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Pardoe, Anthony - Diving Helmets and Equipment Through the Ages

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Schrijver: Pardoe, Anthony
Titel: Diving Helmets and Equipment Through the Ages
Uitgever: Short Run Press Limited; Exeter (Devon) UK
Bijzonderheid: Nieuwstaat. Engelstalige exclusieve editie , 2 volumes 244& 224 pp) in cassette ,'met plastic loepje: ' Dive Deeper'.
Prijs: € 239,00
€ 6,95
Meer info Diving Helmets And Equipment Through The Ages: A Museum in a Book.
A two volume Book Set presented in a protective slipcase, containing photos and information on many of the world’s most well known makers diving equipment. Including a small plastic loupe,

Volume 1. Explores Tony’s World of Diving Helmets is copiously illustrated with well over 650 colour photographs plus drawings and black and white illustrations in some 240 pages. Each helmet has a description with technical details where known, though as some of the items are over 100 years old this information has been lost as the producers have ceased trading many years ago. Featuring around 150 helmets the book will provide the reader with many hours of pleasure as well as being an invaluable source of reference for the newly interested and avid collector alike.

Volume 2- Illustrates Tony’s equipment collection in over 220 pages and has chapters on Pumps, Diver’s Control Panels , Telephones, Lamps, Knives, Tee Spanners , Cuff expanders, Diver’s weights, Boots, Suits and Ancillary Equipment. There is even a chapter on Pictures, Plaques, Diver’s smoking pipes and other Diving Collectable pieces. There are items included which have rarely ever been seen and the book illustrates equipment the reader may never have even known existed. Again with literally hundreds of colour photos the Equipment Volume is the most comprehensive ‟catalogue‟ of old diving equipment available today.
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