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Dickens, Charles ( illustrated by Michael Foreman ) - A CHristmas Carol

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Afbeelding: Dickens, Charles ( illustrated by Michael Foreman ) - A CHristmas Carol
Schrijver: Dickens, Charles ( illustrated by Michael Foreman )
Titel: A CHristmas Carol
ISBN: 9780575045965
Uitgever: Gollancz
Bijzonderheid: paperback in goede staat, 128 pagina's, Engelstalig
Prijs: € 6,90
€ 4,00
Meer info A Christmas Carol was written by Charles Dickens. The original edition was published in London at 1843 and was one of many great works. The writer Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth in 1812 and was the second of eight children. His father had a hard time feeding al those children. In 1822 the family moved to London and Charles father ended up in prison. Charles had to work in a factory so that the family could eat. After a wile a big part of his family was released so that he could go back to school. When he left school he went working in a lawyer’s office. In 1832 his dream came true as he became a reporter but he was also writing short pieces for magazines. In 1836 he got married to Catherine Hogarth and he began writing a monthly serial ‘Pickwick Papers’ which took him from rags to riches. He had ten children but his marriage didn’t succeed. In 1870 he collapsed and died at his house in Kent. He was buried among the great writers of the past in Poets’ corner in Westminster Abbey.
The story starts with the narrator telling about a old business partner of Ebenezer Scrooge named Marley. Scrooge was his sole executor but even he didn’t care about his dead. Scrooge was a old selfish uncaring old man that only thought about making money. No man ever talked to him no child ever asked him the time and no beggars implored him to bestow a trifle.
Scrooge’s nephew came to visit him one a Christmas day and wished him a Merry Christmas.
Scrooge finds Christmas a humbug. His nephew invites him for diner but he doesn’t want to because he hates Christmas so his nephew leaves again. A moment later someone of a charity comes to ask whether he could spare some money for the pore and those who need relief. Scrooge doesn’t want to give anything and the guy leaves again. After he had eaten he went home and saw that his door knocker was changed. It was changed into Marley’s face and a few seconds later tuned back to normal. Scrooge thought it was his fantasy and that it was humbug but we now it isn’t. Scrooge entered the house, lighted his candle and went upstairs to put on his dressing gown and slippers and nightcap and sat for a very low fire from the fireplace still struggling whit what happened earlier this evening. Then out of nothing all bells in the house started ringing and a moment later stopped as they begun. The Marley’s ghost appears exactly like Marley always looked. Marley was dragging a chain bounded to cash boxes, keys, padlocks, ledgers, deeds, and heavy purses. Then a conversation starts between the to and Scrooge thinks that this event is just something that he ate and didn’t fell right. Marley explains why he comes and what he and Scrooge did wrong and warns him that it might not be to late for him yet. He also tells him that he will be haunted by tree spirits that will come one by one every night for tree nights. After saying these words the spirit went out through the window and joint all the other spirits that where wandering through the air. At one the first spirit came it was the spirit of the Christmas past, so he told Scrooge. The spirit took him true the wall and at once they where at Scrooge his past. He saw himself as a young boy and saw everybody saying Merry Christmas to each other and it gave him a happy feeling. Now they went a step close to future but still in the past, to a place where Scrooge has been a apprenticed. He sees a domestic ball that has been organised by the warehouse owner. The spirit tells that this small thing gave so much happiness and that was another wise lesson for Scrooge. After have seen another few things Scrooge begs the spirit to stop haunting him. The very next moment he woke up and sat right up in bed thinking what the next spirit will be. Scrooge went looking for the spirit and found a giant. The giant told him that he is the spirit of the Christmas present and took Scrooge to the City streets. They went to the house of his clerk (Bob Cratchit). He saw that there were having a family dinner and that Tiny Tim was very sick. The spirit confronted him whit what he said and show him a conversation whit him as the subject. The spirit takes him true the town and stops at a open place. There he tells him to be aware and then disappears. A moment later the third spirit appears at him and Scrooge fears him the most. The spirit doesn’t speak but points the way and they start walking. They stop next to a group of business man talking about the death of Scrooge. Then out of nothing they stand in a room in Bob Cratchit’s house. They here a conversation about the dead of Tiny Tim. Later they stand at there graveyard and the spirit points at one of the graves. It’s the grave of his own. Scrooge asks the spirit for forgiveness and says he had changed. The very next moment he wakes up and realises that he is at home again. he feels extremely happy and opens his window and asks someone that passes by what day it is. The boy says it’s Christmas day and Scrooge realizes that the spirits done it all in one night. He asks a boy whether the prize turkey is still for sale and lets the boy get it so that Scrooge can give it to Bob Cratchit. He dressed him self all in his best and went out on the streets smiling to everybody. He is wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and went to his nephews house. There he was outmost welcome. The next day he joked around whit his clerk, he raised his salary and ordered him to put the fire up. Scrooge became a good man and a second father to Tiny Tim. He never saw the spirits again.
The story is told in a way I have only seen at this book, there is a narrator and you just want to keep reading. The story has a good story line, first how he is and that he is changing whit everything thing the spirits tell and show him. The story gives you a nice Christmas feeling even when it isn’t Christmas. The movie I find more interesting than the story because then you van see what happen and see what Scrooge is going through. Scrooge his character has been a right choice by Charles Dickens because it is the kind of selfish man we even see these days. The nephew of Scrooge looks a little to Christian to me. He keeps on trying to get his uncle to his Christmas dinner, what I find a Christian thing. Overall the story is a nice Christmas story what will be in the world around every Christmas for many more centuries.
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