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A bibliography of Afghanist... MCLACHLAN, KEITH WHITTAKER, WILLIAM, A bibliography of Afghanistan: A working bibliography of materials on Afghanistan with special reference to economic and social change in the twentieth century. (meer info) Cambridge, Middle East North African Studies Press, 1984. 2nd printing. XII+671 pp. With map. Index. € 30.00 Charbo
A bibliography of Californi... HEIZER, ROBERT F. ELSASSER, ALBERT B., A bibliography of California Indians: Archaeology, ethnography, Indian history. (meer info) New York, Garland, 1977. XIV+267 pp. With 2 maps. Indexes. € 30.00 Charbo
A bibliography of Canadiana... STATON, FRANCES M. TREMAINE, MARIE (eds.), A bibliography of Canadiana: being items in the Public Library of Toronto, Canada, relating to the early history and development of Canada [1534-1867]. First supplement. (meer info) Toronto, Public Library, 1965. Reprint of the 1934 and 1959 eds., resp. 2 vols. Large 8vo. (XIV)+828;(X)+ 333 pp. + errata leaf. In... € 60.00 Charbo
A bibliography of Menno Sim... HORST, IRVIN B., A bibliography of Menno Simons, ca. 1496-1561, Dutch reformer. With a census of known copies. (meer info) Nieuwkoop (NL), B. de Graaf, 1962. 157 pp. With 34 ills./facs. Index. € 30.00 Charbo
A brief history of the Hawa... ALEXANDER, W.D., A brief history of the Hawaiian people. (meer info) New York, American Book Cy., 1899. (2nd ed.). 357 pp. With 7 col.maps (incl. 5 double-page) 33 b/w ills. Index. € 30.00 Charbo
A catalogue of the Governme... SASAKI, SYUN'ITI, A catalogue of the Government Herbarium. (meer info) Taihoku, Formosa, Government Research Institute, 1930. Large 8vo. (IX)+VII+592 pp. Index to scientific names, index to Japanese names. € 65.00 Charbo
A classified bibliography o... LINDEBOOM, G.A. A.A.G. HAM, A classified bibliography of the history of Dutch medicine, 1900-1974. (meer info) The Hague, Nijhoff, 1975. XXV+663 pp. With facs. 12 portr. Sources, indexes. € 95.00 Charbo
A comprehensive guide to th... ABEL, ERNEST L., A comprehensive guide to the cannabis literature. (meer info) Westport/Ldn., Greenwood Pr., 1979. (1st ed.). Large 8vo. LXV+699 pp. Index. € 60.00 Charbo
A digest of Moohummadan law... BAILLIE, NEIL B.E., A digest of Moohummadan law. Compiled and translated from authorities in the original Arabic. With an introduction and explanatory notes. (2 vol. set). Revised (2nd ed.), with some additions to the text, and a supplement on sale, loan, and mor... (meer info) Lahore, Premier Book House, 1974;1965 2 vols. LI+860;XXVIII+428 pp. Index. € 75.00 Charbo
A fishery manager's guide b... COCHRANE, KEVERN L. GARCIA, SERGE M. (eds.), A fishery manager's guide book. (meer info) Oxford, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations/Wiley-Blackwell, 2009. Second ed. Large 8vo. XVII+518 pp. Bibliogr., index. € 125.00 Charbo
A general history and colle... KERR, ROBERT EDIN, F.A.S., A general history and collection of voyages and travels, arranged in systematic order. Vols. X XI. (meer info) Edinburgh, William Blackwood, etc., 1814. (1st ed.). 2 vols. VI+513;VI+534 pp. € 275.00 Charbo
A glimpse to historical Tai... CATALOGUE. A glimpse to historical Taiwan. (meer info) (Taipeh), National Museum of History, n.d. (1995). 4to. 144 pp. With c. 120 photogr. plts., taken by Japanese war correspondents in the period 1895-194... € 30.00 Charbo
A handbook of gold milling. LOUIS, HENRY, A handbook of gold milling. (meer info) London, MacMillan, 1899. 2nd ed. Small 8vo. XVI+591 pp. With frontisp. 134 figs. (incl. 3 fold.). Index. € 50.00 Charbo
A heritage of kings: One ma... HABOUSH, JAHYUN KIM, A heritage of kings: One man's monarchy in the Confucian world. (meer info) New York, Columbia U.P., 1988. XIV+327 pp. Gloss., bibliogr., index. € 30.00 Charbo
A history and description o... BURTON, WILLIAM, A history and description of English porcelain. With a new introduction. (meer info) Wakefield, EP Publishing, 1972. (Reprint of the 1902 ed.). Large 8vo. VII+XII+196 pp. With num. b/w plts./ills. Gloss., bibliogr., i... € 30.00 Charbo
A history of Indian politic... GHOSHAL, U.N., A history of Indian political ideas: The Ancient period the period of transition to the Middle Ages. (meer info) Madras, OUP, 1966. (Reprinted with corrections). Large 8vo. XXII+589 pp. Chronol., bibliogr., indexes. € 30.00 Charbo
A history of the Asians in ... MANGAT, J.S., A history of the Asians in East Africa, c. 1886 to 1945. (meer info) Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1970. (Reprinted from corrected sheets of the 1st ed. of 1969). XVIII+216 pp. With 2 maps. Sel. bibliogr.,... € 35.00 Charbo
A history of the Dutch post... DOOIJES, DICK BRATTINGA, PIETER, A history of the Dutch poster 1890 - 1960. (meer info) Amterdam, Scheltema Holkema, 1968. 4to. 154 pp. With 276 ills. (incl. few in col.). Indexes. € 30.00 Charbo
A ilha da Madeira. SILVA BARROS, CARLOS VITORINO DA, A ilha da Madeira. (meer info) Lisboa, Bertrand, 1980. 4to. 30 text pages + 150 col. photogr. plates of the island and its flowers. € 48.00 Charbo
A. J. Mounteney Jephson bij... MOUNTENEY JEPHSON, A.J., A. J. Mounteney Jephson bij Emin Pacha in de Equatoriaal-Provincie door Jephson zelf beschreven. (meer info) Arnhem, Cohen, z.j. (ca.1895). Groot 8vo. (VIII)+X+437 pp. Met uitsl. kaart talr. z/w afb. € 45.00 Charbo
A land-ecological study of ... DUIVENVOORDEN, J.F. J.M. LIPS, A land-ecological study of soils, vegetation, and plant diversity in Colombian Amazonia. (meer info) Wageningen, Tropenbos Foundation, 1995. Large 8vo. 438 pp. With num.ills./figs. Bibliogr. Thesis Universiteit van Amsterdam. English text. € 30.00 Charbo
A list of books (with refer... GRIFFIN, A.P.C., A list of books (with references to periodicals) on the Philippine Islands in the Library of Congress. With chronological list of maps in the Library of Congress by P. Lee Phillips. (meer info) Mansfield Centre (CT), Martino Publishing, 2004. Facsimile reprint of the Washington 1903 ed. Large 8vo. XV+397 pp. Indexes. € 30.00 Charbo
A Madagascar. Carnet de cam... TAM, CAPITAINE, A Madagascar. Carnet de campagne d'un officier. (meer info) Paris, Société Française d'Éditions d'Art, n.d. [c. 1900]. 4to. 222 pp. With num. wood-engr. plates/ills. by P. Marie, map on p. 61. € 48.00 Charbo
A mite into the treasury, o... HALL, DAVID, A mite into the treasury, or some serious remarks on that solemn and indispensable duty of duly attending assemblies for divine worship ... To which is subjoin'd an epistle to Friends of Knaresborough monthly-meeting. (meer info) London, Luke Hinde, 1756. (1st ed.). 8vo. X+53 pp. € 250.00 Charbo
A modest defence of the Eas... PHILOJOHANNES, A modest defence of the East India Company's management of steam communication with India. (meer info) London, Wm.H. Allen Co., n.d. [1839]. 15 pp. € 175.00 Charbo
A monograph of the Gymnobla... ALLMAN, GEORGE JAMES, A monograph of the Gymnoblastic or Tubularian Hydroids. Part I: The hydroida in general. (meer info) London, Robert Hardwicke, for the Ray Society, 1871. Large 4to. (XXII)+154 pp. + plate section cont. 12 col. lithogr. plts. (each with text page), 61 fig... € 65.00 Charbo
A naval history of our own ... O'BYRNE, ROBERT (ed.), A naval history of our own times. A chronicle for 1875 [=1876]. (meer info) London, O'Byrne Bros., 1876. 4to. (IV)+144 pp. Index. € 195.00 Charbo
A new account of East India... FRYER, JOHN (CROOKE, WILLIAM, ed.), A new account of East India and Persia, being nine years' travels 1672-1681. Vol. II. (meer info) Ldn., Hakluyt Society, 1912. 371 pp. Index. € 85.00 Charbo
A new account of East India... FRYER, JOHN (CROOKE, WILLIAM, ed.), A new account of East India and Persia, being nine years' travels 1672-1681. Vol. III. (meer info) London, Hakluyt Society, 1915. VIII+(II)+271 pp. With fold. plt. Index. € 40.00 Charbo
A sailing directory for the... FINDLAY, ALEXANDER GEORGE, A sailing directory for the Ethiopic or South Atlantic Ocean, including a description of the coasts of South America and Africa. (meer info) London, Richard Holmes Laurie, 1883. 9th ed. Large 8vo. XII+865 pp. + publisher's catalogue. With 14 (of 15) charts (incl. 12 fold. or ... € 65.00 Charbo
A Santa Casa da Misericordi... RIBEIRO, VITOR, A Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa. Subsidios para a sua historia, 1498-1898. Institução, vida historica, estado presente e seu futuro. (meer info) Lisboa, Academia Real das Sciencias de Lisboa, 1902. Large 4to. XIII+(I)+563 pp. With 22 b/w plates. € 75.00 Charbo
A short guide to the Borobu... KPM LINE, A short guide to the Borobudur. (meer info) [Batavia], Kolff, 1935. Oblong 8vo. (24) pp. With b/w photos throughout. € 30.00 Charbo
A small collection of  view... BALTIC AND WHITE SEA CONFERENCE, A small collection of views, taken in different towns and villages in Holland. Respectfully presented by the Netherland's Shipowners Association (Nederlandsche Reedersvereeniging) to the members of the Baltic and White Sea conference as a s... (meer info) Rotterdam, Immig Zoon, n.d. With 32 plts. € 30.00 Charbo
A social history of Mexico'... VAN HOY, TERESA MIRIAM, A social history of Mexico's railroads: Peons, prisoners, and priests. (meer info) Lanham, Rowman Littlefield, 2008. XXVI+237 pp. With 2 maps 11 b/w photogr. ills. Bibliogr., index. € 45.00 Charbo
A study of stars in the Ple... BINNENDIJK, LEENDERT, A study of stars in the Pleiades region, based on photographic magnitudes, colour-equivalents, special types and proper motions. (meer info) Haarlem, Joh. Enschedé, 1946. 4to. 121 pp. With 3 maps 26 figs. Bibliogr., catalogue. Thesis Leiden University. € 45.00 Charbo
A study of the Tso-chuan in... TSUDA, SOKICHI, A study of the Tso-chuan in the light of the development of Confucian thought. (meer info) Tokyo, Toyo Bunko, 1935. Large 8vo. 11+737 pp. Index. Chinese text, English summaries of chapters (11 pp.). € 75.00 Charbo
A Sudanese kingdom. An ethn... MEEK, C.K., A Sudanese kingdom. An ethnological study of the Jukun-speaking peoples of Nigeria. H.R.Palmer. (meer info) London, Kegan Paul, 1931. (1st ed.). XXXIII+548 pp. With 2 maps 64 plts. Index. € 85.00 Charbo
A Swahili anthology, with n... BLOK, H.P., A Swahili anthology, with notes and glossaries. Vol. I: Ki-Unguja Texts (dialect of Zanzibar). (meer info) Leiden, Sijthoff, 1948. Large 8vo. XIII+268 pp. With map plan. € 38.00 Charbo
A tale of a whale.  The str... NORROY, A tale of a whale. The strange adventures of a carp. Written and illustrated by "Norroy". (meer info) London, Dean Son, n.d. [1884]. (Original ed.). 2 vols. in 1. 19;19 pp. Illustrated throughout. € 125.00 Charbo
A tour throughout the whole... BARNES, JOHN, A tour throughout the whole of France; or, new topographical and historical sketch of all its most important and interesting cities, towns, forts, castles, palaces...interspersed with curious and illustrative anecdotes of the manners, custons,... (meer info) London, William Darton, 1815. Small 8vo. 112+3 pp. + publisher's ads (4 pp.). With fold. map, col. in outline 20 hand col. ills. ... € 195.00 Charbo
A travers le Tyrol. GOURDAULT, J., A travers le Tyrol. (meer info) Tours, A.Mame, 1884. Large 8vo. 368 pp. With ca.65 wood-engr.plts./ills. € 85.00 Charbo
A true description of the m... CARON, FRANCOIS SCHOUTEN, JOOST, A true description of the mighty kingdoms of Japan and Siam. Reprinted from the English edition of 1663; with introduction, notes and appendices by C.R. Boxer. (meer info) London, Argonaut Press, 1935. 4to. CXXIX+197+(1) pp. With 7 maps 13 b/w plts. Bibliogr., index. € 495.00 Charbo
A union list of periodicals... GRIFFIN, A.P.C., A union list of periodicals, transactions and allied publications currently received in the principal libraries of the District of Columbia. (meer info) Washington, Government Printing Office, for the Library of Congress, Division of Bibliography, 1901. 4to. V+315 pp. (printed on rectos). € 30.00 Charbo
A view of the early Parisia... GRESWELL, WILLIAM PARR, A view of the early Parisian Greek press; including the lives of the Stephani; notices of other contemporary Greek printers of Paris; and various particulars of the literary and ecclesiastical history of their times. (2 vol. set). (meer info) Amsterdam, Grüner, 1969. (Unchanged reprint of the edition Oxford 1833). 2 vols. XIX+412;VII+413 pp. Index. € 150.00 Charbo
A voyage to Guinea, Brazil,... ATKINS, JOHN, A voyage to Guinea, Brazil, the West Indies; in His Majesty's ships the Swallow and Weymouth. Describing the several islands and settlements, viz: Madeira, the Canaries, Cape de Verde, Sierra Leone, Sesthos, Cape Apollonia, Cabo Corfo, and o... (meer info) London, Frank Cass, 1970. (New impression of the or. ed. of 1735). (V)+XXV+266+(8) pp. € 60.00 Charbo
A voyage to the Cape of Goo... SPARRMAN,ANDREW, A voyage to the Cape of Good Hope, towards the Antarctic Polar Circle, and around the world., but chiefly into the country of the Hottentots and Caffres, from the year 1772, to 1776. Translated from the Swedish original. (meer info) Perth, R. Morison, 1789. 2 vols. 12mo. XX+264;VI+260+(2) pp. With fold. engr. frontisp. 9 engr. plates. € 250.00 Charbo
Aanhangsel op het Algemeen ... NIEUWENHUIS, G., Aanhangsel op het Algemeen woordenboek van kunsten en wetenschappen. (Los deel T-U). (meer info) Nijmegen, J.F. Thieme, 1841. 294 pp. Register. € 30.00 Charbo
Aanmerkinge te Brussel gedr... N/A, Aanmerkinge te Brussel gedrukt over de contagieuse siekte die regneert onder de paarden en hoornbeesten. Observation imprimé à Bruxelles sur une maladie congratieuse (sic) qui regne par le (sic) chevaux gros bastiaux. (meer info) Z.p., [1770]. 41 x 32 cm. Plano. € 45.00 Charbo
Aanmerkingen op het ontwerp... DOORNINCK, M. VAN (anoniem gepubliceerd), Aanmerkingen op het ontwerp van afleiding van den Rijn, langs den IJssel en door de provincie Overijssel. (meer info) Deventer, J. de Lange, 1828. 50 pp. + 4 bijlagen + uitsl. afbeedling van de Zallandsche IJsseldijken en stand van het IJsselwater... € 250.00 Charbo
Aanteekening op Boogaard s ... HOOG, J.M. (bew.), Aanteekening op Boogaard s verzameling van wetten, decreten, besluiten, tractaten en andere bescheiden betreffende den Waterstaat in Nederland. (meer info) 's-Gravenhage, Nijhoff, 1897. Groot 8vo. VII+630 pp. Reg. € 30.00 Charbo

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