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Casey, Louis S. - Curtiss - The Hammondsport Era, 1907-1915

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Afbeelding: Casey, Louis S. - Curtiss - The Hammondsport Era, 1907-1915
Schrijver: Casey, Louis S.
Titel: Curtiss - The Hammondsport Era, 1907-1915
Uitgever: Crown Publishers, 1981
Bijzonderheid: Hardback met stofomslag, 235 pags, zeer rijk geïllustreerd. In uitstekende staat
Prijs: € 29,95
€ 7,65
Meer info Glenn Hammond Curtiss was the dominant personality in the pioneer era of American aviation. To the Wrights goes the honor of the first powered airplane flight in 1903, but the achievements of Curtiss spanned several decades and took the airplane from its strut, wire, and fabric configuration to the forerunners of modern transport aircraft. Curtiss's accomplishments over the years almost overshadow those of the Wrights, and in the field of marine aviation, he is without peer. In 1907 Curtiss became director of experiments of the Aerial Experiment Association founded by Alexander Graham Bell and first achieved powered flight in his Red Wing on March 12, 1908. On July 4, 1908, piloting the June Bug. Curtiss won the Scientific American trophy for the first recorded flight in excess of one kilometer. In 1909 he won the world's airplane speed record in his Golden Flier at Rheims, France. By 1913 Curtiss was the largest manufacturer of aircraft in the United States. Planes built by Curtiss made the first carrier takeoffs and landings, carried the first autopilot, and were used to train most of America's pilots during World War I. Curtiss: The Hammondsport Era 1907-1915 accurately documents Curtiss's formative years from the first Aerial Experiment Association glider to the refined flying boats used during World War I. Featuring 160 photographs and 42 three-view scale drawings, this book is an essential part of the record of American aircraft development and will be of value to all aviation buffs, historians, and model builders
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