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The alkaline and carbonatit... Eckermann, H. von, 1958.: The alkaline and carbonatitic dikes of the Alnö Formation on the mainland north-west of Alnö Island. [K. Svenska Vet.-Akad. Handl., Ser. 4, 7(2).] Stockholm. 4to. Pp. 61, 18 plates of microphotos, 2 fold. plates of sections, 24 illustr. in text, refs. Orig. ... € 20.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The allies of Selaginella r... Van Eseltine, G.P., 1918.: The allies of Selaginella rupestris in the Southeastern United States. [Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb., 20(5).] Washington. 8vo. Pp. i-vi,159-172,vii, 8 photogr. pls., 8 composite figs. Orig. wrs., uncut. € 8.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The American College of Den... BRANDHORST, Otto W.: The American College of Dentists. Its history, organization, objectives, and how it functions. [No pl., 1970.] 4to, 28cm. Pp. xii,571, 8 col. pls., many portrs., append. Orig. gilt-lettered simile leather. € 30.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The American moths of the g... Dyar, H.G., & Heinrich, C., 1927.: The American moths of the genus Diatraea and allies. [Proc. U.S. Natl. Mus., 71(19).] Washington. Pp. 48, 82 figs. on 20 pls. Orig. wrs., uncut. € 10.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The American species of Ort... Cushman, J.A., 1920.: The American species of Orthophragmina and Lepidocyclina. U.S. Geol. Surv. Prof. Pap., 125: pp. [ii],39-108, numerous figs. on 29 pls., index. 4to. Wrs. € 20.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The American species of Thi... Smith, A.C., 1932.: The American species of Thibaudieae. [Contr. U.S. Natl. Mus., 28(2).] Washington. 8vo. Pp. i-viii,311-547,ix-xii, 9 plates of photos, index. Paperbound, orig. printed wrappers. € 20.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The ammonite body-chamber, ... Trueman, A.E., 1941.: The ammonite body-chamber, with special reference to the buoyancy and mode of life of the living ammonite. Quart. Jous. Geol. Soc. London, 96(4)/384: pp. 339-383, 16 figs., refs. Plain new wrappers. Fine. € 7.50 Aquila Antiquariaat
The ammonite fauna of the C... Kennedy, W.J., 1986.: The ammonite fauna of the Calcaire à Baculites (Upper Maastrichtian) at the Cotentin peninsula (Manche, France). Palaeontology, 29(1): pp. 25-83, many photos on 16 plates, 11 figs., refs. Plain new wrappers. € 15.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The ammonite fauna of the t... Kennedy, W.J., 1986.: The ammonite fauna of the type Maastrichtian, with a revision of Ammonites colligatus Binkhorst, 1861. Bull. Inst. Roy. Sci. Nat. Belgique, Sci. de la Terre, 56: pp. 151-267, numerous photos on 37 pls., 12 figs., refs. 4to. Plain new wrs. € 23.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The ammonite zonal sequence... Owen, H.G., 1988.: The ammonite zonal sequence and ammonite taxonomy in the Douvilleiceras mammillatum Superzone (Lower Albian) in Europe. Bull. Brit. Mus. (Nat. Hist.), Geol , 44(3): pp. 177-231, about 60 photos, refs., index. Plain new wrappers. € 16.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The Amphipoda of the Sound.... Dahl, E., 1946.: The Amphipoda of the Sound. Part I. Terrestrial Amphipoda. // Part II. Aquatic Amphipoda, with notes on changes in the hydrography and fauna of the area. (Undersökningar över Öresund, 299 & 30.) [Lunds Univ. Årsskr., N.F., Avd. 2, 42(16) & 57(... Lund 1946. Two parts, small 4to. Pt. I: pp. 53, 17 figs., refs.; pt. II: pp. 49, 5 figs., refs. Orig. wrappers,... € 20.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The analysis of minerals & ... Schoeller, W.R., & Powell, A.., 1940.: The analysis of minerals & ores of the rarer elements. A manual for analytical chemists, metallurgists, and advanced students. Second edition, entirely new rewritten. London: Charles Griffin. 8vo, 22cm. Pp. xvi,308, notes & refs. , index. Orig. cloth. € 15.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The anatomy of Menaspis arm... Bendix-Almgreen, S.E., 1971.: The anatomy of Menaspis armata and the phyletic affinities of the menaspid bradyodonts. Lethaia, 4: pp. 21-49, several drawings and photos in 9 illustr. in text, refs. Offprint, orig. wrappers. Fine. € 10.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The ancestral origin of the... White, Ch.A., 1905.: The ancestral origin of the North American Unionidae, or fresh-water mussels. Smithson. Misc. Coll., 48: pp. 75-88, 40 figs. on 6 plates. 8vo. Plain new wrappers. € 6.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The anhydrite diapyrs od ce... Hoen, E.W., 1964.: The anhydrite diapyrs od central Western Axel Heiberg Island. [Axel Heiberg Island Res. Rep., Geol., No. 2.] Montreal: McGill University. 4to, 27.7cm. Pp. vi,102, 83 illustr. in text (incl. many microphotos of rock samples), 1 fold. map i... € 15.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The appendicular skeleton o... Romer, A.S., 1957.: The appendicular skeleton of the Permian embolomerous amphibian Archeria. Contr. Mus. Paleont. Univ. Michigan, 13(5): pp. 103-159, several drawings in 17 figs., refs. Stapled as issued. € 9.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The application of palynolo... Kuyl, O.S., Muller, J., & Waterbolk, H.T., 1955.: The application of palynology to oil geology with special reference to Western Venezuela. Geol. en Mijnb., N.S., 17(3): pp. 49-75, several illustr. on 8 plates, 8 (1 fold.) figs., refs. 4to. Journal issue, orig. wrappers... € 9.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The arborerums and botanica... Wyman, D., 1947.: The arborerums and botanical gardens of North America. Chron. Bot., 10(5/6): pp. 395-498, several illustr. from hist. originals on 17 plates, bibliogr., index of place names. La... € 15.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The Archaeological Collecti... RAU, Charles (Verviers, Belgium, 1826 - Philadelphia 1887).: The Archaeological Collection of the United States National Museum, in charge of The Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. [Smithson. Contrib. Knowl., 287.] Washington City: The Smithsonian Institution, 1878. Large 4to, 32cm. Pp. xiv,104, 340 wood-engraved figs. in text,, notes, index. Paperbound, plain new ... € 60.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The architecture of Rocardo... ATTOE, Wayne (editor).: The architecture of Rocardo Legorreta. Commentary by Ricardo Legorreta. Contributions y Sydney H. Brisker, Wayne Attoe, and Charles W. Moore. Photographs by Julius Shulman [...]. Berlin: Ernst & Sohn, 1990. Square 4to, 29.4cm. Pp. 171, numerous large and smaller photos throughout (partly in colour), drawin... € 30.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The Arenig Series in South ... Fortey, R.A., & Owens, R.M., 1987.: The Arenig Series in South Wales. (The Arenig Series in South Wales: Stratigraphy and palaeontontology. Part I.) Bull. Brit. Mus. (Nat. Hist.), Geol., 41(1): pp. 69-307, numerous photos and figs. in 146 illustr. in text, 1 fold. map, bibliogr., index. Paperb... € 30.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The art and craft of cerami... WINTER, Thelma Frazier.: The art and craft of ceramic sculpture. London: Applied Science Publishers Ltd., 1973. 4to, 24.3cm. Pp. xxii,[2],269, numerous photos throughout (some col.), gloss., append., index. Hardb... € 30.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The art of Ogata Kenzan. Pe... WILSON, Richard L.: The art of Ogata Kenzan. Persona and production in Japanese ceramics. New York: Weatherhill, 1999. 4to, 26cm. Pp. 272, 16 colour photos on 8 plates, 439 photos in text, notes & refs., bibliogr., inde... € 20.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The articulate brachiopods ... Bassett, M.G., 1970-1977.: The articulate brachiopods from the Wenlock Series of the Welsh Borderland and South Wales. [Mon. Paleontogr. Soc., 525, 532, 541, 547.] London 1970-1977. 4to, 27.7cm. Pp. 176, numerous photos on 47 plates, 20 photos and figs. in text. Orig. wrappers, Sma... € 45.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The artificial cardiac pace... Thalen, H.J.Th., et al.: The artificial cardiac pacemaker. Its history, development, and clinical application. Third edition. Assen: Van Gorcum, 1975. 8vo, 23.5cm. Pp. x,359, several figs. and photos, refs., detailed index. Orig. cloth. Fine. € 40.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The Asagain Formation and i... Hirayama, K., 1955.: The Asagain Formation and its molluscan fossils in the Northern Region, Jôban Coal-field, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. Sci. Rep. Tokyo Kyoiku Daigaku, Sect. C, 4(28): pp. 49-130,[10], 131 photos on 5 pls., 5 figs. (2 fold.), tabs. (2 fold.), refs. New plain wrs. - Ol... € 16.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The Asteroids of the coasta... WALENKAMP, J.H.C.: The Asteroids of the coastal waters of Surinam. [Zool. Verh. Rijksmus. Nat. Hist. Leiden, 147.] Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1976. 8vo. Pp. 91, several illus. on 18 plates, 28 distrib. maps in text, refs., index. Orig. wrappers. € 20.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The Atlantic and Gulf Coast... Tucker-Rowland, H.I., 1938.: The Atlantic and Gulf Coast Tertiary Pectinidae of the United States. Section III. Systematic descriptions. [Mém. Mus. Roy. Hist. Nat. Belg., Sér. II, 13.] Bruxelles 1938. Large 4to. Pp. 76, 6 plates, bibliogr., index. Orig. wrappers. € 22.50 Aquila Antiquariaat
The Aucacres, a new group o... Rehn, J.A.G., 1943.: The Aucacres, a new group of South American locusts (Orthoptera; Acrididae; Cyrtacanthacracridinae). Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia, 95: pp. 33-51, 8 photos and 6 figs. on 3 plates,. notes & refs. Large 8vo,. Plain new wrappers, uncut. € 6.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The Australian Museum - fra... Etheridge, R., Jun., 1019.: The Australian Museum - fragments of its early history. Rec. Austral. Mus., 12(12): pp. 339-399,[11]. 5 plates, 11 figs., notes, refs. Large 8vo. Plain new wrappers, orig. printed fron... € 12.50 Aquila Antiquariaat
The authobiography of Sir H... STANLEY, Sir Henry Morton.: The authobiography of Sir Henry Morton Stanley.. Edited by his wife Dorothy Stanley. [Originally published in 1909.] Zanzibar: Gallery Publications, 2006. 8vo, 21cm. Pp. xvi,551, 1 portrait, index. Hardbound, laminated pictorial boards. Small inscription ... € 20.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The autobiography of Nathan... Shaler, N.S., 1909.: The autobiography of Nathaniel Southgate Shaler. With a supplementary memoir by his wife. Boston: Houtghton Mifflin, 1909. Large 8vo. Pp. x,481, frontisp. portr., 15 plates, index. Hardbound, orig. cloth, top edges gilt. L... € 20.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The avifauna of the Emervil... Howard, H., 1929.: The avifauna of the Emerville shellmound. Univ. California Publ. Zool., 32(2): pp. [ii],301-394, 4 photogr. plates, 55 figs., refs. Large 8vo. Paperbound, orig. printed wrappers, ... € 25.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The avifauna of Trinidad an... Junge, G.C.A., & Mees, G.F., 1958.: The avifauna of Trinidad and Tobago. [Zool. Verh., 37.] Leiden 1958. 8vo, 25cm. Pp. 172, 1 fold. map, 2 maps in text, bibliogr. Orig. printed wrappers, uncut. Fine. € 20.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The Bahaman species of embl... Böhlke, J., 1957.: The Bahaman species of emblemariid blennies. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia, 109: pp. 25-57, 3 photos on 1 pl., 3 figs., refs. Large 8vo. Plain new wrs. € 6.50 Aquila Antiquariaat
The Bashoto blanket, borrow... KARSTEL, Myrtle: The Bashoto blanket, borrowed but traditional. Navors. Nas. Mus. Bloemfontein, 11(8): pp. 193-223, 31 colour photos on 4 plates, bibl. Small 4to. Offprint, orig. printed wrappers. Small ... € 7.50 Aquila Antiquariaat
The Basque country. A cultu... WOODWORTH, Paddy.: The Basque country. A cultural history. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008. 8vo, 20.8cm. Pp. xxviii,[2], some illustr., glossary, bibliogr., index. Hardbound, silver-lettered b... € 15.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The Bathonian Upper Estuari... Bate, R.H., 1967.: The Bathonian Upper Estuarine Series of Eastern England. Part I,. Ostracoda. Bull. Brit. Mus. (Nat. Hist.), Geol., 14(2): pp. 21-66, 22 plates, 1 fig., refs. Orig. wrappers. € 15.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The Batrachia of North Amer... Cope, E.D., 1889 (1963).: The Batrachia of North America. Ashton, Md.: Eric Lundberg. 8vo. pp. 525, 86 pls., 119 figs., bibl., index. orig. cloth. - Unaltered reprint of original edition... € 32.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The bats of Suriname. Husson, A.M., 1962.: The bats of Suriname. Leiden: E.J. Brill. 8vo. Pp. vi,282, many photos of skulls on 30 plates, 39 figs., bibliogr., index. Paperbound, orig. w... € 35.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The beginnings of birds. Pr... Hecht, M.K., et al. (editors), 1985.: The beginnings of birds. Proceedings of the International Archaeopteryx Conference, Eichstätt 1984. Eichstätt: Jura-Museum. 8vo. Pp. 382, many illus., 2 fold. pls. in pocket, refs. Orig. boards in pictorial dust-jacket. Fine... € 35.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The behavior of bicolored a... Willis, E.O., 1967.: The behavior of bicolored antbirds. [Univ. California Publ. Zool., 79.] Berkely and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1967. Small 4to, 25.8cm. Pp. vi,127, 18 photogr. sonograms on 3 plates, 21 figs. and sketch maps in text, ... € 15.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The behaviour of Cetaceans.... KRUSHINSKAYA, N.L..: The behaviour of Cetaceans. [Extracted from:] Investigations on Cetacea, vol. 19 (1986). Ostermundigen, Bern. Large 8vo, 25cm. pp. [ii],115-273, 31 photos and figs. and 13 tabs. in text, refs. Plain new wrapper... € 23.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The benthic fauna of the De... Hartman, O., & Barnard, J.L., 1960.: The benthic fauna of the Deep Basins off Southern California. // The benthic fauna off the Deep Basins off Southern California: continued studies in the Seaward and Deeper Basins. [Allan Hancock Pacific Expeditions, 22(1-2).] Los Angeles: University of Southern California University Press, 1960. 8vo, 22.5cm. Pp. vi,1-215;216-297, 2 charts, 17 plates of figs. and some photos, tabs., refs., appen... € 25.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The benthic foraminifera of... Sgarella, F., Barra, D., & Improta, A., 1985.: The benthic foraminifera of the Gulf of Policastro (Southern Thyrrenian Sea, Italy). Boll. Soc. Nat. Napoli, 92: pp. 67-93, 3 pls. of large microphotos, 15 pp. of tabs., 2 figs. Offprint, orig. wrs. € 7.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The Bergslagen Province, Ce... Baker, J.H., & Hellingwerf, R.H. (editors), 1988.: The Bergslagen Province, Cent-ral Sweden. Structure, stratigraphy, and ore-forming processes. Geol. en Mijnb., 67(2/4): pp. 113-478, many figs., maps, diagrs. and photos in text, refs. 4to. Journal issue, orig. wrs. € 22.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The biologic character and ... Vaughan, T.W., 1969.: The biologic character and geologic correlation of the sedimentary formations of Panama in their relation to the geologic historyt of Central America and the West Indies. Bull. U.S. Natl. Mus., 103: pp. 547-612, notes & refs. Offprint, orig. wrs., uncut. € 10.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The biology of a sergestid ... Omori, M., 1969.: The biology of a sergestid shrimp Sergestes lucens Hansen. [Bull. Ocean Res. Inst. Tokyo, 4.] Nakano 1969. Large 8vo. Pp. 83, col. photogr. frontisp., 49 figs., tabs., refs. Orig. printed wrappers. € 16.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The biology of North Amrrti... Lloyd, J.T., 1921.: The biology of North Amrrtican caddis fly larvae. [Bull. Lloyd Libr. Bot. Pharm. Mat. Med., Ent. Ser., 1.] Cincinnati. 4to, 26cm. Pp.. 124, 194 figs., bibl. Orig. printed wrs., uncut. Very good. € 25.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The biology of the elf owl,... Ligon, J.D., 1968.: The biology of the elf owl, Micrathene whitneyi. [Misc. Publ. Mus. Zool. Univ. Michigan, 136.] Ann Arbor. Large 8vo, 25.5cm. Pp. 70, 20 figs., bibliogr. Orig. wrappers within cloth-backed library boards. Ve... € 10.00 Aquila Antiquariaat

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