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Yannick Guégan, Claudine Guégan - Imitation des Marbres

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Afbeelding: Yannick Guégan, Claudine Guégan - Imitation des Marbres
Schrijver: Yannick Guégan, Claudine Guégan
Titel: Imitation des Marbres
ISBN: 9782249277917
Uitgever: Dessain et Tolra 1e druki 1989 2249277915 9782249277917
Bijzonderheid: geb. hardcover 96pp. in blauw linnen met omslag in goede staat, fantastische afb.
Prijs: € 29,00
€ 4,35
Meer info For the first time, in a layout where the reproductions in color highlight the beauty and precision of the design of the stones, the author has assembled the whole range of known marbles of which he teaches imitation at the l'Institut Supérieur de Peinture Décorative de Paris. Like his pupils, you will benefit from a rare instruction in which the effectiveness is here reinforced by the decomposition of the essential steps of the realization and the indication of the starting palette for each model. This book, which brings together the 30 most beautiful marbles made by the artist, is a reference for interior decoration. Text in French.
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