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Ervin, Andrew - Burning Down George Orwell's House

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Afbeelding: Ervin, Andrew - Burning Down George Orwell's House
Schrijver: Ervin, Andrew
Titel: Burning Down George Orwell's House
ISBN: 9781616954949
Uitgever: Soho Pr Inc
Bijzonderheid: Nieuw exemplaar 2015, 272pp, Gebonden
Prijs: € 9,99
Meer info A darkly comic debut novel about advertising, truth, single malt, Scottish hospitality—or lack thereof—and George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Ray Welter, who was until recently a highflying advertising executive in Chicago, has left the world of newspeak behind. He decamps to the isolated Scottish Isle of Jura in order to spend a few months in the cottage where George Orwell wrote most of his seminal novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four. Ray is miserable, and quite prepared to make his troubles go away with the help of copious quantities of excellent scotch.

But a few of the local islanders take a decidedly shallow view of a foreigner coming to visit in order to sort himself out, and Ray quickly finds himself having to deal with not only his own issues but also a community whose eccentricities are at times amusing and at others downright dangerous. Also, the locals believe—or claim to believe—that there's a werewolf about, and against his better judgment, Ray's misadventures build to the night of a traditional, boozy werewolf hunt on the Isle of Jura on the summer solstice.

From the Hardcover edition.
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