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purity and exile:violence,m... malkki, liisa h. purity and exile:violence,memory & national cosmology among hutu refugees in tanzania univ.of chicago 1995, pb € 10.00 chaconne
Music and Trance. A Theory ... Gilbert Rouget Music and Trance. A Theory of the Realtions between Music and Possession Univ.of Chicago 1985 pb. goed € 25.00 chaconne
agricultural involution: th... geertz, clifford agricultural involution: the processes of ecological change in indonesia univ.of 1966 2e dr. geb. potloodstrepen € 8.00 chaconne
The Beethoven Quartet Compa... Winter, Robert & Martin, Robert The Beethoven Quartet Companion Univ.of California 1994 pb.goed € 30.00 chaconne
Misogyny, Misandry, and Mis... R.Howard Bloch and Frances Ferguson (ed.) Misogyny, Misandry, and Misanthropy Univ.of California 1989 pb.goed € 15.00 chaconne
To the Rescue of Art. 26 Es... Rudolf Arnheim To the Rescue of Art. 26 Essays Univ.of California 1992 pb. goed € 10.00 chaconne
Why Classical Music still m... Kramer, Lawrence Why Classical Music still matters Univ.of California 2007 geb. met s.o. goed € 25.00 chaconne
Nuptial Arithmetic. Marsili... Michael J.B. Allen Nuptial Arithmetic. Marsilino Ficino's Commentary on the Fatal Number in Book VIII of Plato's Republic Univ.of California 1994 geb.met s.o. goed € 60.00 chaconne
The Sceptical Realism of Da... Wright, John P. The Sceptical Realism of David Hume Univ.of Minnesota 1983 pb.goed € 20.00 chaconne
A Manual of Ethics John S. MacKenzie A Manual of Ethics University Tutorial Press 1950 sixt ed. geb.goed € 8.00 chaconne
Life of Rossini new and rev... Stendhal Life of Rossini new and revised edition by Richard N. Coe University of Washington Press 1972 pb. redelijk € 7.00 chaconne
Sovereignty and Liberty. Co... Michael Kammen Sovereignty and Liberty. Constitutional Discourse in American Culture University of Wisconsin 1988 geb.met s.o.goed € 10.00 chaconne
Properfty. Mainstream and C... MacPherson, C.B. Properfty. Mainstream and Critical Postions University of Toronto Press 1981 pb. goed € 10.00 chaconne
Black Street Speech Its His... John Baugh Black Street Speech Its History, Structure and Survival University of Texas 1983 first ed. paperback € 10.00 chaconne
The Structure of Aesthetics F.E. Sparshott The Structure of Aesthetics University of Toronto Press/Routledge & Kegan Paul 1963 geb. goed € 20.00 chaconne
Children of Colonial Despot... Larry R.Jensen Children of Colonial Despotism. Press, Politics, and Culture in Cuba, 1790-1840 University of South Florida Press geb. goed in plastic € 10.00 chaconne
Paleodemographic Aspects of... Alan E.Mann Paleodemographic Aspects of the South African Australopithecines University of Pennsylvania 1975 pb. goed met opdracht € 45.00 chaconne
The Secret of Sherwood Fore... Guy H. Woodward and Grace Steele Woodward The Secret of Sherwood Forest. Oil Production in England During World War II University of Oklahoma paperback (nog in plastic) € 10.00 chaconne
The Second Practice of Mine... William Kinsderman and Harald Krebs (ed.) The Second Practice of Mineteenth Century Tonality University of Nebraska 2006 geb.met s.o.goed € 75.00 chaconne
The Christian Philosophy of... Gilson, Etienne The Christian Philosophy of St.Thomas Aquinas with a Catalogue of St. Thomas's Works by I.T. Eschmann University of Notre Dame 1994 pb. goed € 20.00 chaconne
The Second Practice of Nine... Kinderman, William and Krebs, Harald The Second Practice of Nineteenth Century Tonality University of Nebraska 1996 geb.met s.o.goed € 45.00 chaconne
The Living Lyre in English ... Louise Schleiner The Living Lyre in English Verse fro Elizabeth through the Restoration University of Missouri 1984 geb.met s.o.goed € 20.00 chaconne
Animal Psychology for Biolo... Dr.J.A. Bierens de Haan Animal Psychology for Biologists University of London Press 1929 geb.goed met opdracht van de schrijver € 20.00 chaconne
Christian Thought. Its Hist... Ernst Troeltsch Christian Thought. Its History and Application University of London Press 1923 geb. goed € 10.00 chaconne
Woman Making Music. The Wes... Jane Bowers and Judith Tick (ed.) Woman Making Music. The Western Art Tradition 1150-1950 University of Illinois 1987 pb. goed € 15.00 chaconne
Word and Light. Seeing, Hea... David Chidester Word and Light. Seeing, Hearing, and Religious Discourse University of Illinois 1992 geb.met s.o.goed € 10.00 chaconne
The Nature of Causation Myles Brand The Nature of Causation University of Illinois 1976 geb.met s.o.goed € 20.00 chaconne
Extant Medieval Musical Ins... Frederick Crane Extant Medieval Musical Instrument. A Provisional Catalogue by Types University of Iowa Press 1972 gebonden (naam voorin) € 40.00 chaconne
The Feminine Character. His... Viola Klein The Feminine Character. History of an Ideology University of Illinois Press 1972 geb. goed € 10.00 chaconne
Celia A Slave. A true story... Melton A. McLaurin Celia A Slave. A true story of violence and retribution in antebellum Missouri University of Georgia 1991 paperback € 6.00 chaconne
The Place of Reason in Ethi... Toulmin, Stephen The Place of Reason in Ethics. with a new preface University of Chicago 1986 pb. goed € 10.00 chaconne
The Dawn of the Deed. The P... John A. Long The Dawn of the Deed. The Prehistoric Origins of Sex University of Chicago 2012 gebonden met stofomslag € 20.00 chaconne
Witness and Existence. Essa... Devenish, Philip E. and Goodwi n, George L. (ed.) Witness and Existence. Essays in Honor of Schubert M. Ogden University of Chicago 1989 pb.goed € 10.00 chaconne
On Guilt and Innocence, Ess... Herbert Morris On Guilt and Innocence, Essays in Legal Philosophy and Moral Psychology University of California 1979 paperback € 8.00 chaconne
Patterns of Behavior. Konra... Richard W.Burkhardt jr. Patterns of Behavior. Konrad Lorenz, Niko Tinbergen, and the Founding of Ethology University of Chicago Press 2005 pb.goed € 50.00 chaconne
Christianity, Social Tolera... John Boswell Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality University of Chicago Press 1981 pb. goed € 10.00 chaconne
The German Fifth Column in ... Louis de Jong The German Fifth Column in the Second World War transl C.M. Geyl University of Chicago Press 1956 gebonden (knakje in band) € 10.00 chaconne
The Ovary of Eve. Egg and S... Pinto-Correia, Clara The Ovary of Eve. Egg and Sperm and Preformation (foreword Stephen Jay Gould) University of Chicago Press 1997 geb.met s.o.goed € 25.00 chaconne
Irving Sablonsky - American Music Irving Sablonsky American Music University of Chicago Press 1971 geb. goed € 8.00 chaconne
The Taoist Body Kristofer Schipper The Taoist Body University of Carlifornia Press 1993 pb. goed € 40.00 chaconne
THE RealReal Thing The Mode... Wendy Steiner THE RealReal Thing The Model in the Mirror of Art University of Chicago 2001 geb.met s.o.goed € 15.00 chaconne
The Great Composers edited ... Bernard Shaw The Great Composers edited by Louis Crompton University of Carlifornia 1978 paperback € 10.00 chaconne
Style and Idea. Selected Wr... Schonberg, Arnold Style and Idea. Selected Writings University of California 2010-60th anniversary edition pb. goed € 25.00 chaconne
Generalization in the Writi... Gottschalk, Louis (ed.) Generalization in the Writing of History (meer info) University of Chicago 1967-third impr. geb.met s.o.goed € 10.00 chaconne
Studying Animal Behavior . ... Donald A, Dewsbury (ed.) Studying Animal Behavior . Autobiograhies of the Founders University of Chicago 1989 pb. goed € 20.00 chaconne
Sound Structure in Music Robert Erickson Sound Structure in Music University of Carlifornia 1975 gebonden € 15.00 chaconne
The Secret Museum. Pornogra... Walter Kendrick The Secret Museum. Pornography in Modern Culture University of California 1996 paperback € 10.00 chaconne
Nuptial Arithmetic. Marsili... Allen, Michael J.B. Nuptial Arithmetic. Marsilio Ficino's Commentary on the Fatal Number in Book VIII of Plato; sRepublic University of California Press 1994 geb.met s.o.goed € 60.00 chaconne
American Diplomatic History... Jerald A. Combs American Diplomatic History. Two Centuries of Changing Interpretations University of Carlifornia 1983 geb.met s.o.goed € 20.00 chaconne
Bright Earth. Art and the I... Philip Ball Bright Earth. Art and the Invention of Color University of Chicago 2003 pb. goed € 15.00 chaconne

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