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Gérard D' Aboville - Alleen

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Afbeelding: Gérard D' Aboville - Alleen
Schrijver: Gérard D' Aboville
Titel: Alleen
ISBN: 9789064102639
Uitgever: Uitgeverij Hollandia BV, Haarlem 1e druk 1993 9789064102639
Bijzonderheid: paperback 124pp. in goede staat, buitenkant zeer lichtegebruikssporen
Prijs: € 6,90
€ 4,00
Meer info Gérard d'Aboville (born 5 September 1945 in Paris) is the first man to row across two oceans solo: the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. He crossed the Atlantic in 1980, travelling from Cape Cod to Brittany.[1] D'Aboville previously built boats and organized races before undertaking this 3,500 mile trip, which he completed in 72 days.

In 1991, at the age of 46 he spent 134 days crossing the Pacific Ocean, beginning in Japan and ending in Washington state. For this crossing, d'Aboville's twenty-six foot craft, nicknamed "Sector", had a pumping system to right the boat if it capsized, a sleeping place, and a canopy to protect him from inclement weather.[2] The boat was made out of the light, sturdy composite material Kevlar, and had attached solar panels that charged the batteries of d'Aboville's radio.[3] Items he brought included a video camera and stove. He faced forty foot waves and winds speeds reaching eighty miles per hour. In total, d'Aboville covered six thousand miles during his journey.

He is now planning to circle the globe in a solar power yacht.
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