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Paleosols and vetusols in t... Cremaschi, M., 1987.: Paleosols and vetusols in the central Po Plain (Northern Italy), a study in Quaternary geology and spol development. Amsterdam. 8vo, 24cm. Pp. 306,[2], 1 large fold. col. map, 105 figs., refs., append. Orig. pictorial stiff wrap... € 35,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Contribution à la géologie ... Bosma, W., 1956.: Contribution à la géologie de la Balagne (Corse). Amsterdam. 8vo. Pp. 128, 1 fold. col. geol. map, 34 figs. and photos in text, bibl. Paperbound, orig. wrappers.... € 18,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The Vredefort Mountain Land... Hall, A.L., & Molengraaff, G.A.F., 1925.: The Vredefort Mountain Land in the southern Transvaal and the northern Orange Free State. (Shaler Memorial Series.) [Verh. Kon. Nederl. Akad. Wet., Sect. 2, 24(3).] Amsterdam. 4to, 26cm. Pp. xiv,183,[78], many (micro)photos on 35 plates, 1 fold. col. geol. map, 4 plain maps, ... € 30,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Het parasitaire karakter va... Grosjean, J., 1942.: Het parasitaire karakter van eenige Polyporaceeëen. [Amsterdam.] 8vo. Pp. viii,96, 5 figs. on 2 pls., bibl. Orig. wrs. Foxing on fore-edge, good otherwise. - Thesis. € 12,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Fossile Coccolithineen-Skel... Kamptner, E., 1955.: Fossile Coccolithineen-Skelettreste aus Insulinde. Eine mikropaläontologische Untersuchung. [Verh. Kon. Nederl. Akad. Wet., Afd. Nat., 2e R., 50(2).] Amsterdam. Large 8vo. .Pp. 105, 141 figs. on 9 plates., refs. Orig. wrappers. € 20,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Revision of the Surinam cat... Nijssen, H., 1970.: Revision of the Surinam catfishes of the genus Corydoras Lacépède, 1803 (Pisces, Siluriformes, Callichthydae). Amsterdam. 8vo. Pp. iv,75,ii, 40 figs. in text, bibliogr. Orig. printed wrappers. - Doctoral thesis. Also publi... € 15,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Paard en beest. Essays over... MOERBEEK, Toine: Paard en beest. Essays over schilderkunst. Amsteram: G.A. van Oorschot, 1995. 8vo, 23cm. 267,[5] blz., enige illus. in tekst. Ingen., orig. geïllustr. omslag. Nieuw ongelezen ex... € 12,50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Walking alone. Paintings by... KIELSTRA, Martijn, & YANG, Selena (editors).: Walking alone. Paintings by Li Jikai. Amstelveen (Netherlands): Canvas International Art, 2008. Oblong 4to, 21.5x28cm. Pp. 158,[2], 65 full-page colour reproductions. Hardbound, orig. laminated pi... € 29,50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Hendrik Engel's Alphabetica... ENGEL, Hendrik.: Hendrik Engel's Alphabetical list of Dutch zoological cabinets and menageries. Second, enlarged edition prepared by Pieter Smit, A.P.M. Sanders, and J.P.F. van der Veer. [Nwe. Nederl. Bijdr. Gesch. Geneesk. Natuurwet., 19.] Amsperdam: Rodopi, 1986. Large 8vo. Pp. [4],x,340, 1 portrait, 21 plates, bibliogr. Orig. printed boards. € 40,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Investigations on the ecvol... Junk, W.J., 1973/: Investigations on the ecvology amd production biology of the "floating meadows" (Paspalo-Echinochloetum) on the Middle Amazon. Part II. The aquaicc fauna in nthe root zone of floating vegetation. Amozoniana, 4(1): pp. 9-102, 32 figs., refs. Paperbound, orig. issue wrappers. Fine. € 10,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carte des environs d Amiens... Jourdain.: Carte des environs d Amiens. Exécutée en 1900 d'après les Cartes du Ministère de la Guerre [...] par le Lieutenant Jourdain du 72e Régiment de l'Infanterie. Amiens: Poiré-Choquet, Librairie-Editeur, 8 rue de la République, [1900]. Lithographed topographic map, very detailed, scale 1:20,000, meas. 129x126cm, dissected and mounted ... € 75,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
De gothische bouwtraditie. ... MEISCHKE, R.: De gothische bouwtraditie. Studies over opdrachtgevers en bouwmeesters in de Nederlanden. Redactie G.W.C. van Zwezel. Amersfoort: Uitgeverij Bekking, 1988. Small 4to, 23x18.5cm. Pp. 305, 70 illustr., bibliogr., indices. Papervound, orig. pict. stiff wrappe... € 22,50 Aquila Antiquariaat
De Horden near Wijk bij Dur... Lange, A.G., 1990.: De Horden near Wijk bij Durstede. Plant remains from a native serttlement at the Roman frontier: a numerical approach. [Nederlandse Oudheden,13. Kromme Rijn Projekt 3.] Amersfoort: Rijksdienst Oudheidkundig Bodemonderzoek ROB. 4to, 26cm. Pp. 166, many figs., diagrs. and tabs. in text, floppy disk of raw data in pocket, bibl. ... € 20,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
A generic review of the ste... Frick, C., & Taylor, B.E., 1968.: A generic review of the stenomyline camels. [Amer. Mus.Novit., 2353.] New York. 8vo. Pp. 51, several drawings in 15 figs., tabs., refs. New plain wrs. € 8,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Middle-ear ossicles of the ... Rougier, G.W., Wible, J.R., & Novacek, M.J., 1996.: Middle-ear ossicles of the multituberculate Kryptobataar from the Mongolian Late Cretaceous: implications for mammaliamorph relationships and the evolution of the auditory apparatus. [Amer. Mus. Novit., 3187.] New York. Large 8vo. Pp. 43, 7 figs. and photos, refs., append. Stapled as issued. € 6,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Reappraisal of the Cormohip... Woodburne, M.O., 1996.: Reappraisal of the Cormohipparion fauna from the Valentine Formation, Nebraska. [Amer. Mus. Novit., 3163.] New York. 8vo. Pp. 56, several drawings and some maps in 17 figs. , 17 tabs., refs. Stapled as issued. € 9,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The Picrodontidae, a family... Szalay, F.S., 1968.: The Picrodontidae, a family of early primates. [Amer. Mus. Novit., 2329.] New York. 8vo. Pp. 55, several figs. and photos in 34 illus. in text, refs. New plain wrs. Small rust mark of ... € 8,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Fossil mammals from the "Me... Lillegraven, J.A., & McKenna, M.C., 1986.: Fossil mammals from the "Mesaverde" Formation (Late Cretaceous, Judithian) of the Bighorn and Wind River Basins, Wyoming, with definitions of Late Cretaceous North American land-mammal "ages". [Amer. Mus. Novit., 2840.] New York. 8vo. Pp. 68, 13 figs., 11 tabs., refs. Stapled as issued. € 8,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Hinge grades in the evoluti... Boyd, D.W., & Newell, N.D., 1968.: Hinge grades in the evolution of crassatellacean bivalves as revealed by Permian genera. [Amer. Mus. Novit., 2328.] New York. Pp. 52, 24 figs. and photos, refs. Wrs. Two staple rust marks in fold, good otherwise. € 8,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Palaeontologic and stratigr... Marcou, J., 1888.: Palaeontologic and stratigraphic "principles" of the adversaries of the "Taconic". Amer. Geologist, July 1888: pp. 9-43. Offprint, orig. wrs. - Inscribed in front cover: "From the author". € 9,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
A key to the larvae and adu... Elliott, J.M., 1977.: A key to the larvae and adults of the British freshwater Megaloptera and Neuroptera, with notes on their life cycles and ecology. [Sci, Oubl. Freshw. Biol. Ass., 35.] Ambleside. 8vo. Pp. 52, 18 composite figs., 1 plate, refs. Orig. stiff wrappers. € 10,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
A key to the larvae, pupae,... Disney, R.H.L., 1975.: A key to the larvae, pupae, and adults of the British Dixidae (Diptera), the meniscus midges. [Sci. Publ. Freshw. Biol. Assoc., 31.] Ambleside. 8vo. Pp. 78, 2 pls., many drawings in 23 figs., 14 distrib. maps, refs., taxon. index. Orig. printed... € 9,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Phytoplanktontaxa in dem ze... Uherkovich, G., & Schmidt, G.W., 1974.: Phytoplanktontaxa in dem zentralamazonischen Schwemmlandsee. Amazoniana, 5(2): pp. 243-283, 108 figs. on 5 pls., 2 diagrs., refs. Plain new wrs. € 10,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Studies of Neotropical cadd... Flint, O.S., 1971.: Studies of Neotropical caddisflies, XII: Rhyacophilidae, Glossosomatidae, Philopotamidae, and Psychomiidae from the Amazon Basin (Trichoptera). Amazoniana, 3(1): pp. 1-68, 1 fold. map, 142 line drawings, refs. Paperbound, journal issue wrappers. Fine. € 10,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Bodenzoologische Gliederung... Beck, L., 1971.: Bodenzoologische Gliederung und Characterisierung des amazonischen Regenwaldes. Amazoniana, 3(1): pp. 69-132, 22 photos and charts, tables, bibliogr.. Paperbound. plain new wrappers. Fine. € 10,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Food of Central-Amazonian f... Knöppel, H.-A., 1970.: Food of Central-Amazonian fishes. Contribution to the nutrient ecology of Amazonian rain-forst-streams. Amazoniana, 11(1): pp. 275-352, 3 figs., 50 tabvs., refs. Paperbound, orig. journal issue wrappers. Fine. € 10,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Comparative ecological stud... Adis, J., 1981.: Comparative ecological studies of the terrestrial arthropod fauna in Central Amazonian inundation forests. Amazioniana, 7(2): pp. 87-173, many tables, refs. Journal issue. orig. wrappers. Fine. € 15,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The comparative myology of ... Rinker, G.C., 1954.: The comparative myology of tjhe mammalian genera Sigmodon, Oryzomys, Neotoma, and Peromyscus (Cricetinae), with remarks on their intergeneric relationships. [Misc. Publ. Mus. Zool. Univ. Michigan, 83.] Am Arbor, Mi., 1954. Large 8vo. Pp. 124, several drawings on 18 plates, refs. Orig. printed wrappers. € 10,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Die Eemwärmezeit und die fr... Eissmann, L. (Hrsg.), 1990.: Die Eemwärmezeit und die frühe Weichseleiszeit im Saale-Elbegebiet: Geologie, Paläontologie, Palökologie. Ein Beitrag zum jüngeren Quartär in Mitteleuropa. [Altenburg. Naturwiss. Forsch., 5.] Altenburg. Oktav, 24cm. 301 S., 39 Taf., 66 Fotos, Fig., Kärtchen und Diagr. im Text, Beil. in Tasche. Broschi... € 25,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Zuylesteyn. [Villae Recondi... WYCK, H.W.M. van der, & ENKLAAR-LAGENDIJK, J.: Zuylesteyn. [Villae Reconditae.] Alphen aan den Rijn: Canaletto. 4to, 27.5cm. Pp. 88, very numerous photos, refs. Orig. laminated stiff wrappers. Fine. € 15,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Gast in eigen huis. Beschou... Winsemius, Pieter.: Gast in eigen huis. Beschouwingen over milieumanagement. Alphen aan den Rijn: Samsom H.D. Tjeenk Willink, 1986. 8vo, 24.5cm. 228 blz., enkele diagr. en tab. Ingen., gelamin. geïllustr. omslag. Als nieuw. € 10,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
De iconografie van het Slot... MACKEN, B.: De iconografie van het Slot Loevestein. Alphen aan den Rijn: Repro-Holland B.V., 1981. Oblong 4to, 28.8x23.5cm. 103 blz., talr. illustr. in tekst. Gebonden, orig. imit. perkamenten band h... € 10,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
''In een opslag van het oog... BRINK, Paul van den.: ''In een opslag van het oog''. De Hollandse rivierkartografie en waterstaatszorg 1725-1754, Alphen aan den Rijn: Canaletto / Repro-Holland, 1998. Folio, 31cm. 293 blz., talr. illustr. in tekst, kartobibliogr., bibliogr., index. Gebonden, orig. li... € 42,50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Voor Führer, volk en vaderl... ZEE, Sytze van der.: Voor Führer, volk en vaderland. De SS in Nederland. [Derde geheel herziene en bewerkte druk.] Alphen aan den Rijn: A.W. Sijthoff, 1979. 8vo, 19.3cm. 275 blz., enkele illustr. in tekst, bibliogr., naamreg. Paperback, geïllustr. omslag. ... € 15,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
De geschiedenis van Nederho... KROL, J.: De geschiedenis van Nederhorst den Berg. [Alphen aan den Rijn: Samsom,] 1949, facsimile reprint: Arnhem: Gysbers & Van Loon [n.d., c. 1970]. 8vo, 24cm. Pp. xii,261, 1 fold. map, 34 photos on pls. Orig. cloth in pictorial dust-jacket,. Very g... € 20,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Overijsselse buitenplaatsen. Wyck, H.W.M. van der, & Enklaar-Lagendijk, J.: Overijsselse buitenplaatsen. Alphen aan de Rijn: CAnaletto, 1983. 4to, 26.5cm. 336 blz., gekl. frontisp., 271 illustr. op platen in tekst, talr. illustr. tussen tekst... € 40,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Verhalen. 150 jaar De Gemee... HILLENIUS, D.: Verhalen. 150 jaar De Gemeentestem. [Alphen aan de Rijn:] Samsom, 2000. 4to, 28.5cm. 144 blz., talr. illus. (hoofz. portr.), personenreg. Geb., orig. kart. band, facsim. op... € 15,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Brakhiopody srednego i verk... Bublichenko N.L., 1974.: Brakhiopody srednego i verkhnego devona Rudnogo Altaya. Alma-Ata. Large 8vo. Pp. 174 p., 11 plates, 2 figs., 3 tabs., bibl. Orig. cloth - Russian text. "The Middle an... € 27,50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Marine mollusks from Panama... Strong, A.M., & Hertlein, L.G., 1939.: Marine mollusks from Panama collected by the Allan Hancock Expedition to the Galapagos Islands, 1931-1932. Allan Hancock Pacif. Exped., 2(12): pp. 175-245, many photos in 6 plates, refs.8vo. Orig. wrappers. € 12,50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Ontmaagding. HAGENBEEK, Suzanne: Ontmaagding. Alkmaar: Stichting Bewustzijn, 1992. 8vo, 20cm. Pp. 278, bibl. Orig. stiff wrappers. - With author's presentation inscription. Scarce. € 20,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Etude géologique de la régi... DUROZOY, Guy André Louis.: Etude géologique de la région de Chateaudun du Rhumel [Algérie]. [Fac. Sci. Univ. Alger, Année 1958 Nº 2.] Alger: Service de la Carte géologique de l'Algérie, 1961. 8vo, 24.2cm. Pp. 456,[2], 15 (12 fold.) maps, 3 fold. sections, 29 microphotos of (mostly fossilifer... € 75,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Etude géologique des Monts ... DAVID, Louis.: Etude géologique des Monts de la Haute Medjerda. Alger: Service de la Carte Géologique de l'Algérie, 1956. 8vo. Pp. viii,305, 9 fold. plates and maps (2 coloured), 1 large fold. col. geol. map in pocket, 6 p... € 40,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Exposition Universelle de P... : Exposition Universelle de Paris en 1878. Départements d'Alger et d'Oran. Notice minéralogique. Alger: J. Lavange, 1873. 8vo, 23.3cm. Pp. 61, tables. Orig. printed wrappers. € 15,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Etude géologique de l'Algér... Pomel, A., 1889.: Etude géologique de l'Algérie. Description stratigraphique générale de l'Algérie. Suivie d'une étude succincte sur les rochers éruptives [...] par MM. J. Curie et G. Flamand. Alger: Imprimerie de l'Association Ouvrière P. Fontana, 1889. 8vo, 23.8cm. Pp. 214. Plain old wrappers. Very good. - . Intended to accompany the second edition of... € 30,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Esquisse géologique du bass... BLAYAC, Joseph.: Esquisse géologique du bassin de la Seybouse et de quelques régions voisines. [Matér. Carte Géol. Algérie, 2e série, 6.] Alger: A. Jourdan, 1912. 8vo, Pp. viii,490,[4], 3 fold. plates of sections, 2 maps, 53 figs. in text, bibl. Paperbound, orig.... € 35,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Etude géologique du Hodna, ... Kieken, M., 1974.: Etude géologique du Hodna, du Titteri et de la partie occidentale des Biban (Dépt. Alger, Algérie). [Bull. Serv. Géol., N.S., 46(1-2).] Alger 1974. 2 volumes, 4to, 26.4cm. Vol. 1: pp. 217; vol. 2: pp. 269,[28]; with 232 figs. and maps (partly fold.... € 45,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Contribution à l'étude de q... Devries, A., 1960.: Contribution à l'étude de quelques groupes d'échinides fossiles d'Algérie. [Publ. Serv. Carte Géol. Algérie, Paléont., Mém. 3.] Alger 1960. Folio, 31.7cm. Pp. 278,[2], numerous drawings on 34 plates, many photos on 5 plates, 31 figs. and di... € 50,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Contribution à l'étude stra... Muraour, P., 1956.: Contribution à l'étude stratigraphique et sédimentologique de la Basse-Kabylie (région de Dellys-Tizi-Ouzou) suivie de notes paléontologiques. [Publ. Serv. Géol. Carte Géol. Algérie, N.S., Bull. 7.] Alger 1956. Large 8vo. 25cm. Pp. 383, 33 photos (mostly of outcrops) on plates, 97 drawings of forams on 6 plate... € 40,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Etude géologique de la régi... FLIERT, Jan Rijnaud van de.: Etude géologique de la région d'Oued Athménia (Algérie). [Publ. Serv. Carte Géol. Algérie, N.S., Bull., 3.] Alger 1955. Large 8vo. Pp. xii,264. 33 plates (mostly fold.), 19 figs., 1 large fold. col. geol. map loosely ins... € 20,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Etude géologique de l'Aurès... Laffitte, Robert.: Etude géologique de l'Aurès. [Bull. Carte Géol. Algérie, 2e Sér., 15.] Alger, 1939. 8vo. Pp. 484, 35 (partly col.) fold. pls., maps, and diagrs., 10 pls. of photos, 26 figs., bibl. Ori... € 45,00 Aquila Antiquariaat

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