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A BRUSH WITH ANIMALS. JAPAN... Schaap, Robert. Et al.. A BRUSH WITH ANIMALS. JAPANESE PAINTINGS 1700-1950 206 pp.; 275 colour illus., biblio.. Leiden, 2008. Hbk 'A Brush with Animals' was selected from coll... € 85.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A BUDDHIST PARADISE. THE MU... Pal, Pratapaditya. A BUDDHIST PARADISE. THE MURALS OF ALCHI WESTERN HIMALAYAS. 67 p. text + c.150 colour plates, index, biblio.. Basel/New Delhi, 1982. Cloth. Dustjacket slightly ... € 45.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A CHECK LIST OF AFRICAN ART... Woods, Ann W. Et al.. A CHECK LIST OF AFRICAN ART IN THE PERMANENT COLLECTION OF THE DETROIT INSTITUTE OF ARTS. 37 pp.; c.50 b/w illustrations, map. Detroit, 1971. Stapled. Former Library copy with the associated... € 25.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A CHORUS OF COLORS. CHINESE... Morrison, Michael. (ed.). A CHORUS OF COLORS. CHINESE GLASS FROM THREE AMERICAN COLLECTIONS. 127 pp.; 103 colour plates, 12 in b/w., biblio.. Exh. cat. Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, 1995. ... € 18.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A CLASSIC MAORI WAR CANOE S... Barrow, Terence. A CLASSIC MAORI WAR CANOE STERNPOST. 8 pp.; 4 b/w illus., biblio.. In: Art Tribal 1988-I (pp. 11-19) Text in English and French. Genève,... € 15.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A Closer Look. Local Styles... Witte, Hans. A Closer Look. Local Styles in the Yoruba Art Collection of the Afrika Museum, Berg en Dal. 272 pp.; 284 colour illus., map, index, bibliography. Berg en Dal, 2004. Hbk. € 150.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A COLLECTION OF NAGASAKI CO... Mody, N.H.N. A COLLECTION OF NAGASAKI COLOUR PRINTS AND PAINTINGS. SHOWING THE INFLUENCE OF CHINESE AND EUROPEAN ART ON THAT OF JAPAN. xxxii pp.; 250 b/w and colour (folded) plates, index. Tokyo, 1979 (1969). Cloth. Dustjacket slightly... € 150.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A COLLECTOR'S GUIDE TO MASKS. Teuten, Timothy. A COLLECTOR'S GUIDE TO MASKS. 96 pp.; over 100 colour illus. throughout, biblio.. London, 1990. Cloth. € 18.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A CONTRIBUTION TO THE ANTHR... Bork-Feltkamp, A.J. van. A CONTRIBUTION TO THE ANTHROPOLOGY OF TIMOR AND ROTI AFTER DATA COLLECTED BY DR. W.L. MEYER. 64 pp.; illus., biblio.. Series: Mededeling No. XCVII Afdeling Culturele en Physische Anthropologie ... € 15.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A GAMELAN MANUAL. A PLAYER'... Pickvance, Richard. A GAMELAN MANUAL. A PLAYER'S GUIDE TO THE CENTRAL JAVANESE GAMELAN. 260 pp.; c.200 b/w photographs and drawings throughout, maps, glossary, index, biblio.. London, 2005... € 45.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A GLOSSARY OF THE CONSTRUCT... Stone, George Cameron. A GLOSSARY OF THE CONSTRUCTION, DECORATION AND USE OF ARMS AND ARMOR IN ALL COUNTRIES AND IN ALL TIMES. TOGETHER WITH SOME CLOSELY RELATED SUBJECTS. 694 pp.; 875 photo-engravings describing over 4500 kinds of arms & armour. biblio.. Set up as an enc... € 45.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A HANDBOOK OF TIBETAN CULTU... Coleman, Graham. (Ed.). A HANDBOOK OF TIBETAN CULTURE. A Guide to Tibetan Centres and Resources throughout the World. 430 pp.; illus., glossary, index. London, 1993. Hbk. € 45.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A HISTORY OF MODERN INDONES... Ricklefs, M.C. A HISTORY OF MODERN INDONESIA SINCE c.1300 378 pp.; c.50 b/w illus., 9 maps, index, biblio.. Houndmills, 1991. Pbk. Reprint. Second ed. € 25.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A HISTORY OF SRI LANKA. Silva, K.M. A HISTORY OF SRI LANKA. 603 pp.; 21 b/w plates, 7 maps, glossary, index, biblio.. C. Hurst & Company, 1981. Hbk. Dustjacket ... € 30.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A JAPANESE TOUCH FOR YOUR H... Yagi, Koji. A JAPANESE TOUCH FOR YOUR HOME. 84 pp.; c. 300 colour and b/w illus., index, biblio.. Tokyo, 1992 (1982). Reprint. Pbk. € 25.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A MATTER OF PRINCIPLES. RUL... Boeren, Ad. A MATTER OF PRINCIPLES. RULES OF COMBINATION AND TRANSFORMATION IN ASMAT ORNAMENTATION. 20 pp.; 39 photographs of Asmat shield and drawings of design motifs, 1 map, biblio.. In: 'Pacific M... € 60.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A NEW WORLD. ENGLAND'S FIRS... Sloan, Kim. A NEW WORLD. ENGLAND'S FIRST VIEW OF AMERICA. 256 pp.; 250 colour illus., chronology, index, biblio.. London, 2007. Pbk. € 45.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A PASSAGE TO ASIA. 25 CENTU... Alphen, Jan van. (ed.). A PASSAGE TO ASIA. 25 CENTURIES OF EXCHANGE BETWEEN ASIA AND EUROPE. 271 pp.; c.500 colour illus., maps, biblio.. Exh. cat. Paleis voor Schone Kunsten, Brussel, 2010. Hb... € 60.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A Passion for Indonesian Ar... Brakel, J.H van.; Duuren, D.A.P. van.; Hout, I.C. van. A Passion for Indonesian Art. The Georg Tillmann (1882-1941) Collection at the Tropenmuseum Amsterdam. 127 pp.; c.100 b/w & colour illus. of (amulet) keris, textiles, masks, woodcarvings etc.. 4 essays, ... € 18.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A PASSION FOR THE ARCTIC. T... Buijs, Cunera. (Ed.). A PASSION FOR THE ARCTIC. THE HANS VAN BERKEL COLLECTION. 142 pp.; 150 colour illus., maps, biblio.. 7 essays. Series: Collection Series National Museum of Et... € 35.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A PORTRAIT OF THE HINDUS. B... Hardgrave, Robert L. A PORTRAIT OF THE HINDUS. BALTHAZAR SOLVYNS AND THE EUROPEAN IMAGE OF INDIA 1760-1824. 568 pp.; 79 colour and 285 b/w illus., index, glossary, biblio.. Oxford, 2004. Cloth. € 75.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A PRIMER OF JAPANESE SWORD-... Robinson, B.W. A PRIMER OF JAPANESE SWORD-BLADES. 95 pp.; illus., map. New York, 1967 (1955). Pbk. Reprint. Former Library copy. € 25.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A Private European Collecti... Chutiwongs, Nandana. A Private European Collection of Indonesian and Southeast Asian Bronze and Stone Sculpture. 65 pp.; 89 illustrations, bibliography. Christies's sales catalogue Tuesday, 28 May 1991 at 2.00 PM.... € 20.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A RITUAL STATUETTE OF THE S... Bastin, Marie-Louise. A RITUAL STATUETTE OF THE SHINJI. (ANGOLA). 9 pp.; 5 b/w photographs, map, biblio.. In: Art Tribal 1995 (pp. 3 -12). Text in English and French.... € 15.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A ROYAL BRONZE ORNAMENT FRO... Garrard, Timothy F. A ROYAL BRONZE ORNAMENT FROM THE MALI EMPIRE. 8 pp.; 5 b/w illus., 1 map, biblio.. In: Art Tribal 1988-I (pp. 3-11) Genève, 1988. Stapled. € 15.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A SENSE OF WONDER. AFRICAN ... Nooter Roberts, Nancy. A SENSE OF WONDER. AFRICAN ART FROM THE FALETTI FAMILY COLLECTION. 144 pp.; 125 illus., 122 in colour, biblio.. Exh. cat. Phoenix, 1998. Pbk. € 30.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A SHORT HISTORY OF AFRICAN ... Gillon, Werner. A SHORT HISTORY OF AFRICAN ART. 405 pp.; 257 b/w photographs, 6 maps, index, chronology, biblio.. Harmondsworth, 1986 (1984). Pbk. D... € 28.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A STUDY OF OKINAWAN TEXTILE... Tanaka, Toshio and Reiko. A STUDY OF OKINAWAN TEXTILE FABRICS. WITH EXPLANATORY NOTES ON ILLUSTRATIONS. 95 pp. Japanese text, 18 pp. English text, 53 tipped in colour plates. Tokyo, 1952. In folder: sligh... € 95.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A STUDY ON PAPUAN MUSIC. WR... Kunst, J. A STUDY ON PAPUAN MUSIC. WRITTEN AT THE HAND OF PHONOGRAMS RECORDED BY THE ETHNOGRAPHER OF THE EXPEDITION, MR. C.C.F.M. LE ROUX, AND OF OTHER DATA. 97 pp.; 63 illus., after pen-and-ink drawings by Mas Pirngadie. 1 folded map, biblio.. Series: The N... € 45.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A Survey of Japanese Ceramics. Penkala, Maria. A Survey of Japanese Ceramics. 296 pp.; 130 illus., Japanese glossary, chronology, index, bibliography. Schiedam, 1980. Cloth. A ha... € 25.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A SURVEY OF PRIMITIVE MONEY... Hingston Quiggin, A. A SURVEY OF PRIMITIVE MONEY. THE BEGINNINGS OF CURRENCY. 344 pp.; 32 b/w plates with numerous illus., frontispiece plate in colour, 4 folded maps, index, bib... € 25.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A Survey of Zairian Art. Th... Cornet, Joseph. (Catalogue text).; Cotter, William R. (Preface). A Survey of Zairian Art. The Bronson Collection. 379 pp.; 68 colour and 207 b/w illus., style area maps, index, bibliography. Exh. catalogue North Ca... € 75.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A THOUSAND CRANES. TREASURE... Kotz, Suzanne. (ed.). A THOUSAND CRANES. TREASURES OF JAPANESE ART. 239 pp.; 90 plates, biblio.. Exh. cat. Seattle Art Museum, 1987. Pbk. € 25.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A THOUSAND YEARS OF EAST AF... Sutton, John E.G. A THOUSAND YEARS OF EAST AFRICA. 111 pp.; c.150 b/w photographs, maps & plans throughout, index, biblio.. Nairobi, 1990. Pbk. € 25.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A TIME OF GATHERING. NATIVE... Wright, Robin K. A TIME OF GATHERING. NATIVE HERITAGE IN WASHINGTON STATE. 280 pp.; 100 colour plates, index, biblio.. Series: Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum Mo... € 30.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A VEZ DOS CESTOS/TIME FOR B... Silva, Sónia. A VEZ DOS CESTOS/TIME FOR BASKETS 186 pp.; 190 colour illus., map, biblio.. Text: English and Portuguese. Exh. cat. Museu Nacional de ... € 24.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A VISION OF SPLENDOUR. INDI... Theuns-de Boer, Gerda. A VISION OF SPLENDOUR. INDIAN HERITAGE IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS OF JEAN PHILIPPE VOGEL, 1901-1913. 192 pp.; 176 b/w plates, chronology, glossary, index, biblio.. Leiden/Ahmedabad, 2008. Cloth. € 45.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A WALK THROUGH THE AGES. CH... Pegg, Richard E. A WALK THROUGH THE AGES. CHINESE ARCHAIC ART FROM THE SONDRA LANDY GROSS COLLECTION. 218 pp.; c.200 colour illus., maps. Exh. cat. New York, 2004. Pbk. € 35.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A WORLD OF BELTS. AFRICA, A... Leurquin, Anne. A WORLD OF BELTS. AFRICA, ASIA, OCEANIA, AMERICA FROM THE GHYSELS COLLECTION. 318 pp.; 200 colour & 200 b/w illus., maps, glossary, index, biblio.. Milan, 2004. Cloth. € 80.00 EthnographicArtBooks
A WORLD OF HEAD ADORNMENTS.... Cutsem, Anne van. A WORLD OF HEAD ADORNMENTS. AFRICA, ASIA, OCEANIA, AMERICA. 256 pp.; 200 colour & 200 b/w illus., index, biblio.. Milan, 2005. Cloth. € 45.00 EthnographicArtBooks
AAN DE OVERKANT. ONTMOETING... Wagenaar, Lodewijk. AAN DE OVERKANT. ONTMOETINGEN IN DIENST VAN DE VOC EN WIC. (1600-1800). 353 pp.; 16 essays, biblio.. Text: Dutch. Leiden, 2015. Pbk. € 30.00 EthnographicArtBooks
ABHINANDANAMALA. NANDANA CH... Prematilleke, Leelananda. (Ed.). ABHINANDANAMALA. NANDANA CHUTIWONGS FELICITATION VOLUME. 2 Vols. Vol. 1: 513 pp.; illus. throughout, 40 essays. Vol. 2: supplementum: 215 pp.; illus. throughout. Tex... € 200.00 EthnographicArtBooks
Morphy, Howard. - ABORIGINAL ART. Morphy, Howard. ABORIGINAL ART. 448 pp.; c.200 colour illus., 50 in b/w., index, biblio.. This book presents the interrelationships ... € 25.00 EthnographicArtBooks
Aboriginal Art. Sotheby's Melbourne. Aboriginal Art. 316 pp.; 574 colour illustrations. Sotheby's sales catalogue Melbourne, Monday 26 July 2004 Part I, ... € 50.00 EthnographicArtBooks
ABORIGINAL ART. Sotheby's Melbourne - Monday 26 and 27 June, 2000. ABORIGINAL ART. 244 pp.; 385 illus., Sotheby's sales catalogue Melbourne, Monday 26 and 27 June, 2000. Melbourne, 20... € 50.00 EthnographicArtBooks
ABORIGINAL ART. 10 JUNE 2015. Sotheby's - London. ABORIGINAL ART. 10 JUNE 2015. 184 pp.; 75 colour plates. Sales catalogue Sotheby's, London 10 June 2015. Pbk. € 30.00 EthnographicArtBooks
ACHTER SPIEGELS. SPIEGEL-EN... Witte, H. ACHTER SPIEGELS. SPIEGEL-EN SPIJKERBEELDEN UIT NEDER-KONGO. 35 pp.; 49 b/w illus. of objects. Text: Dutch. Exh. cat. on the nail-fetish from Zaire. Berg en Dal:... € 95.00 EthnographicArtBooks
ADAM – ANCIENT MASTERS FROM... Casanovas, Ana & Antonio. ADAM – ANCIENT MASTERS FROM AFRICA, PACIFIC AND AMERICA. 360 pages with full-page photographs of 180 ethnographic art works, biblio.. Photographs by Manel Ar... € 500.00 EthnographicArtBooks
ADORATION AND GLORY. THE GO... Bunker, Emma C.; Latchford, Douglas. ADORATION AND GLORY. THE GOLDEN AGE OF KHMER ART. 495 pp.; 180 colour plates, field photographs, maps, index, biblio.. Chicago, 2004. Cloth. € 75.00 EthnographicArtBooks
ADVANCED STICK FIGHTING. Hatsumi, Masaaki. ADVANCED STICK FIGHTING. 208 pp.; c.500 b/w illus. throughout. Tokyo, 2005. Hbk. € 35.00 EthnographicArtBooks

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