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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
An Introduction to Relativi... Schweber, Sylvan An Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Field Theory. Harper & Row Student reprint 1964 geb.met s.o. € 40.00 chaconne
The Place of Science in Mod... Thorstein Veblen The Place of Science in Modern Civilisation and other Essays The Viking Press N.Y. 1942 geb. goed € 40.00 chaconne
Knots and Physics Kauffman, Louis H. Knots and Physics World Scientific 1991 pb. goed € 40.00 chaconne
Woody's Grow Big Songs  Pic... Woody Guthrie with Marjorie Mazia Guthrie Woody's Grow Big Songs Pictures by Woody Guthrie Harper Collins 1992 first ed. gebonden met stofomslag € 40.00 chaconne
Katechismus der Akustik (Mu... Hugo Riemann Katechismus der Akustik (Musikwissenschaft) (meer info) Max Hesses Verlag 1891 gebonden € 40.00 chaconne
The Taoist Body Kristofer Schipper The Taoist Body University of Carlifornia Press 1993 pb. goed € 40.00 chaconne
The Way They Play Book 5. I... Samuel Applebaum & Henry Roth The Way They Play Book 5. Illustrated Discussions With Famous Artists and Teachers (meer info) Paganiniana 1978 geb. goed € 40.00 chaconne
Floris ende Blanchefloer Diederic van Assenede (red. Hoffmann von Fallersleben :Einleitung, Anmerkungen und Glossar)) Floris ende Blanchefloer Rumpler Hannover 1836 gekartoneerd lichte beschadigingen € 40.00 chaconne
Muslim Saints and Mystics :... Farid al-Din Attar Muslim Saints and Mystics :Episodes from the Tadhkirat al Auliya Routledge 1966 1st ed geb. goed € 40.00 chaconne
Lines ans Electromagnetic F... Gayle F. Miner Lines ans Electromagnetic Fields for Engineers Oxford University Press 1996 gebonden € 40.00 chaconne
Aristoteles-Lexikon Kappes, Matthias Aristoteles-Lexikon Ferd. Schoningh Paderborn 1894 geb. goed € 40.00 chaconne
Contemporary Strategy Analy... Robert M. Grant Contemporary Strategy Analysis. Text and Cases Wiley 2016 (ninth edition) pb. als nieuw € 40.00 chaconne
Bacchae (edited with introd... Euripides Bacchae (edited with introduction and commentary by E.R. Dodds) Oxford Clarendon 1953 repr. geb.met s.o.goed-lichte slijtage € 40.00 chaconne
De Arte Contrapuncti (edidi... Hothby, Johannes De Arte Contrapuncti (edidit Gilbert Reaney) Am. Inst.of Musicology/Hanssler Verlag 1977 kart. goed € 40.00 chaconne
Brunio Walter - Gustav Mahler Brunio Walter Gustav Mahler Reichner Verlag Wien 1936 geb.linnen goed € 40.00 chaconne
Black Riders The Visible La... McGann, Jerome Black Riders The Visible Language of Modernism Princeton 1993 pb.goed € 40.00 chaconne
Evolution  and Ecology of H... John R.F. bower & S. Sartono (ed.) Evolution and Ecology of Homo Erectus Pithecanthropus Centennial Foundation Leiden University 1995 geb. goed € 40.00 chaconne
Harry Partch a biography Gilmore, Bob Harry Partch a biography Yale 1998 geb. met s.o. goed € 40.00 chaconne
L'Atelier Brancusi Album Tabart, Marielle (ed) L'Atelier Brancusi Album Centre Georges Pompidou 1997 pb.goed € 40.00 chaconne
The Prints of Louis Lozowic... Flint, Janet The Prints of Louis Lozowick. A Catalogue Raisonne Hudson Hills Press 1982 geb. met s.o. goed € 40.00 chaconne
Die Osterreichsische Milita... E.Rameis Die Osterreichsische Militarmusik von ihren Anfangen bis zum Jahre 1918 Hans Schneider 1976 geb. goed € 40.00 chaconne
Extant Medieval Musical Ins... Frederick Crane Extant Medieval Musical Instrument. A Provisional Catalogue by Types University of Iowa Press 1972 gebonden (naam voorin) € 40.00 chaconne
The Clausewitzian Dictum an... Nooy, Gert de (ed) The Clausewitzian Dictum and the Future of Western Military Strategy Kluwer Law Intern.1997 pb. € 40.00 chaconne
Mensch, Musik und Kosmos. A... Anny von Lange Mensch, Musik und Kosmos. Anregungen zu einer goetheanischen Tonlehre Novalis-Verlag Freiburg i.b. 1956 gebonden linnen € 40.00 chaconne
The Sacred Bridge. Research... Bleeker, C.J. The Sacred Bridge. Researches into the nature and structure of religion Brill Leiden 1963 geb. goed € 40.00 chaconne
Mijn leven met Mercury Jim Hutton met Tim Wapshott Mijn leven met Mercury Free Record Shop/ Fame 1994 paperback € 40.00 chaconne
Francis Holland - Seneca Francis Holland Seneca Longmans Green 1920 geb. goed € 40.00 chaconne
Toward the Rising Sun. Russ... David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye Toward the Rising Sun. Russian Ideologies of Empire and the Path to War with Japan Northern Illinois University Press 2006 paperback € 40.00 chaconne
Biblia Hebraica adjuvantibus Rud. Kittel / P. Kahle Biblia Hebraica adjuvantibus Wurttembergische Bibel Anstalt Stuttgart gebonden € 40.00 chaconne
De Igne Theophrastus (edited by Victor Coutant) De Igne van Gorcum Assen 1971 geb. goed. lichte verkleuring omslag en exlibrisstempel € 40.00 chaconne
Erlauterungen zu Kant's Kri... Kirchmann, J.H.v. Erlauterungen zu Kant's Kritik der reinen Vernunft Heimann, Berlin 1869 geb. goed € 40.00 chaconne
the principal upanisads radhakrishnan the principal upanisads george allen, 1953 geb.958p € 40.00 chaconne
The Interlinear KJV-NIV Par... Marshall, Alfred The Interlinear KJV-NIV Parallel New Testament in Greek and English Zondervan Publishing 1975 geb. goed titelpagina met naam en tekst in grieks € 40.00 chaconne
Dinu Lipatti Bargauanu, G. et Tanasescu, D. Dinu Lipatti Ed,Payot Lausanne Collection Les Musiciens 1991 kart. € 40.00 chaconne
Aus dem Reiche der Tone  Wo... Reinecke, Carl Aus dem Reiche der Tone Worte der Meister Seemann 1907 geb. goede staat € 40.00 chaconne
The Ultimate Jazz Fakebook ... Dr. Herbert Wong (ed.) The Ultimate Jazz Fakebook "C" edition over 625 songs for piano-vocal-guitar and all c-instruments Hal Leonard ringband € 40.00 chaconne
Russian Imperialism. The In... Dietrich Geyer Russian Imperialism. The Interaction of Domestic and Foreign Policy 1860-1914 Yale University 1987 paperback € 40.00 chaconne
Russian Imperialism and Nav... Nicholas Papastratigakis Russian Imperialism and Naval Power. Military Strategy and the Build-Up to the Russo-Japanese War I.B. Tauris 2011 gebonden € 40.00 chaconne
Plato's Parmenides. The Con... Mitchell H.Miller jr. Plato's Parmenides. The Conversion of the Soul Pennsylvania State Univ. 1991 pb. goed € 40.00 chaconne
This is Your Dog. Some obse... Arthur Markowitz Foreword Dr.A.Kortlandt This is Your Dog. Some observations on understanding animals Caxton Johannesburg 1978 pb. met omslag ( met opdracht aan Kortlandt) € 40.00 chaconne
The Modernization of Russia... Simon Dixon The Modernization of Russia 1676-1825 Cambridge University Press 2005 paperback € 40.00 chaconne
Orchestral Accents Korn, Richard Orchestral Accents (meer info) Farar Strauss 1957 1st.printing met opdracht geb. met s.o. goed (kleine scheur achterkant s.o.) € 40.00 chaconne
Responsorio "omnes moriemin... Evguenia Roubina Responsorio "omnes moriemini" de Ignacio Jerusalem La primera obra novohispana con obligado de violonchelo y su enterno historico (meer info) Escuela National de Musica Mexico 2004 kart. € 40.00 chaconne
Vorlesungen uber Gastheorie... Boltzmann, Ludwig Vorlesungen uber Gastheorie 1.Teil Barth Leipzig 1910 zweiter unveranderter Abdruck geb. goed € 40.00 chaconne
Formel-Komposition Zu Karlh... Conen,Hermann Formel-Komposition Zu Karlheinz Stockhausens Musik der siebziger Jahren Schott 1991 geb. € 40.00 chaconne
Michel Chion - David Lynch Michel Chion David Lynch Cahiers du Cinema Collection "Äuteurs" Nouvelle edition mise a jour 2007 paperback goed € 40.00 chaconne
Orchestration for the Theatre Collinson, Francis M. Orchestration for the Theatre Bodley Head 1949 geb. goed € 40.00 chaconne
Early Christianity accordin... Gerd Ludemann Early Christianity according to the Traditions in Acts. A Commentary SCM 1989 pb. goed € 40.00 chaconne
Ik denk altijd maar aan van... Wolinski Ik denk altijd maar aan van dattum Thomas Rap 1968 goede staat rug wat verkleurd € 40.00 chaconne
Uma Obra Para o Futuro Cassiano Branco Uma Obra Para o Futuro Edicoes ASA 1991 pb goed € 40.00 chaconne

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