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Calcareous nannoplankton: L... Roth, P.H., & Thierstein, H., 1972.: Calcareous nannoplankton: Leg 14 of the Deep-Sea Drilling Project. Init. Rep. DSDP, 14: pp. 421-485, 16 tables, many microphotos on 16 plates, refs. 4to. Plain new wrappers. Fine. € 15,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Calcareous nannoplankton zo... Hay, W.W., et al., 1967.: Calcareous nannoplankton zonation of the Cenozoic of the Gulf Coast and Caribbean-Antillean area and transoceanic correlation. Trans. Gulf Coast Assoc. Geol. Soc., 17: pp. 428-480, 46 microphotos on 12 plates, 13 charts imn text, efs. 4to. Offprint, orig. wrappers. € 12,50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Calcareous Neogene microfos... Carreno, A.L., 1992.: Calcareous Neogene microfossils of Baja California Sur, Mexico. Part 1. Neogene microfoss. from the Santiago Diatomite. Part 2. Early Neogene foraminifera and assoc. microfoss. of the Cerro Tierra Blanca Member (El Cien Form). [Paleont. Mexic.... México 1992. 8vo. Pp. vi,70, 18 plates of microphotos, 5 figs., tabs., 1 col. geol. map, refs. Orig. printed wrap... € 15,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Calcification in two specie... Wal, P. van der, 1984.: Calcification in two species of coccolithophorid algae. [GUA Pap. Geol., Ser. I, 20.] Utrecht. 8vo. Pp. 113, several photos and figs., refs. Orig. wrapprs. - Thesis, consists of 6 papers publishe... € 15,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Calcioflagellata: Coccolith... Kamptner, E., 1969.: Calcioflagellata: Coccolithinae et Discoasterineae. (Catalogus Fossilum Austriae, 1a.) Wien. 8vo. Pp. 75, bibl., index. Orig. wrs. € 12,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Calcit. Das formenreichste ... : Calcit. Das formenreichste Mineral der Erde. [extraLapis No. 14.] München: Christian Weise Verlag, 19 Quart, 29.7cm. 96 S., sehr zahlr. Farbfotos u.a. Abb. Broschiert, lamin. illustr. Orig.-Kart. Am Sch... € 15,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Calibration of hominoid evo... Bishop, W.W., Miller, J.A., & Cole, S. (editors), 1972.: Calibration of hominoid evolution. Recent advances in isotopic and opther dating methods applicable to the origin of man. Proceedings of the Symposium held at Burg Wartenstein, Austria, 3rd-12th July 1971. [Edinburgh:] Scottish Academic Press [for:] The Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research New York. Small 4to. Pp. viii,487, figs., refs., append., index. Orig. boards. € 20,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Cambrian Brachiopoda. [Mono... Walcott, C.D., 1912.: Cambrian Brachiopoda. [Monogr. U.S. Geol. Surv., 51.] Washington: Government Printing Office. 4to. Vol. 1 (text): pp. 872, 76 figs., bibl., index; vol. 2 (atlas): pp. 363, numerous illus. on 104... € 150,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Cambrian Cephalopoda of China. Chen, Jun-Yan, & Teichert, C., 1983.: Cambrian Cephalopoda of China. Palaeontogr., Abt. A, 181(1-3): pp. 1-102, numerous photos on 19 plates, 26 figs., 10 tables, bibliogr. 4to. Plain new wrappers. Fin... € 60,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Cambrian forests. [Forestry... Edlin, H.L. (editor), 1050.: Cambrian forests. [Forestry Commission Guide.] London: HMSO, 1959. 8vo, 21.2cm. Pp. vi,104, frontisp., 30 photos on 16 plates, 2 double-page maps, several drawings in ... € 10,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Cambrian of the New World. ... Holland, C.H. (editor).: Cambrian of the New World. [Lower Paleozoic rocks of the World. Volume I.] London: Wiley-Interscience, 1971. 4to, 25.5cm. Pp. viii,456, frontisp., 4 pls., many figs., refs., index. Orig. cloth in dust-jacket. ... € 50,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Cambro-Ordovician palynostr... Vecoli, M., 1999.: Cambro-Ordovician palynostratigraphy (acritarchs and prasinophytes) of the Hassi-R'Mei area and northern Rhadames Basin, North Africa. Palaeontogr. Ital., 36: pp. 1-116, many large microphotos on 17 plates, 9 figs., refs. Large 4to. Wrappers. € 30,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Camillo Golgi 1843-1926. Sa... PILLERI, Giorgio: Camillo Golgi 1843-1926. Santiago Ramön Y Cajal 1852-1926. Adelchi Negri 1876-1912. Biographical sketches published for the 50th Anniversary of the Bern University Brain Anatomy Institute. Ostermundigen: Verlag des Hirnanatomischen Institutes, 1984. Large 8vo, 24cm. Pp. 65, 30 illus. from historical originals in text, efs. Orig. printed stiff wrapp... € 12,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Camps vitrifiés et camps ca... BARTHELEMY, F.: Camps vitrifiés et camps calcinés. [Extrait des Mémoires de la Société d'Archéologie lorraine" pour 1892,.] Nancy: Imp. G. Crépin-Leblond, 1892. 8vo, 22.8cm. Pp. 39, 5 drawings of sections on 2 folding lithogr. plates, notes. Orig. printed wrtap... € 10,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Canadian deposits of uraniu... Lang, A.H., Griffith, J.W., & Steacy, H.R., 1962.: Canadian deposits of uranium and thorium. Second edition. [Geol. Surv. Canada Econ. Geol. Ser., 16.] Ottawa 1962. Large 8vo. Pp. xvi,324, 9 plates (incl. frontisp.) of photos, 28 maps and sections in text (incl. 4 ... € 22,50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Canadian Pacific Fauna. 10.... CORNWALL, I.E., 1955.: Canadian Pacific Fauna. 10. Arthropoda. 10e. Cirripedia. Ottawa: Fisheries Research Board. Pp. [ii],49, several drawings and photos in 40 illustr. in text, refs. Orig. wrappers. € 10,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Canterbury excavations: int... FRERE, S.S., et al.: Canterbury excavations: intra- and extra-mural sites, 1949-55 and 1980-84. [The Archaeology of Canterbury. Volume VIII.] Maidstone: Kent Archaeological Society, for Canterbury Aracheological Trust, 1987. 4to, 27cm. Pp. 363, 36 plates of photos, many drawings and several plans in 124 figs. in text (some ... € 28,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Capitosaurid lebyrinthodont... Paton, R.L., 1974.: Capitosaurid lebyrinthodonts from the Trias of England. Palaeontology, 17(2): pp. 253-289, 2 pls., 19 figs., 3 tabs., refs. Plain new wrs. € 8,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Capsidae [Heteroptera] in B... Reuter, O.M., 1907.: Capsidae [Heteroptera] in Brasilia collectae in Museo I.R. Vindobonensi asservatae. / Capridae tres Cubanae. Die drei von Guérin in Ramon de la Sagras 'Histoire physique, politique et naturelle de l'île de Cuba' beschriebenen Capsiden. Ann. Naturhist. Hofmus. Wien, 22(1): pp. 33-80; 22(2): pp. 147-190. Small 4to. Two papers in one volume, plain new wrappers. € 15,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Caracteres texturais dos se... Bigarella, J.J., & Salamuni, R., 1962.: Caracteres texturais dos sedimentos do Bacia de Curitiba. [Bol. Univ. Paraná, Geol., 71(1).] Curitiba. 8vo. Pp. 164, 14 fold. tabs., maps, and diagrs. in separate covers, 17 figs. in text, Paperbound, pl... € 15,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Caradocian Chitinozoa from ... Laufeld, S., 1967.: Caradocian Chitinozoa from Dalarna, Sweden. Geol. Fören. Stockholm Förh., 89: pp. 275-349, many microphotos and some figs. in 34 illustr. in text, refs. Orig. wrappers. € 12,50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carattere marino del grandi... STOPPANI, Antonio (1824-1891).: Carattere marino del grandi anfiteatri morenici dellálta Italia. Estratto dall'opera Geologia d'Italia per A. Stoppani e Gaetanoo Negri [...]. Milano"Dottor Francesco Vallardi, 1871. 4to, 26cm. Pp. 77,[3], 3 tinted lithographed plates of panoramic views, 3 lithogr. maps, 58 wood-eng... € 40,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Caratteri lit-biostratigraf... Dii Grande, A., & Romeo, M., 1981.: Caratteri lit-biostratigrafici dei depositi Messiniani nell'area Iblea (Sicilia sud-orientale). Riv. Ital. Paleont., Strat., 86(4): pp. 855-916, 18 figs., photos, diagrs. and sections in text, refs. Plain new wrappers. € 10,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carbonate petrology of alga... Meijer, J.J. de, 1971.: Carbonate petrology of algal limestones (Lois-Ciguera Formation, Upper Carboniferous , León, Spain). Leid. Geol. Meded., 49(1).] Leiden. 4to. Pp. viii,97, 178 (18 col.) microphotos on 21 pls., 1 large fold. sheet of columnar sections in ... € 21,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carbonate rocks. Origin, oc... Chilingar, G.V., Bssell, H.J., & Fairbridge, R.W., editors, 1967.: Carbonate rocks. Origin, occurrence, and classification. Physical and chemical aspects. [Developm. in Sedim., 9A & 9B.] Amsterdam: Elsevier. 8vo. Vol. 1: ppp. vi,471; vol. 2: pp. viii,413; in both volumes many figs. and photos, refs., indexe... € 50,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carboniferous and Permian b... Gobbett, D.J., 1963.: Carboniferous and Permian brachiopods of Svalbard. [Norsk Polarinst. Skrift., 127.] Oslo. Large 8vo. Pp. 201,[3], 429 photos on 25 plates, 27 figs., bibliogr. Orig. wrappers. € 42,50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carboniferous crinoids of T... Strimple, H.L., & Watkins, W.T., 1969.: Carboniferous crinoids of Texas with stratigraphic implications. Palaeontogr. Amer., 6(40): pp. iv,141-275, many photos on 26 plates, refs., index. Folio. Orig.wrappers. € 27,50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carboniferous miospores of ... Clayton, G., et al., 1977.: Carboniferous miospores of Western Europa: illustration and zonation. [Meded. Rijks Geol. Dienst, 29.] Haarlem 1977. 4to. Pp. 19, 584 microphotos on 25 pls., 2 fold. sheets of diagrs. and tabs. loosely inserted, bibl.... € 15,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carboniferous Productidina ... Winkler Prins, C.F., 1968.: Carboniferous Productidina and Chonetidina [Brachiop.] of the Cantabrian Mountains (NW Spain): systematics, stratigraphy, and palaeoecology. [Leid. Geol. Meded., 43(2).] Leiden. 4to, 26.5cm. Pp. viii,41-126, 9 pls., 8 tabs., 18 figs., 1 fold. map in pocket, refs. Orig. wrs. The... € 20,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carboniferous stem-reptiles... Carroll, R.L., & Baird, D., 1972.: Carboniferous stem-reptiles of the family Romeriidae. *Bull. Mus. Compar. Zool. Harvard Univ., 143(5): pp. 321-357, several drawings in 13 figs., refs. Large 8vo. Offprint, orig. wrs. € 8,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carbonized seeds from North... BAKELS, C.C.: Carbonized seeds from Northern France. Analecta Praehist. Leidensia, 17: pp. 1-27, many drawings in 8 figs., 7 photos, 1 sketch map, bibliogr. 4to. Wrappers. € 7,50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Cardiophony. A new method o... HOLTKAMP, Hendrik Arnold: Cardiophony. A new method of 12-lead ECG transmission as a part of the communication between general practitioner and cardiologist for early diagnosis of heart complaints. Groningen. 8vo, 24.2cm. Pp. 149, 12 diagrs., 47 tabs., bibl. Orig. stiff pictorial wrappers. Fine. - Thesis. € 12,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carib Art. Contemporary art... : Carib Art. Contemporary art of the Caribbean. A travelling exhibition of contemporary works of art by artists of the Dutch, English, French and Spanish Caribbean. Curaçao: National Commission for UNESCO of the Netherlands Antilles, 1993. Oblong 4to, 21x24cm. Pp. [ii],374, numerous colour illustr. Paperbound, orig. pict. lamin. stiff wra... € 35,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carl Linnaeus, de bloemenko... Hagberg, K., ,1964.: Carl Linnaeus, de bloemenkoning. [Tweede druk.] Amsterdam: J.E. Strengholt, 1964. Large 8vo. Pp. 302, several illustr. on 14 plates and in text. Orig. boards in pict. dust-jacket. € 12,50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carl Ritter. Werk und Wirku... : Carl Ritter. Werk und Wirkungen. Beiträge eines Symposiums im 200. Geburtsjahr des Gelehrten, Quedlinburg, DDR. Gotha: Hermann Haack, 1983. 8vo, 23.8cm. Pp. 254, several illustr. in text, refs. Orig. cloth in pict. dust-jacket. Little rubb... € 22,50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carl von Linné. Några kapit... Levertin, O., 1906.: Carl von Linné. Några kapitel ur ett oafslutadt arbete. Stockholm: A. Bonnier, 1906. 8vo. .Pp. iv,111,[3]. Oid moiré cloth. Very good. € 15,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carnations, picotees, and t... Cook, E.T. (editor), 1905.: Carnations, picotees, and the wild and garden pinks. Written by several authorities and edited by E.T. Cook. London: Country Life / George Newnes, 1905. Large 8vo. Pp. xii,162, 30 photogr. plates (incl. frontisp.), index. Hardbound, orig. cloth. Some fo... € 25,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Caro Bubushkin. Lettere e d... STRAVINSKIJ, Vera & Igor.: Caro Bubushkin. Lettere e diari. Traduzione di Silvia Bemporad Servi. A cura di Robert Craft. [Il tempo e le cose, I.] Firenze: Passagli Editori, 1988. 8vo, 23.8cm. Pp. 410,[6], several illustr. in text. Paperbound, orig. stiff pict. wrappers with flap... € 20,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Caroli Linnaei Hortus Uplan... Linnaeus, C., 1899.: Caroli Linnaei Hortus Uplandicus, med inledning och förklaringar af Th. M. Fries. [Upsala Univ. Årsskr. 1899, Programm I.] Upsala: C.J. Lundström, 1899. 8vo. Pp. 38,xlviii, 2 plates of facsimile. Orig. printed wrappers, uncut. Spine neatly mended, very ... € 20,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carolus Linnaeus. Een en an... Lotsy, J.P., 1907.: Carolus Linnaeus. Een en ander over zijne beteekenis, vooral ten opzichte van het soortsbegrip. Rede ter herdenking van zijn 200sten geboortedag uitgesproken te Haarlem op den 23sten Mei 11907. Haarlem: Loosjes, 1907. Large 8vo, 24.8cm. Pp. 32, frontisp. portrait, 1 fig. Orig. printed wrappers, uncut. Some marking to... € 15,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carpets and their datings i... YDEMA, Onno.: Carpets and their datings in Nethgerlandish paintings 1540-1700. Zutphen: Walburg Pres, 1991. 4to, 27.8cm. Pp. 208, frontisp., numerous photos (some in colour), illustr. catalogue, notes, list o... € 15,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carpographie anatomique. [A... LESTIBOUDOIS, Thémistocle Gaspard (1797-1876).: Carpographie anatomique. [Ann. Sci. nat., Bot., Sér. 2, 2.] [Paris c. 1855.] 8vo. Pp. 76, 56 figs. on 2 finely engraved plates. Plain new wrappers. - On anatomy of plant seeds. € 30,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carta geográfica do Estado ... MAGALHÃES, Clovis de.: Carta geográfica do Estado do Maranhão. Escala 1:1.000.000. [No pl.:] Directoria do Serviço Geográfico, M. Guerra, Brasil, 1955. Coloured detailed map, 113x83cm+small margins, folding back to ca. 31x24cm. Traces of use, apparentl... € 25,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Cartas de proprio mano de C... Linnaeus, C., 1908.: Cartas de proprio mano de C. Linneo, que se conservan en el Jardín Botánico de Madrid. Mem. R. Soc. Españ. Hist. Nat., 5(3): pp. 93-151. Extract, plain new wrappers. € 10,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carte de France de l'Etat-M... : Carte de France de l'Etat-Major au 1/80,000. Feuille 11. ABBEVILLE. Paris: Librairie Militaire J. Dumaine, 1886. Very detailed lithographed topographical map, 52x83.5cm + margins, dissected and mounted on linen, f... € 40,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carte des environs d Amiens... Jourdain.: Carte des environs d Amiens. Exécutée en 1900 d'après les Cartes du Ministère de la Guerre [...] par le Lieutenant Jourdain du 72e Régiment de l'Infanterie. Amiens: Poiré-Choquet, Librairie-Editeur, 8 rue de la République, [1900]. Lithographed topographic map, very detailed, scale 1:20,000, meas. 129x126cm, dissected and mounted ... € 75,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carte du Canton de Neuchâte... [ Neuchãtel ]: Carte du Canton de Neuchâtel, échelle 1:100 000. Adoptée par le Département de l'Instruction publique Neuchâtal. Neuchâtel: Librairie Payot, [1956]. Carte topographique/géographique imprimée en colours, 50 x 66 cm, pliée, dans couverture original... € 10,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carte géologique de France.... : Carte géologique de France. Echelle 1:80,000. Feuille 84. MIRECOURT. Paris 1852. Chromolithographed map, 50x80cm, dissected and mounted on linen, floding back to 8vo size. Few trace... € 35,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carte géologique de la Fran... : Carte géologique de la France à 1/50 000. XXVI-40: MEYRUEIS, Causse Noir - Mont Aigoual. Paris: BRGM, 1977/ Geological map printed full colour, folding into transparent plastic covers, with booklet of 29 page... € 15,00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Carte géologique de la Répu... : Carte géologique de la République Tchécoslovaque. Feuille: Beroun Horovice (4052). L'exécution de la carte est due aux travaux faits de 1913 à 1922 par MM. Radim Kettner et Odolen Kodym. [Prague:] Service géologique de l'Etat Tchécoslovaque [n.d., c. 1925]. Chromolith. map, scale 1:75,000, measuring 39x50cm plus broad margins cont. colour key. Dissected an... € 22,00 Aquila Antiquariaat

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