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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
A ballad of love PROKOSCH, FREDERIC A ballad of love (meer info) Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1972 (reprint); 8vo (22cm), 311pp., hardback, green cloth w. silver l... € 10.00 Serendipity
A book of armour. Nicolle, Patrick A book of armour. (meer info) Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1954 (1st ed.); oblong 12mo (18 cm), 31pp., colour and bl-wh illustrations, ... € 10.00 Serendipity
Richards, Paul - A Book of Mosses Richards, Paul A Book of Mosses (meer info) Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1950 (first edition); Johannes Hedwig, small octavo, hard cover, € 10.00 Serendipity
 - A book of poems and pastorals. A book of poems and pastorals. (meer info) London: Hildesheimer and Faulkner, no date (ca. 1885); 48 unnumb. pp., 15 full-page and many smaller... € 85.00 Serendipity
A chapter of accidents REES, GORONWY A chapter of accidents (meer info) London: Cahtto Windus, 1972 (2nd impr.); 8vo (22.5cm), frontispiece, 270pp., hardcover w. dustjacke... € 12.00 Serendipity
A collection of paper cut o... CHRISTIE'S AMSTERDAM. A collection of paper cut outs from the 'Museum van Knipkunst', Westerbork, the Netherlands, formed and partly made by the late Mr. W.T. Lever (meer info) Amsterdam: Christie's, 1988; 4to (25.5cm), 65(+7)pp., black-white illustrations, stapled softcover. ... € 12.50 Serendipity
A concise dictionary of old... Zoëga, Geir T. A concise dictionary of old Icelandic. (meer info) Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1967 (repr.); vii+551pp., small 8vo, green cloth w. gilt lettering ... € 35.00 Serendipity
A dangerous place MOYNIHAN, DANIEL PATRICK A dangerous place (meer info) London: Secker Warburg, 1979; 8vo (24cm), xiv+297pp., index, hardcover w. dustjacket. V. good copy.... € 10.00 Serendipity
A Dictionary of American Slang Weseen, Maurice H. A Dictionary of American Slang (meer info) London: George G. Harrap Company, 1934 (first edition); 8vo, hard cover, no jacket. € 25.00 Serendipity
A Dictionary of Biology. Abercrombie, M., C.J. Hickman and M.L. Johnson. A Dictionary of Biology. (meer info) Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, R3, 1951 (1st ed.); 246 pp., 8vo, ppb. Well-known red cover. G € 2.30 Serendipity
A Dictionary of Biology. Abercrombie, M., C.J. Hickman, M.L. Johnson. A Dictionary of Biology. (meer info) Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1970 (5th rev. ed.); 283 pp., 8to, ppb., VG+. € 3.90 Serendipity
A Dictionary of Psychology. Drever, James. A Dictionary of Psychology. (meer info) Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, R5, 1958, repr.; 315 pp., 8vo, ppb, name owner on f.e.p., in well-know... € 3.20 Serendipity
A Dictionary of Science. Ubarov, E.B., D.R. Chapman, Alan Isaacs. A Dictionary of Science. (meer info) Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1968, repr.; 335 pp., 8vo, ppb., VG. € 3.90 Serendipity
A hind let loose. Montague, C.E. A hind let loose. (meer info) London: Penguin, 1936 (Penguin 1st ed.); 12mo (18 cm), 255pp., paper. Spine normally browned, top 0.... € 5.00 Serendipity
A history of Darwin's paris... Howarth, O.J.R., and Eleanor K. Howarth. A history of Darwin's parish Downe, Kent. (meer info) Southampton: Russell Co., 1933 (1st ed.); viii+88pp., sources, 1 photograph, small 8vo, paper. V. g... € 35.00 Serendipity
A history of International ... KNUTSEN, TORBJORN L. A history of International Relations theory (meer info) Manchester and New York: Manchester University Press, 1997 (2nd ed.); 8vo (23.5cm), xii+354pp., 5 ma... € 10.00 Serendipity
A history of Russia PARES, BERNARD A history of Russia (meer info) London: Janathan Cape, 1947 (new and revised edition); 8vo (22.5cm), 640pp., bibliography, index, gr... € 10.00 Serendipity
A history of the Pacific fr... BARCLAY, GLEN A history of the Pacific from the Stone Age tot the present day London: Sidgewick Jackson, 1978 (1st ed.); 8vo (24cm), (6+)264pp., black-white illustrations, maps,... € 12.00 Serendipity
A history of tunnels BEAVER, PATRICK A history of tunnels (meer info) Secaucus, N.J., Citadel Press, 1973; 8vo (23.5cm), (12+)155(+7)pp., black-white photographs, drawing... € 8.50 Serendipity
A hundred years of war FALLS, CYRIL A hundred years of war (meer info) London: Gerald Duckworth, 1953 (1st ed.); 8vo (22cm), 419pp., 20 maps, index, black cloth w. dustjac... € 15.00 Serendipity
A middle-English dictionary. Stratmann, Francus Henry. A middle-English dictionary. (meer info) Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1974 (reprint); xxiii+708pp., large 8vo, red cloth with gilt letter... € 40.00 Serendipity
A moveable feast HEMINGWAY, ERNEST. A moveable feast (meer info) Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1966 (1st thus); 12mo (18cm), 160pp., paper. G. Scarce in NL. € 4.50 Serendipity
A new theory of human evolu... Keith, Arthur. A new theory of human evolution. (meer info) London: Watts Co., 1950 (3rd impr.); x+451pp., index, references at end of each chapter, 1 scheme, ... € 20.00 Serendipity
A person from England and o... MACLEAN, FITZROY A person from England and other travellers [to Turkestan] (meer info) London: Jonathan Cape, 1958 (1st ed.); 8vo (20cm), 382(+5)pp., black-white drawings and photographs,... € 10.00 Serendipity
A picture book of flowers i... VICTORIA ALBERT MUSEUM A picture book of flowers in English embroidery (meer info) London: VA Museum, 1932 (1st ed.); sm. 8vo (19cm), (24pp.), 20 black-white illustrations, paper. Spi... € 7.50 Serendipity
A short history and fleet o... MUSK, GEORGE A short history and fleet of the Canadian Pacific ocean steamships 1891-1961 (meer info) London: The World Ship Society, 1961; 8vo (21.5cm), frontispiece, 40pp., black-white photographs, in... € 10.00 Serendipity
'Bartimeus'. - A Tall Ship. 'Bartimeus'. A Tall Ship. (meer info) Penguin # 103; 1937, 1st repr.; VG+ dw VG € 6.85 Serendipity
A tall ship on other naval ... 'Bartimeus' A tall ship on other naval occasions (meer info) Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1937 (1st Penguin repr.); 12mo (18 cm), 245(+8)pp., paper w. dustwrapper. VG... € 5.00 Serendipity
A tall ship on other naval ... 'Bartimeus' A tall ship on other naval occasions. (meer info) Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1937 (1st Penguin repr.); 12mo (18 cm), 245(+8)pp., paper w. dustwrapper. VG... € 5.00 Serendipity
A taste of Paris. Tradition... FITZGIBBON, THEODORA A taste of Paris. Traditional Parisian food (meer info) London/Sidney: Pan Books, 1974; oblong 12mo (18cm), early black-white photographs, index, paper. Goo... € 7.50 Serendipity
Simon, André L. - A wine primer. Simon, André L. A wine primer. (meer info) London: Michael Joseph, 1946; 158pp., maps, sm.8vo, ocl., owrps. Perfect copy. € 6.85 Serendipity
'Aan 't schipryk Y...' Oude... Horst, Dick van der, red., e.a. 'Aan 't schipryk Y...' Oude en jonge monumenten rond de historische oevers van het IJ. (meer info) A'dam: Gem. Bureau Monumentenzorg, 1995; 144pp., talrijke zw-w foto's, literatuuropgaven, klein 8vo,... € 12.00 Serendipity
Abacus. Handleiding voor de... Abacus. Handleiding voor de Chinese rekenmachine (meer info), z.uitg., z.j.; 8vo (22.4cm), 16pp., 54 zwart-wit tekeningen, geniet. € 5.00 Serendipity
ABC van stad en land. Aerts, Wim. ABC van stad en land. (meer info) Baarn: Bosch Keuning, 1981; 160pp., plattegr., zw-w en kleurenfoto's, 4to, geb. m. stofomslag. € 7.95 Serendipity
Aboriginal art of Australia BAGLIN, DOUGLASS, AND BARBARA MULLINS Aboriginal art of Australia (meer info) Sidney: A. A. Reed Pty, 1979 (repr.); 8vo (24cm), 35pp., colour photographs, bibliography, stapled.... € 9.50 Serendipity
Abstract.* Chivers, David J., and Caroline Harcourt, eds. Abstract.* (meer info) Cambridge: University Library, 1976; 124pp., sm.8vo, paper, w. handwritten title on back. Some annot... € 2.30 Serendipity
Abstracts.* Messeri, Patrizia, ed. Abstracts.* (meer info) Special issue of 'Antropologia Contemporanea - Italian Journal of Anthropology', vol. 3, nr. 2, 1980... € 4.55 Serendipity
Abstracts. First Congress o... Abstracts. First Congress of European Anthropologists.* (meer info) Zagreb, Yugoslavia: 1977; 68pp., 8vo, paper. € 2.30 Serendipity
Accolade. Voorheen Nieuw Le... Accolade. Voorheen Nieuw Letterkundig Magazijn. jaargang XXXIX 2021 (meer info) Leiden: De Maatschappij der Nederlandse Letterkunde, 2021; losse tijdschriftaflevering, 8vo (24cm), ... € 12.50 Serendipity
Accounting and Action. An I... Chambers, R.J. Accounting and Action. An Introduction to the Methods and Scope of Accounting. (meer info) Sidney: The Law Book Co. of Australia, 1957 (1st ed.); VIII+248pp., index, small 8vo, blue cloth, gi... € 12.50 Serendipity
Ach lieve tijd. Zeven eeuwe... Ach lieve tijd. Zeven eeuwen Amsterdam en de Amsterdammers. (meer info) Zwolle: Uitg. Waanders, 1988-90; 23 afleveringen in 1 band, 612pp, ruim 1500 zw-w en kleurenafb., re... € 20.00 Serendipity
Adresboek voor scheepvaart-... Adresboek voor scheepvaart- en bode-diensten (Scheepvaart- en expeditie-gids) Mei 1939-40. (meer info) Amsterdam: ARNO, 1939; 395pp., registers, advertenties, 8vo (23 cm), geniet-gebonden m. linnen rug e... € 100.00 Serendipity
Advanced textile design Watson, William. Advanced textile design (meer info) London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1948 (3rd ed. 1947, new impression); xii+519pp., appendices, index,... € 35.00 Serendipity
Advertising copy. Hotchkiss, George Burton. Advertising copy. (meer info) New York: Harper, 1949 (3rd ed.); xx+469pp., index, bl-wh illustrations, 8vo, cloth. V. good copy. € 10.00 Serendipity
Advertising management. Tex... Borden, Neil H., and Martin V. Marshall. Advertising management. Text and cases. (meer info) Homewood, Ill.: Richard D. Irwin, 1959 (revised ed.); xiii+1065pp., 2 indexes, bl-wh illustrations, ... € 25.00 Serendipity
Aegyptiaca Coloniensia. Kat... BLOM-BöER, INGRID Aegyptiaca Coloniensia. Katalog der ägyptischen Objekte des Seminars für Ägyptologie der Universität zu Köln (meer info) Köln: Seminar für Ägyptologie, 1999; 8vo (23cm), 93pp., black-white illustrations, paper w. illus... € 10.00 Serendipity
100 Afbeeldinge der voornaa... Schenk, Petrus. 100 Afbeeldinge der voornaamste gebouwen van Amsterdam. (meer info) A'dam: Barent Greve [c.1700, facsimile c.1970]; (204pp.), 100 zw-w reproducties van gravures, oblong... € 16.50 Serendipity
16 afbeeldingen naar staalg... Terwen, J.L. 16 afbeeldingen naar staalgravures uit 1850 van de stad Amsterdam van beroemde tekenaars en graveurs. (meer info) Internationale Kunstreprodukties, z.j.; (16pp.), 16 zw-w reprod., 4to, gebrocheerd. € 7.00 Serendipity
Affable savages. An anthrop... HUXLEY, FRANCIS Affable savages. An anthropologist among the Urubu Indians of Brazil London: Rupert Hart-Davis, 1956 (1st ed.); 285(+2)pp., bl-wh and col. photographs, map, glossary, ha... € 10.00 Serendipity
Afgebroken Amsterdam. 104 v... Boers, Onno. Afgebroken Amsterdam. 104 verdwenen gebouwen en stadsgezichten. (meer info) A'dam: Van Gennep, 1984; 108pp., register, talrijke zw-w foto's, 26 cm, gebrocheerd. Goed ex. € 7.50 Serendipity

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