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by Dr Parsons (Author) - Tony and Me : By George Bush, As Told to Dr.Parsons

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Afbeelding: by Dr Parsons  (Author) - Tony and Me : By George Bush, As Told to Dr.Parsons
Schrijver: by Dr Parsons (Author)
Titel: Tony and Me : By George Bush, As Told to Dr.Parsons
ISBN: 9780743239622
Uitgever: Simon & Schuster Ltd (October 31, 2002) 0743239628 : 9780743239622
Bijzonderheid: geb. hardcover zeer goed geen pp-nummering, felle cartoonachtige tekeningen met tekst
Prijs: € 4,90
€ 4,00
Meer info The first book by cult cartoonist Dr Parsons, who stalks the corridors of power and pomposity armed with crayons and coloured pencils like some small, bearded avenging god. Already a cult favourite as an e-mail circular and website, Dr Parsons' childlike but savage satirical cartoons of the Great and Good are now printed and bound and launched on an unsuspecting book trade. The first of what could run to a series of several or fewer volumes, Tony And Me By Georg Bush shows the 43rd President of the United States introducing us to his world, describing in Dr Parsons' inimitable style everything from Georg's oil-baron background to his love of guns -- and, of course, his Speshl Guys. The most Speshl of the Speshl Guys is Georg's best friend Tony Blar. In Tony And Me the Prime Minser and his wife come to visit the White House, and Tony and Georg cement their special relationship in alarming fashion. Funny and offensive in equal measure, Tony And Me is compulsory toilet reading.
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