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Logo Moonboek Wij verkopen ivm stoppen met werken vooral onze eigen boeken waarbij een deel van de opbrengst ten goede komt aan ARTSEN ZONDER GRENZEN. Met name hebben we veel, meest Duitstalige boeken van en over Thomas Mann en de zijnen.Verder veel psychologie, spiritualiteit, filosofie etc.

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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
The History of London. Hano... Rude, George The History of London. Hanoverian London 1714 - 1808 Secker & Warburg, London 1e druk 1971, 272pp. geillustreerd, harde band, stofomslag, prima staat € 8.00 Moonboek
The history of Gardens Thacker, Christopher The history of Gardens Croom Helm, London 1e druk 1979, 294 pp,harde band, stofomslag, ongelezen, als nieuw € 9.00 Moonboek
The Hip. Hipsters, Jazz and... Carr, Roy & Case, Brian & Dellar, Fred The Hip. Hipsters, Jazz and the Beat Generation Faber & Faber, Londen 1e druk 1981, als nieuw € 14.50 Moonboek
The hinge of the world Goodwin, Richard N The hinge of the world Farrar Straus Girous NY 1e druk1998, hard cover, dust jacket € 10.00 Moonboek
The hidden Hitler Machtan, Lothar The hidden Hitler The Perseus Press, London 1e druk 2001, nieuwstaat € 8.00 Moonboek
The hidden connections. A s... Capra, Fritjof The hidden connections. A science for sustainable living Harper Collins Publ., London 1e druk 2002, 273pp, harde band, stofomslag, Nieuwstaat € 16.00 Moonboek
The heroes of Asgard. Il.. ... Keary, A & E The heroes of Asgard. Il.. by C E Brock Macmillan/Godfrey Cave 1st facvs. reprint from the original 1930, hard cover, dustjacket, fine condition € 14.00 Moonboek
The hero' s walk Badami, Anita Rau The hero' s walk Random House, Canada 1e druk 2000, nieuwstaat € 5.00 Moonboek
The heart of the world Cohn, Nik The heart of the world Alfred Knopf, NY 1edruk 1992, hard cover, dust jacket, prima staat € 6.00 Moonboek
The Hawthorn goddess Hughes, Glyn The Hawthorn goddess King Penguin, London 1985, 232pp, very fine condition € 9.50 Moonboek
Barker, A L - The haunt Barker, A L The haunt Little Brown & Co, london 2e druk 2006, prima staat € 5.00 Moonboek
The Handbook of Mentalizati... Allen, Jon G. / Fonagy, Peter The Handbook of Mentalization-Based Treatment John Wiley & Sons Inc 1e druk 2006, 340pp, ongelezen, als nieuw € 39.50 Moonboek
The Grey Fairy Book. Comple... Lang, Andrew The Grey Fairy Book. Complete and unabridged, every word, every one of the illustrations Dover Publications Inc., New York 1st p[rinting 1967, 416 pp. unread, excell. condition € 24.50 Moonboek
The greed merchants. How th... Augar, Philip The greed merchants. How the investment banks played the free market game Portfolio, Londen 1e druk 2005, 242pp, harde band, stofomslag, Nieuwstaat € 12.50 Moonboek
The Great Psychotherapy Deb... Wampold, Bruce E., Imel, Zac The Great Psychotherapy Debate / Models, Methods, and Findings Lawrence Erlbaum, Mahwah, New Jersey, USA 1st printing 2001, 263pp, unread, like NEw condition € 10.00 Moonboek
The great migration. The mo... Diesner, Hans - Joachim The great migration. The movement of people across Europe. AD 300 - 700 Orbis Publishing, London 1e Engelse druk 1982, gr. formaat, 256pp, harde band, stofomslag, prima staat € 8.50 Moonboek
The great Marc Evers / de k... Woerden, Ivo van The great Marc Evers / de kampioen die nooit iets zou kunnen Querido Fosfor 1e druk 2017, 80pp, geillustreerd, NIEUW € 6.00 Moonboek
The great Extirpation of He... Murat, Jean de The great Extirpation of Hellenism & Christianity in Asia Minor EB, Miami, Fl., USA 1e druk 1999, 322pp. gesigneer door de auteur, ongelezen, nieuwstaat € 12.00 Moonboek
The gothic Revival. An essa... Clark, Kenneth The gothic Revival. An essay in the history of taste. with 16 plates Pelican books, 2e druk 1964, 218pp, prima staat € 6.50 Moonboek
The gospel according to Coc... Karbo, Karen The gospel according to Coco Chanel. Life lessons from the world's most elegant woman. ill. by chesley McLaren Guilford, connecticut, USA 1e druk 2009, NIEUW, harde band, stofomslag € 19.00 Moonboek
The Goshawk (Intro by  Mari... White, T. H. The Goshawk (Intro by Marie Winn, 2007) The New York Review of Books Reprint 2007, 215pp, New € 5.00 Moonboek
Buchan, Elizabeth - The good wife Buchan, Elizabeth The good wife Penguin Books (Opbr. gaat ten dele naar AZG) 1e druk 2003, goede staat € 5.00 Moonboek
The good, the bad + the ugl... Hoefnagels, P.J. Lootsma, B.O. / Noordervliet, M.J. The good, the bad + the ugly. Atelier van Lieshout Nai Uitgevers/Publishers Uitg. 1998, Engelstalig, nieuwstaat € 7.50 Moonboek
Galgut, Damon - The good doctor Galgut, Damon The good doctor Grove Press, New York 1e druk 2003, harde band, stofomslag, ongelezen, uitstekende staat € 8.50 Moonboek
The Gods are not to blame (... Rotimi, Ola The Gods are not to blame (A play) Univ. Press, Ibadan, Nigeria Uitg. 2002, 72 pp, uitstekende staat € 15.00 Moonboek
The glory of the English ga... Keen, Mary (photographs Clay Perry) The glory of the English garden Litte brown & Co., London 1e druk 1986, 324 pp, geill., ongelezen, nieuwstaat € 9.00 Moonboek
The Glenn Gould Reader. Int... Page, Tim The Glenn Gould Reader. Introduction Leonard Bernstein Faber & Faber, London 1st printing, 1987, 474 pp, illustrated, fine condition € 6.00 Moonboek
The girl watchers club - Le... Stein, Harry (signed by the author !!) The girl watchers club - Lessons from the battlefields of life Harper collins 1e druk 2004, hard cover, dust jacket € 9.00 Moonboek
The Gertrude Stein Reader /... Stein, Gertrude (Editor Richard Kostelanetz) The Gertrude Stein Reader / The Great American Pioneer of Avant-Garde Letters COOPER SQUARE PUBL INC 1st print 2002, 498 pp, new condition € 25.00 Moonboek
The Geology of Ireland Charlesworth,, J K The Geology of Ireland Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh / London 1st printing 1953, hardcover, linen, w.dustjacket, w. several inlays, good condition. € 19.50 Moonboek
The Geological History of t... Bennison, Georges M. & Wright, Alan E The Geological History of the British Isles Edward Arnold Publishers, London 4th printing 1975, very good condition € 15.00 Moonboek
The Geographer's Library Fasman, Jon The Geographer's Library Hamish Hamilton, London 1st print9ing 2005, 537pp, unread, NEW condition € 6.00 Moonboek
The gentleman's daughter. W... Vickery, Amanda The gentleman's daughter. Women's lives in Georgian England Yale university Press, New Haven / london 1e druk 1998, harde linnen band, 436 pp, geillustreerd, nieuwstaat € 16.00 Moonboek
The Genius of gardening. Th... Thacker, Christopher The Genius of gardening. The History of Gardens in Britain and Ireland Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London 1e druk 1994, 354pp, harde band. stofomslag, nieuwstaat € 9.00 Moonboek
The geneticist who played h... Duncan, David Ewing The geneticist who played hopes with my DNA.....and other masterminds from the frontiers of biotech Harper collins, NY, USA 1st edition 2005, hard cover dust jacket, NEW € 13.00 Moonboek
The Gay Galliard. The love ... Irwin, Margaret The Gay Galliard. The love story of Mary queen of Scotts A/B Ljus Forlag, Stockhol 1e druk1942, als NIEUW € 7.50 Moonboek
The Gardens in The Royal Pa... Roper, Lanning (Foreword Sir David Bowes Lyon) The Gardens in The Royal Park at Windsor. Chatto and Windus, London 1e druk 1959, 130pp, harde linnen band, uitstekende staat € 20.00 Moonboek
The GAO Brothers. Grandeur ... Hwang, Arthur (editor) The GAO Brothers. Grandeur & Catharsis (GESIGNEERD) Kemper Museum of contemporary Art, Kansas City, MJiss., USA Uitg. 2010, 155pp, Cataloge exhib. 9/2010 - 1/2011, NEW € 37.50 Moonboek
The GAIA Atlas of planet ma... Myers, Norman (General editor) The GAIA Atlas of planet management (fot today's caretakers in tomorrow's world) Pan Books 2nd printing 1986, like new condition € 9.00 Moonboek
The future of life Wilson, Edward O. The future of life Random house, New york 1e druk 2002, ongelezen, uitstekende staat € 5.00 Moonboek
The Future of Immortality. ... lifton, Robert Jay The Future of Immortality. Amd other essays for a Nuclear Age Basic books Inc. Publishers, New York 1st printing 1987, fine condition € 12.50 Moonboek
Sarton, May - The fur person Sarton, May The fur person W W Norton & Co., New York 1e druk 1983, 106pp, prima staat € 12.50 Moonboek
The Fugutive Gesture. Maste... Ewing, William A The Fugutive Gesture. Masterpieces of Dance Photography Thames and Hudson, London 1e druk 1987, 233 foto's, 208 in duotone, m. flappen, gr. frt, prima staat € 12.50 Moonboek
The frontier of brief psych... Malan, David H The frontier of brief psychotherapy. An example of the convergence of research and clinical practice Plenum medical book company, New York and London 3e druk1981, harde band, stofomslag, nieuwstaat € 9.00 Moonboek
The Four Voyages / Being Hi... Columbus, Christopher The Four Voyages / Being His Own Log-Book, Letters and Dispatches with Connecting Narratives.. PENGUIN GROUP 1992, 320pp, prima staat € 7.50 Moonboek
The forms of music Tovey, Sir Donald The forms of music Meridian books, New york 1e druk 1956, ingenaaid (dus geen pocket), prima staat € 6.50 Moonboek
The Forgotten Man. A new hi... Shlaes, Amity The Forgotten Man. A new history of the great depression JONATHAN CAPE 1e druk 2007, 464pp, harde band, stofomslag, Nieuw € 18.50 Moonboek
The Forgotten Half of Chang... de Brabandere, Luc, Brabandere, Luc De The Forgotten Half of Change / Achieving Greater Creativity Through Changes In Perception Kaplan Test Prep / Dearborn Publishing 1st printing 2005, 172pp, hard cover, dust jacket, illustrated, NEW condition € 11.00 Moonboek
The Foreign Worker and the ... Kulczycki, John J The Foreign Worker and the German Labor Movement. Xenophobia and Solidarity in the Coal Fields of the Ruhr, 1871 - 1914 Berg, Oxford / Providence, USA 1st printing 1994, hard cover, 298pp, NEW, € 19.50 Moonboek
The Folding Star Hollinghurst, Alan The Folding Star Pantheon Books, New York 1st printing 1994, 424 pp, hard cover, dust jackett, new condition € 5.00 Moonboek

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