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Plaidy, Jean - The Revolt of the Eaglets

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Afbeelding: Plaidy, Jean - The Revolt of the Eaglets
Schrijver: Plaidy, Jean
Titel: The Revolt of the Eaglets
Uitgever: Book Club Associates - hardcover
Bijzonderheid: 1978 330pp good condition
Prijs: € 8,00
Meer info Samenvatting
The second book in Jean Plaidy's epic Plantagenet series.

News of Thomas à Becket's martyrdom has spread throughout Christendom and the blame is laid at the feet of Henry Plantagenet, King of England. Two years later, with Becket canonised, Henry's position is precarious: punished at the Pope's insistence for his part in Becket's death, he now also has an enemy in his Queen, Eleanor of Aquitaine, after her discovery of his longstanding infidelity with Rosamund Clifford. Eleanor is determined to seek vengeance, so, with King Philip of France, she encourages her sons to conspire, both against their father and each other.

Much embattled, the old eagle Henry struggles to fend off both rebellion and the plots of his aggressively circling offspring...
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