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Ethell, J; Price , Alfred - One day in a long war - May 10, 1972 Air War North Vietnam

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Afbeelding: Ethell, J; Price , Alfred - One day in a long war - May 10, 1972 Air War North Vietnam
Schrijver: Ethell, J; Price , Alfred
Titel: One day in a long war - May 10, 1972 Air War North Vietnam
Uitgever: Guild Publishing 1990
Bijzonderheid: Geb.hardcover, 218 pgs, 70 foto's zw.w, kaartjes, tekeningen, Vz kn v.a. Eur 3,95
Prijs: € 29,50
Meer info - een dag uit de luchtoorlog boven Vietnam van minuut tot minuut beschreven
- 10 mei 1972 was de start van Op. Linebacker, een geheim verrassings offensief van US Navy en US Airforce waarmee de bombardementen op N.Vietnam hervat werden
- dit boek is een nauwkeurige analyse van de verrassingsaanval op de brug bij Hanoi in N-Vietnam, en geeft een gedetailleerde inkijk in de planning en uitvoering van een US-luchtaanval anno 1972
- From Publishers Weekly:
Based on cockpit recordings and interviews, this is a minute-by-minute narrative of the opening day of Operation Linebacker, a Navy/Air Force aerial onslaught against targets in North Vietnam. Participants (and some eyewitnesses on the ground) describe the attacks on bridges and stockpiles, while the leading edge of the attack-reconnaissance aircraft, flak-suppressing missions, search and rescue, airborne command and control-is also recounted. Since many of the operation's Navy pilots were graduates of the newly established "Top Gun" course at Miramar Naval Air Station in California, their performance on 10 May '72 confirmed the cost-effectiveness of this training beyond doubt. On the other hand, that day also saw the greatest loss of U.S. aircraft of any 24-hour period in the Vietnam War. Stories of the pilots who were shot down, either by MiG fighters or by surface-to-air missiles, include that of Air Force Captain Robert Locher, who survived 23 days on the ground before being rescued in a risky helicopter operation.
- From Library Journal:
Aviation writers Ethell and Price examine the most active single day of air combat over North Vietnam: May 10, 1972, when 338 missions were flown by U.S. aircraft over the North. Sixteen planes on both sides were shot down; U.S. forces lost only four. The buildup to this surge of hostilities is examined, the training of the forces analyzed, the attackers' various tactics against ground and air defence described in detail. While it is the authors' intent to reach even a non-aviation audience with this compact and well-written history, some background in the air combat environment won't hurt. Eyewitness testimony and dialogue from recorded in-air conversations help bring a personal element to the awesome expenditure of military might. One of the best on the period and its arms, well organized and intense. - Mel D. Lane, Sacramento, Cal.

-Verzendkosten NL Eur 3,95 (Track& Trace, verzekerd, handtekening vr ontvangst)
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