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Keegan, John - Warpathes

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Afbeelding: Keegan, John - Warpathes
Schrijver: Keegan, John
Titel: Warpathes
Uitgever: Pimlico paperback Publ.1995
Bijzonderheid: softcover, 348 pag wv. 16 met zw.w foto's , div. kaartjes , NL Eur 7,50
Prijs: € 12,50
Meer info - reizen van een militair historicus in N-Amerika:
From one of the world's preeminent and bestselling military historians comes a vivid history of war on our own continent. John Keegan has visited battlefields throughout the world, but finds himself constantly returning to North America which he loves. Here, geography and climate have shaped the course of military history as they have nowhere else in the world. Guided by his central wisdom, Keegan takes us on a tour of every major fortification and scene of battle on the continent, from the arrival of the Europeans in the sixteenth century to the establishment of New France on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, and from the French conflicts with the British of the Atlantic colonies to the battles with the Native populations in the nineteenth century.

Part military history, part travelogue, Warpaths allows us to see how war in Canada and America shaped and was shaped by the land. John Keegan's matchless insight allows us to discover how strife and battle crated our heritage.
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