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Bharti Vyas / Claire Haggard - Beauty Wisdom

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Afbeelding: Bharti Vyas /  Claire Haggard - Beauty Wisdom
Schrijver: Bharti Vyas / Claire Haggard
Titel: Beauty Wisdom
ISBN: 9780722536636
Uitgever: Thorsons 1997 isbn: 9780722536636
Bijzonderheid: softcover 182pp. in zeer goede staat, fraai geillustreerd
Prijs: € 10,80
€ 4,00
Meer info Many traditional remedies from Asia, learnt from her grandmother's knee make up the wisdom of the treatments and tips of beauty therapist Bharti Vyas. Her ethos has always been to help those who come to her clinic or ring her helpline help themselves - using her therapy oils at home with a course of self massage, achieving muscle tone with simple exercises and using dead sea salts to revitalise the skin. The book contains: a top-to-toe guide with all the tricks of the trade - from bags under the eyes to Indian scalp massage for the hair and scalp - every part of the body is dealt with in turn; a home spa regime using oil and self-massage with acupressure to balance the body systems; lymphatic drainage and postural advice; make up, haircare and manicure advice; nutrition and inner body health; "kitchen cupboard" treatments; and over 100 colour photos.
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