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1 + 1 = 3. Rixtel, Robert van, Bockting, Hans, Jongstra, Atte, e.a.. 1 + 1 = 3. Den Haag 1993; (Z)OO Produkties; cloth with dust jacket; ills.; text in Dutch, English & German; texts by 24 ... € 10,00 De Boekenbeurs
1914-?; 42 teekeningen van ... No author. 1914-?; 42 teekeningen van Arthur Stadler. (meer info) Den Haag 1932; N.V. Servire; softcover; ills. in b&w; n.pp.. € 11,00 De Boekenbeurs
1914-?; 42 teekeningen van ... No author. 1914-?; 42 teekeningen van Arthur Stadler. (meer info) Den Haag 1932; N.V. Servire; softcover; ills. in b&w; n.pp. € 11,00 De Boekenbeurs
19a Bienal Internacional de... Patteeuw, Roland. 19a Bienal Internacional de São Paulo Selecção Comunidade Flamenga na Bélgica, Leo Copers, Marc Maet, Guy Rombouts. (meer info) n.d. (ca. 1988); softcover; sewn; ills. in colour and b&w; text in Portuguese, Spanish, English, Fre... € 17,00 De Boekenbeurs
A century of papermaking 18... N.n.. A century of papermaking 1820-1920. (meer info) Edinburgh 1920; R. & R. Clark, Ltd./ Robert Craig & Sons; gilt printed, hardbound cloth; 1st edition; ills. in... € 40,00 De Boekenbeurs
A Century of Renault in Pic... Niéto, Fr.. A Century of Renault in Pictures. n.p. 1995; Denoël; paperback; 255 pp. € 20,00 De Boekenbeurs
A closer look. Technical an... Peres, Cornelia, Hoyle, MIchael & Tilborgh, Louis van (ed.). A closer look. Technical and art-historical studies on works by Van Gogh and Gaugin. Cahier Vincent 3. (meer info) Amsterdam/ Zwolle 1991; Rijksmuseum Vincent van Gogh/ Waanders uitgeverij; softcover; ills. in b&w, plates in colour; ... € 20,00 De Boekenbeurs
A collectors guide to 60's ... Faull, Trevor. A collectors guide to 60's Brit-pop instrumentals. (meer info) Ilford 1999; privately published; softcover; num. ills. in b&w; includes over 400 entries on groups/ solo a... € 50,00 De Boekenbeurs
A companion to the philosop... Hale, Bob & Wright, Crispin (ed.). A companion to the philosophy of language. (meer info) Malden 1999; Blackwell Publishers; paperback; glossary; index; XIII, 721 pp. € 10,00 De Boekenbeurs
A. Delaherche. L'Art décora... Lecomte, Georges. A. Delaherche. L'Art décoratif moderne. (meer info) Paris 1922; Éditions d'Art E. Mary; softcover; 14x19 cm.; 12 plates in b&w; 48 pp., followed by section w... € 14,00 De Boekenbeurs
A description of the new pa... Fons, J.P. de la. A description of the new patent instrument for extracting teeth; alsoof a patent method of fixing artificial teeth. (meer info) London 1826; J. Hatchard and son (a.o.). Blind stamped and gilt printed leather; 3 plates (1 folded); VI, 7... € 250,00 De Boekenbeurs
A dictionary of heraldry. Friar, Stephen. A dictionary of heraldry. (meer info) New York 1987; Harmony Books; with illustrations by John Ferguson, Andrew Jamieson and Anthony Wood; hardcove... € 10,00 De Boekenbeurs
A Dictionary of Plant-Names... Gerth van Wijk, H.L.. A Dictionary of Plant-Names by H.L. Gerth Van Wijk. (Teacher at the 'Hoogere Burgerschool'and at the 'Gymnasium' at Middelburg, Prov. Zealand; the Netherlands.) Pt. I, Pt. II. (meer info) Haarlem 1909; Dutch Society of Sciences; one part in two volumes (part 2 is missing); cloth; 25x29,5 cm.; pt... € 190,00 De Boekenbeurs
A family concert in dwarfla... Schneider, Ilse. A family concert in dwarfland. A book of stories and pictures by Ilse Schneider. (meer info) Wittlich n.d.; Georg Fischer; Ëifelkunst Bilderbuch'12; 8 fullpage ills. in colour; halfcloth; 14,5 x 20,5 c... € 14,00 De Boekenbeurs
A guide to Bettws-y-Coed an... -. A guide to Bettws-y-Coed and Llanrust with notices of Capel Curig, Trefriw, and Dolwyddelan. Abel Heywood & Son's series of illustrated penny guide books. (meer info) Manchester/ London 1905; Abel Heywood & Son/ E.W. Allen; paper cover, stapled; 12x18 cm.; ills., maps; 23 pp., followed... € 65,00 De Boekenbeurs
A guide to the flora of the... Levyns, M.R.. A guide to the flora of the Cape Peninsula. (meer info) Cape Town, Johannesburg 1929; 199 ills. by E. McCullough and the author, 1 in colour; cloth; XVI, 284 pp. € 14,00 De Boekenbeurs
A History of Cartography. 2... Bricker, Charles & Tooley, R.V.. A History of Cartography. 2500 Years of Maps and Mapmakers. (meer info) London 1969; Thames and Hudson; hardbound cloth with dust jacket; folio-size; maps in colour, occasionally ... € 19,00 De Boekenbeurs
A History of Ottoman Archit... Goodwin, Godfrey. A History of Ottoman Architecture. London 1971; Thames and Hudson; with 4 colour plates and 521 illustrations, including 81 plans; red, gilt s... € 50,00 De Boekenbeurs
A history of the English-sp... Churchill, W.S.. A history of the English-speaking peoples. I-IV. (meer info) London 1958-1967; Cassell; maps, genealogical tables; cloth, with dust jacket; resp. XXII and 416, XII and ... € 27,00 De Boekenbeurs
A la Meuse. Poême. Delchevalerie, Charles. A la Meuse. Poême. (meer info) No place 1916; Éditions du Journal Belge "Les Nouvelles"; softcover, stapled; ca. 11x19 cm.; 12 pp. € 20,00 De Boekenbeurs
A la recherche de la Polyné... Ellis, William. A la recherche de la Polynésie d'autrefois. Polynesian researches. 2 vols. (meer info) Paris 1972; Publications de la Société des Océanistes no. 25; softcover; preface by Colin W. Newbury; i... € 50,00 De Boekenbeurs
A l'apogée de la villa Côte... Plum, Gilles. A l'apogée de la villa Côte Fleurie 1870-1920. (meer info) Cabourg / Ville de Trouville-sur-Mer 2007; Cahier du temps; text in French; numerous ills. in colour; softcover with slap; 21x23 cm.; 131... € 14,00 De Boekenbeurs
A Lot; Loek Grootjans. (Loek Grootjans). A Lot; Loek Grootjans. (meer info) 1999; Loek Grootjans; linnen; ill. in kleur; n.p. € 12,00 De Boekenbeurs
A model of carbon flows in ... Klepper, Olivier. A model of carbon flows in relation to macrobenthic food supply in the Oosterschelde estuary (S.W. Netherlands). Wageningen 1989; softcover; thesis; tables, figures; text in English, with summary in Dutch; II, 270 pp. € 14,00 De Boekenbeurs
A New and Accurate Map of t... No author. A New and Accurate Map of the Netherlands from the Sieur Roberts Atlas. (with improvements) Kopergravure, 1714. Handgekleurd. Roberts. Graveur: J. Gibson. Schaalstok: Britisch Statute Miles. Afmeting: 20 x 29 cm. Geleverd in zuurvrij passe-partout. € 130,00 De Boekenbeurs
A. Paul Weber. Das graphisc... Reinhardt, Georg (ed.). A. Paul Weber. Das graphische Werk 1930-1978; Handzeichnungen und Lithographien. (meer info) München 1980; Schirmer/ Mosel; hardcover with dust jacket; 21x27 cm.; 277 ills. in b&w; 344 pp. € 10,00 De Boekenbeurs
A Peck O' Maut. Chalmers, Patrick R.. A Peck O' Maut. (meer info) Dublin, London 1914; Maunsel and Company; cover gilt stamped cloth; top edge gilt; IX, 131 pp. € 11,00 De Boekenbeurs
A Picturesque Tour through ... Ireland, Samuel. A Picturesque Tour through Holland, Brabant, and part of France, made in the autumn of 1789. (meer info) London 1796; T. & I Eggerton. Two volumes. "The second edition, with additions; and an entire new set of co... € 1.200,00 De Boekenbeurs
A review of chemical invest... A review of chemical investigations in the Dutch East Indies. Amsterdam 1923; Koninklijke Akademie van Wetenschappen; the history and present state of scientific research i... € 20,00 De Boekenbeurs
A review of the ethnologica... Eerde, J.C. van. A review of the ethnological investigations in the Dutch Indian archipelago Amsterdam 1923; Koninklijke Akademie van Wetenschappen; the history and present state of scientific research i... € 10,00 De Boekenbeurs
A revision of Beaumontia Wa... Rudjiman. A revision of Beaumontia Wallich, Kibatalia G. Don and Vallariopsis Woodson (Apocynaceae). Agricultural University Wageningen Papers 86-5 (1986). Wageningen 1987; Agricultural University; softcover; figures, maps; index of taxonomic names; 99 pp. € 12,00 De Boekenbeurs
A Romániai Magyar Reformátu... Tökés, István. A Romániai Magyar Református Egyház Élete 1945-1989. Budapest 1990; Magyarságkutató; paperback; register; 463 pp. € 35,00 De Boekenbeurs
A sentimental journey throu... Sterne, Laurence. A sentimental journey through France & Italy. (meer info) London 1903; Gibbings & Company; bound in leather with gilt printed decorations; 11,5x17,5 cm.; with illust... € 50,00 De Boekenbeurs
A Shipbuilding History 1750... A Shipbuilding History 1750 - 1932. A record of the Business founded, about 1750, by Alexander Stephen at Burghead, and subsequently carried on at Aberdeen, Arbroath, Dundee and Glasgow. (meer info) London and Cheltenham 1932; Ed. J. Burrow & Co; numerous ills. in b&w.; numerous advertisements in b&w.; gilt stamped clot... € 19,00 De Boekenbeurs
A short history of press ph... Tausk, P.. A short history of press photography. (meer info) Prague 1988; The Int. Organization of Journalists; ills. in b&w and in colour; cloth, with dust jacket; 232... € 26,00 De Boekenbeurs
A Shrine Of Baroque Sculptu... Lukas, Jan. A Shrine Of Baroque Sculpture Kuks. (meer info) Prague 1950; Tvar; introduction by Oldrich J. Blazicek; translated from the Czech by Roberta Finlayson-Sams... € 16,00 De Boekenbeurs
A Sideways Launch. The Tech... Salmon, Anne. A Sideways Launch. The Technical and Social History of James Pollock, Sons & Co. Ltd., Shipbuilders and Engineers of London and Faversham, 1875-1970. (meer info) Rainham, Kent 1992; Meresborough Books; with numerous b&w illustrations; hardcover; 220 pp. € 16,00 De Boekenbeurs
A synopsis of Canadian mari... Shih, C.T., Figueira, A.J.G. & Grainger, E.H.. A synopsis of Canadian marine zooplankton. (meer info) Ottawa 1971; Fisheries Research Board of Canada; softcover; folding map; 264 pp. € 11,00 De Boekenbeurs
A text-book of general astr... Young, Charles A.. A text-book of general astronomy for colleges and scientific schools. (meer info) Boston/ London 1889; Ginn & Company Publishers; halfleather; 8vo; gilt printed spine; frontispiece with engraved il... € 40,00 De Boekenbeurs
A travers La Haute Égypte; ... Lagier, C. A travers La Haute Égypte; nouvelles notes de voyage. (meer info) Bruxelles, Paris 1921; Vromant & Co.; softcover; 8vo; folding map, ills.; 259 pp. € 10,00 De Boekenbeurs
A travers la librairie caus... Var. authors. A travers la librairie causeries françaises. Vols. 1-3, 6, 8, 10, 15 & ? (1922-'23) & no. 13 (1929). (meer info) Saint Germain Bibliographie de la France/ Cercle de la Librairie; bound in cardboard binding; contents, i.a.: Vict... € 40,00 De Boekenbeurs
A treatise on the analytic ... Salmon, George. A treatise on the analytic geometry of three dimensions. Dublin 1862; Hodges, Smith, & Co. First edition. Gilt printed cloth; XVI, 465 pp. € 195,00 De Boekenbeurs
A történeti erdély. Asztalos, Miklós. A történeti erdély. (meer info) Budapest 1936; Kiadja az Erdélyi Férfiak Egyesülete; clothbound; ills. in b&w; text in Hungarian; 739 pp. € 45,00 De Boekenbeurs
A universal philosophy Rast... Zips, Werner (ed.). A universal philosophy Rastafari in the third millennium. (meer info) Kingston, Miami 2006; Ian Randle Publishers; paperback edition; ills. in colour; XXXII, 313 pp. € 12,00 De Boekenbeurs
A Vanished World. Thesiger, Wilfred. A Vanished World. (meer info) New York / London 2001; W.W. Norton & Company. Cardboard with dustjacket; photographs in black and white; 192 pp. € 22,00 De Boekenbeurs
A voyage to the Island of M... A French officer. A voyage to the Island of Mauritius, (or, Isle of France) the Isle of Bourbon, the Cape of Good-Hope, &c. With observations and reflections upon nature and mankind. (meer info) London 1775; renewed cover (cloth) and spine (leather), (12) 291 pp. € 290,00 De Boekenbeurs
Aagtekerke. - Aagte Kerk. Aagtekerke. Aagte Kerk. Kopergravure, ca. 1790 van K. F. Bendorp naar een tekening van J. Bulthuis. Herkomst: 'Vaderlandsche Gezigten'. Afmeting: ca. 8 x 11 cm. € 30,00 De Boekenbeurs
Aan de Oude Wetering. Oude Wetering. Aan de Oude Wetering. Kopergravure ca. 1750. Herkomst: "Nederlandse Dorpsgezigten". Spilman. Afm. ca.17 x 22 cm. Geleverd in passe-partout. € 150,00 De Boekenbeurs
Aangeboden rapport over de ... No author. Aangeboden rapport over de banken van leening. (meer info) 1826; zachte kaft; 20 p. € 25,00 De Boekenbeurs
Albers, Martin. - Aanvaarding. Albers, Martin. Aanvaarding. (meer info) Arnhem 1920; van Loghum Slaterus & Visser; gekartonneerd; ca. 15x19 cm.; 62 p. € 30,00 De Boekenbeurs

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