00 Brinkman
A bibliography of Chaucer, ... CHAUCER. BAIRD, L.Y. A bibliography of Chaucer, 1964-1973. Boston 1977. xxiv,287 p. orcl € 24.00 Brinkman
A bibliography of homeric s... HOMERUS. PACKARD, D.W. & T.MEYERS. A bibliography of homeric scholarship (1930-70). Malibu, Undena, 1974. vi,183 pp. Sewn. € 15.00 Brinkman
A bibliography of Sir Willi... KEYNES, G. A bibliography of Sir William Petty and of 'Observations on the Bills of Mortality' by John Graunt. W.portraits & facs. Oxford, Clarendon, 1971. 4to. xiii,103 pp. Orig.cloth € 30.00 Brinkman
A bibliography of the Japan... WENCKSTERN, F.v. A bibliography of the Japanese Empire 1477-1906. Leiden /Tokyo 1895-1907. 2 vols. Ocl. xvi,338,68,xvi,486,28,23 pp. To which is added: NACHOD, O., H.PRAESENT & W.HAENISCH. Bibliographie von Japan,1906-1937. Stuttgart 1970. 6 Bde. Olw. xvi,832,xv,410,xvi,351,xii,452,xii,569 Ss. Nachdr.Ausg.1928-40) € 600.00 Brinkman
A bibliography of the japan... WENCKSTERN, F.v. A bibliography of the japanese empire, being a classified list of all books, essays and maps in european langauges relating to Dai Nihon (1859-1893). To which is added a reprint of L.Pagès: Bibliographie japonaise depuis le XVe siècle jusqu'à ... Stgt.1970. xiv,338.iv,68 pp. Ocl. Bibl.vol.I, repr.ed.Leiden 1895, vol.II (bibl.1894-1906) repr.ed.Tokyo 1907) € 45.00 Brinkman
A bibliography of the works... LAVOISIER] DUVEEN, D.I. & H.S.KLICKSTEIN. A bibliography of the works of Antoine Laurant Lavoisier,1743-1794. D.I.Duveen. W.49 pl. London .1954-65. 2 vols. L-8vo. xxiii,493,xv,177 pp. Cloth dj. € 200.00 Brinkman
A bibliography of United St... TRASK, D.F. et al. (ed.) A bibliography of United States-Latin American relations since 1810. Lincoln 1968. 4to. xxxi,441 p. orig.cloth. library copy, sticker removed from spine) € 20.00 Brinkman
A bibliography of Yeats cri... YEATS. CROSS, K.G.W. & R.T.DUNLOP. A bibliography of Yeats criticism 1887-1965. London 1971. xxvi,341 p. orcl € 28.00 Brinkman
A bibliography to the Corpu... TIBULLUS. HARRAUER, H. A bibliography to the Corpus Tibullianum. Hildesheim, Gerstenberg, 1971. [vi],90 pp. Cloth. Bibliogr.Augustan Poetry I; a few pencil annot. by E.J. Kenney) € 15.00 Brinkman
A bilateral centennial. A h... SCHULTE NORDHOLT, J.W. & R.P.SWIERENGA.(Ed.) A bilateral centennial. A history of Dutch-American relations, 1782-1982. M.ills. A'dam 1982. viii,279 p. € 15.00 Brinkman
A bio-bibliography of Edwar... JENNER.] LeFANU, W.R. A bio-bibliography of Edward Jenner, 1749-1823. London, Harvey and Blythe, 1951. L-8vo. xx,176 pp. With 29 plates. Bound. € 24.00 Brinkman
A biographical dictionary o... WILLIAMS, A.,A.P.SMYTH & D.P.KIRBY. A biographical dictionary of dark age Britain (c.500-c.1050). Londond, 1991. xlii,253 pp. Bound, w.dustj. € 28.00 Brinkman
A Blake bibliography. Annot... BLAKE. BENTLEY, G.E.& M.K.NURMI. A Blake bibliography. Annotated Lists of Works, Studies and Blakeana. Minneapolis 1964. xix,393 p. orcl € 24.00 Brinkman
A bookseller's hobby-horse ... STERNE. ZWANEVELD, A.M. A bookseller's hobby-horse and the rhetoric of translation: Anthony Ernst Munnikhuisen and Bernardus Brunius, and the first Dutch edition of Tristram Shandy (1776-1779). A'dam 1996. xii,248 pp. Pbk. diss.) € 24.00 Brinkman
A brief description of Midd... GARDNER, R. & M.A.GREENE. A brief description of Middle French syntax. Chapel Hill 1958. xii,153 pp. Wrappers. Univ.North Carol./ Romance lang.& lit.29) € 9.00 Brinkman
A calendar of the cartulari... O'CONNOR, S.J. (ed.) A calendar of the cartularies of John Pyel and Adam Fraunceys. London 1993. ix,477 pp. Bound Camden 5th Ser.,vol.2) € 20.00 Brinkman
A calendar of the letters o... STOUT, J.P. (ed.) A calendar of the letters of Willa Cather. Lincoln 2002. xix,334 p. orcl. € 30.00 Brinkman
A calendar of the Register ... SMITH, D.M. A calendar of the Register of Robert Waldby, archbishop of York, 1397. W.1 pl. York 1974. [5].vii,73 pp. Borthwick Inst.) € 10.00 Brinkman
A calendar of the register ... HAINES, R.M. (ed.) A calendar of the register of Wolstan de Bransford, bishop of Worcester, 1339-49. Lond.1966. Ocl. liii,637 pp. Hist.Ms.Comm.JP9,library-marks) € 22.00 Brinkman
A camel journey to Tibesti.... THESIGER, , Wilfred. A camel journey to Tibesti. (Tchad) extr. The Geographical Journal, 1939, p.433-446. With map in the text and 4 plates. New wrappers with clasp. € 28.00 Brinkman
A catalogue of cuneiform so... BRINKMAN, J.A. A catalogue of cuneiform sources pertaining to specific monarchs of the kassite dynasty. Chicago, Oriental Institute, 1976. 4to. xxiv,469 pp + 11 plates. Wrappers. Mat.& Studies for Kassite Hist.I) € 25.00 Brinkman
A catalogue of Printed Book... WELLCOME CATALOGUE. A catalogue of Printed Books in the Wellcome Historical Medical Library. Vol.I: Books printed before 1641. Vol.II: Books printed from 1641 to 1850 (A-E). Revised edition with handwritten amendments from the library's copies, of the ed.1962-1966. New York 1996. 2 volumes. 4to. xv,407-xi,540 p. Cloth - One of the most important medical bibliographies currently in use.This is an exemplary catalogue,still in progress.We offer a reprint of the vol.I-II from the Wellcome Library own working cop... € 170.00 Brinkman
A catalogue of the library ... KORSTEN, F. A catalogue of the library of Thomas Baker (1656-1740). Cambridge UP,1990. L. 8vo. L,426 pp. Cloth. € 30.00 Brinkman
A catalogue of the U.S.Libr... TACHIKAWA, M.& Y.NAGANO. A catalogue of the U.S.Libr.of Congress collection of tibetan literature in microfiche. Tokyo 1983-88. 2 vols. xiv,353,viii,406 pp. St.Ph.Buddh.III) € 40.00 Brinkman
A century of distillation. SIFALAKIS, G. A century of distillation. Den Haag 1967. 138 p. diss. bound € 22.00 Brinkman
A century of Trollope criti... TROLLOPE. HELLING, R. A century of Trollope criticism. Helsinfors 1956. 203 p. SSF.) new wrappers € 16.00 Brinkman
A Changing World of Words: ... DÍAZ VERA, J.E. (ed.). A Changing World of Words: Studies in english historical lexicography, lexicology and semantics. A'dam 2002. xxi,610 p. orcl. Costerus NS 141, € 125,-) title on spine upside down € 60.00 Brinkman
A Chaucer handbook. 2nd ed. CHAUCER. FRENCH, R.D. A Chaucer handbook. 2nd ed. N.Y.1947. xi,402 p. orcl € 24.00 Brinkman
A check list of American 18... VAN NESS INGRAM, J. A check list of American 18th century newspapers in the Library of Congress. Washington 1912. L-8vo. 186 p. orcl € 25.00 Brinkman
A checklist of French polit... WELSH, D.V. A checklist of French political pamphlets 1560-1644 in the Newberry Library. Chicago 1950. iv,204 pp. lists 1204 items) € 15.00 Brinkman
A classification and analys... MOODY, M.D. A classification and analysis of "noun+de+noun"constructions in French. The Hague 1973. 4to. viii),277 pp. Wrappers. (Janua Ling.,SP.227) € 25.00 Brinkman
A commentary on Apollonius ... APOLLONIUS RHODIUS. CAMPBELL, M. A commentary on Apollonius Rhodius Argonautica III/1-471. Leiden 1994. xxi,424 pp. Cloth Mnem.Suppl.141, € 229.-) € 130.00 Brinkman
A commentary on Herodotus. HERODOTUS. HOW, W.W. & J.WELLS. A commentary on Herodotus. Oxford UP, 1912. 2 vols. xii,446-viii,423 pp. With 8 fold. maps. Cloth. top edge sl.foxed; a bit used) € 30.00 Brinkman
A commentary on Herodotus. ... HERODOTUS. HOW, W.W. & J.WELLS. A commentary on Herodotus. W.8 maps. Oxford UP, 1968. 2 vols. xii,456-viii,444 pp. Cloth. € 40.00 Brinkman
A commentary on Isocrates' ... ISOCRATES. LIVINGSTONE, N. A commentary on Isocrates' Busiris. Leiden, Brill, 2001. xi,225 pp. Bound. Mnem.,Suppl.223, € 141.-) € 75.00 Brinkman
A commentary on Livy, books... LIVIUS. BRISCOE, J. A commentary on Livy, books 41-45. Oxford UP 2012. xx,823 pp. Bound w.dustj. fore-edge very lightly spotted; with errata-leaf) € 120.00 Brinkman
A commentary on Livy, books... LIVIUS. BRISCOE, J. A commentary on Livy, books 38-40. Oxford UP 2008. xxiv,614 pp. Cloth w.dustj. € 90.00 Brinkman
A commentary on Propertius ... PROPERTIUS. HEYWORTH, S.J. & J.H.W. MORWOOD. A commentary on Propertius book 3 (with the text). Oxford UP, 2011. xi,377 pp. With 4 maps. Cloth w.dustj. £117.50) € 50.00 Brinkman
A commentary on the General... CHAUCER. BOWDEN, M. A commentary on the General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales. N.Y.1949. ix,316 pp. orig.cloth € 16.00 Brinkman
A commentary on the Letters... FRONTO. HOUT, M.P.J.v.d. A commentary on the Letters of M. Cornelius Fronto. Leiden, Brill, 1999. xi,725 pp. Cloth w.dustj. Mnem.Suppl.190, € 350,-) € 200.00 Brinkman
A commentary on the platoni... PLATO. SLINGS, S.R. A commentary on the platonic Clitophon. With the text.. Amsterdam, Acad.Pers, 1981. 400-16 [= text] pp. Pbk. thesis) € 20.00 Brinkman
A commentary on the survivi... AESCHYLUS. ROSE, H.J. A commentary on the surviving plays of Aeschylus. Amsterdam 1957-58. 2 vols. L-8vo. 323-299 pp. Wrappers. Ak.v.Wet, Nwe.Reeks 64/1-2; ; wrappers a bit used; spines spotted; (lower) corners sl.bumped) € 120.00 Brinkman

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