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Howard, Bill - What the RAF airman took to war

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Afbeelding: Howard, Bill - What the RAF airman took to war
Schrijver: Howard, Bill
Titel: What the RAF airman took to war
Uitgever: Shire Publications, 2017
Bijzonderheid: als nw, 1e druk, hardcover met stofomslag, formaat 14,5x14,5 cm, 120 pgs, full colour geillustreerd, NL euro 3,95
Prijs: € 17,50
Meer info - fraai vormgegeven boekje waarin alle flying clothing & gear etc. van de RAF piloot wordt behandeld zoals headgear, flying jackets, flying suits, heated clothing, desert & tropical flying clothing, gloves & boots, etc

For the first time, an up-close and serious examination of the various patterns of flight jackets, suits, headgear and gloves worn by the courageous pilots and aircrews of these two great adversaries during World War II by one of the most knowledgeable authors on the subject. This book includes a look at some of the more bizarre and experimental outfits as well as the standard flying kit for different climates and regions, with a special section on electrically-heated clothing. Also examined is the parallel development of flying clothing in the Luftwaffe and the Royal Air Force, and the surprising influence each country had upon the other. More than 500 photographs, over 400 in full color, identify full flying kit and clearly illustrate how it was worn. An invaluable reference source for collectors, re-enactors, artists, modellers, and historians, or anyone with an eye for vintage fashions, this latest book by Mick Prodger, author of Vintage Flying Helmets, is the first in a two volume set on the subject. The companion volume, Luftwaffe vs. RAF: Flying Equipment of the Air War 1939-45 (available in fall 1997), features in-depth studies of life preservers, parachutes and other personal equipment, including escape and survival items of the Luftwaffe and RAF.
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