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Bass, Richard - A Beginner's Guide on Parenting Children with ADHD

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Afbeelding: Bass, Richard - A Beginner's Guide on Parenting Children with ADHD
Schrijver: Bass, Richard
Titel: A Beginner's Guide on Parenting Children with ADHD
ISBN: 9781958350010
Uitgever: Richard Bass
Bijzonderheid: 2021 192pp Gebonden
Prijs: € 37,55
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From explosive to outstanding: how to confidently raise children with ADHD in the 21st century
Have you been labeled a 'bad parent who doesn't discipline their child' when your little one experiences temper outbursts in public spaces?
Is your child or teen going through a hard time at school - or maybe getting bullied - because having ADHD makes it hard for them to fit in socially?
Are you a mom or dad to a child with ADHD who has no idea what they are doing and doesn't know what you can do to set your child up for a bright future?
With over 6 million kids with ADHD in the US only, your experience is not exclusive - millions of other parents face similar challenges.
Raising a child with ADHD is far from the norm - regular rule-making and household routines become almost impossible to follow.
While coping with the behaviors resulting from ADHD symptoms is rough, one can only imagine what their child is going through... making the plight a lot harder for parents.
Thankfully, ADHD is not synonymous with failure - and your child can have a very successful future.
Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Justin Timberlake, and many other exceptional individuals have ADHD and are making the headlines.
If you want your kid to thrive in school and at home and become a prosperous adult, you'll need to implement modern approaches in your parenting style.
This guide, containing a wealth of knowledge and tools, will help you do just that.
In A Beginner's Guide on Parenting Children with ADHD, you'll discover:
¿ How to know if your child has ADHD - and a guide on getting the proper medical attention to avoid misdiagnosis
¿ The silver lining to ADHD - learn the strengths that come with ADHD and how to help your child harness them
¿ Aggression and anger outburst coaching guide for kids with ADHD to prevent uncomfortable moments in public
¿ How to get your teen to listen to you more, follow household rules, and do chores without supervision
¿ Steps to helping your child manage their 'big feelings' and deal with emotions positively
¿ Medications and alternative treatment options for kids with ADHD
¿ How to teach your little one compassion and social skills so that they can interact better with their peers and avoid getting isolated
¿ How to foster consistency in your child's schoolwork and homework to ensure they do well academically
¿ Simple tactics and lifestyle changes you can implement at home to help improve your child's ADHD behavior for good
And much more...
The day your child is diagnosed with ADHD is not doomsday, but rather the beginning of a new journey to self-discovery and successful living.
As a parent, raising a child with ADHD is not a burden, and it shouldn't feel like one.
With the right tools and knowledge, you'll be equipped to parent your little one and see them off to live alone, achieve immense success, and chase their dreams when the time comes.
It's time to shake off the fear of feeling like an inadequate parent and learn everything there is to know about raising kids with ADHD.
If you want to bring up brilliant and successful kids, then scroll up and click the Add to Cart button right now.

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