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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
Solid state surface science... Green, Mino (ed.) Solid state surface science vol 3 Marcel Dekker N.Y. 1973 geb. obrds. xi-222 pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Applied multidimensional sc... Green, Paul E., Vithala R. Rao Applied multidimensional scaling. A comparison of Approaches and Algorithms Holt Rinehart N.Y. 1972 hard cover xviii-292 pp € 12,00 Aquilabooks
Green, Peter - Parthenon Green, Peter Parthenon Wiesbaden Ebeling Verlag 1975 hard back dustj. 147 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
The curious history of cont... Green, Shirley The curious history of contraception London Ebury Press 1971 hard cover dustj. 210 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
The theory and use of the c... Green, S.L. The theory and use of the complex variable. An introduction Pitman London 1948 hard cover red cloth 136 pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Hydro- and aero-dynamics. A... Green, S.L. Hydro- and aero-dynamics. A theoretical textbook for advanced students of aeronautics, hydrolics, physics and mathematics Pitman London 1937 hard cover red cloth viii-166-22 pp [mint] € 16,00 Aquilabooks
The Smuggling Business Green, Timothy The Smuggling Business London Aldus Books 1977 hard cover dustj. 144 pp [undercover The library of espionage and secret warfare] € 5,00 Aquilabooks
The Observer`s Book of Basi... Green, William The Observer`s Book of Basic Aircraft CIVIL Warne London 1967 hard cover dustj. 272 pp € 6,00 Aquilabooks
The Observer`s Book of Basi... Green, William The Observer`s Book of Basic Aircraft 1968 - 1986 Warne London 1968- 1986 hard cover [dustj.] each year € 4,00 Aquilabooks
The New Observer`s Book of ... Green, William & Gordon Swanborough The New Observer`s Book of Airliners [sev. years] Warne London 1968 - 1992 soft cover each year € 4,00 Aquilabooks
Language of flowers Greenaway, Kate [ill.] Language of flowers London Frederick Warne 1977 hard back € 3,00 Aquilabooks
Verb-intensifier collocatio... Greenbaum, Sidney Verb-intensifier collocations in English Mouton The Hague 1970 soft cover 96 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Astronomy in the laboratory... Greenberg, J.M. Astronomy in the laboratory [rede R.U. Leiden 1969] Leiden Universitaire Pers 1969 stapled 16 pp € 4,00 Aquilabooks
Universals of language. Rep... Greenberg, Joseph H. [ed.] Universals of language. Report of a conference held at Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. april 13-15, 1961 M.I.T. Cambridge Mass. 2. ed. 1966 soft cover xxvii-337 pp [mint] € 5,00 Aquilabooks
A short History of the Amer... Greene, Avarts Boutell A short History of the American People vol I: The foundations of American Nationality Amer. Book Comp. N.Y. 1922 hard cover xii-614-xl pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Omnibus: Stamboel-expres-Ge... Greene, Graham Omnibus: Stamboel-expres-Geheim agent-Heerschappij van de angst- De verliezer wint Amsterdam Contact 1959 geb. omslag [wat verkl.] 781 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
The heart of the matter Greene, Graham; Pat Kirby [illustr.] The heart of the matter Heinemann London 1948 hard cover cl. [back faded] 297 pp € 7,00 Aquilabooks
The captain and the enemy Greene, Graham The captain and the enemy Viking N.Y. 1988 hard cover dustj. 189 pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Our Man in Havana Greene, Graham Our Man in Havana Heinemann London 1. ed. 1958 hard cover [no dustj.] € 9,00 Aquilabooks
The heart of the matter Greene, Graham The heart of the matter London Heinemann 1959 hard back 334 pp € 4,00 Aquilabooks
Ways of escape, an autobiog... Greene, Graham Ways of escape, an autobiography Simon & Shuster N.Y. 1980 hard cover dustj. 320 pp € 7,00 Aquilabooks
European socialism since Wo... Greene, Nathaniel [ed.] European socialism since World War I Quadrangle Books Chicago 1971 hard cover dustj. [chaf. soiled] 261 pp € 4,00 Aquilabooks
Fragments of memory. From K... Greenfield, Hana Fragments of memory. From Kolin to Jerusalem Gefen Jerusalem 1992 soft cover 77 pp [signed by author "never again ! Praha 1994" € 6,00 Aquilabooks
A critical history of Old E... Greenfield, Stanley B. A critical history of Old English Literature London University of London Press 1968 sec. impr. hard cover dustj. xi-237-[4] pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Greenhalgh, Chris - Coco and Igor Greenhalgh, Chris Coco and Igor London REVIEW 2002 pbk. 311 pp € 4,00 Aquilabooks
Deep into Mani. Journey to ... Greenhalgh, Peter & Edward Eliopoulos Deep into Mani. Journey to the Southern tip of Greece London FABER & FABER 1985 soft back 171 pp € 4,00 Aquilabooks
The British  assault on Fin... Greenhill, Basil, Ann Giffard The British assault on Finland 1854 - 1855. A forgotten naval war Naval Inst. Press Annapolis Maryland 1988 hard cover/dustj. xviii-366 pp [blindst. mint cond.] € 32,00 Aquilabooks
Travelling by sea in the ni... Greenhill, Basil & Ann Giffard Travelling by sea in the nineteenth century. Interior design in Victorian passenger ships Hastings House N.Y. 1974 hard cover vii-168 pp ill. € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Niagara Greenhill, Ralph & Thomas D. Mahoney Niagara Univ. of Toronto Press 1969 hard cover dustj. vii-184 pp ill. € 25,00 Aquilabooks
The politics of justificati... Green-Pedersen, C. The politics of justification / party competition and welfare-state retrenchment in Denmark and the Netherlands from 1982 to 1998 Amsterdam University Press 2002 soft cover 207 pp [underlinings in pencil on pp 13-17] € 4,00 Aquilabooks
The age of turbulence. Adve... Greenspan, Alan The age of turbulence. Adventures in a new world Allen Lane London 2007 hard cover dustj. 531 pp [mint] € 12,00 Aquilabooks
The Buffy Sainte-Marie Song... Greenwood, Peter / John Marino The Buffy Sainte-Marie Songbook [comments, illustrations and design by Buffy Sainte-Marie] New York Grosset & Dunlap 1971 soft back 224 pp [cover bit chafed] € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Maastricht, Medisch Onderwi... Greep, J.M. Maastricht, Medisch Onderwijscentrum van de Universe? Kennis- en vaardigheidstraining in internationaal perspectief [rede RU Limburg 1992] Maastricht 1992 geniet 31 pp € 3,00 Aquilabooks
Daddy, we hardly knew you Greer, Germaine Daddy, we hardly knew you Knopf N.Y. 1990 hard cover dustj. 311 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Het lot van de vrouw Greer, Germaine Het lot van de vrouw Meulenhoff, Adam 1984 owrps. 684 pp € 4,00 Aquilabooks
Sex and destiny, the politi... Greer, Germaine Sex and destiny, the politics of human fertility Harper, N.Y. 1984 obrds., ocl., xv-541 pp mint € 10,00 Aquilabooks
Bent u nog feministisch? es... Greer, Germaine Bent u nog feministisch? essays en artikelen Meulenhoff Adam 1986 pbk.250 pp € 6,00 Aquilabooks
Greer, Germaine - De hele vrouw Greer, Germaine De hele vrouw Meulenhoff Adam 1999 pbk. 412 pp € 6,00 Aquilabooks
Filosofie van den meervoudi... Greeve, Max Filosofie van den meervoudige tijd in gemakkelijk begrijpelijken vorm Den Haag van Stockum 1930 ing. 56 pp [omstag roestvlekkig] € 5,00 Aquilabooks
De geur van kruizemunt waai... Greeve, Trees de De geur van kruizemunt waait over. Tuinpoëzie Utrecht Kwadraat 1998 pbk. 95 pp € 3,00 Aquilabooks
Collected Papers Greg, W.W. ; J.C. Maxwell [ed.] Collected Papers Oxford At the Clarendon Press 1966 hard backj dustj. xii-449 pp € 18,00 Aquilabooks
Wanderjahre in Italien. Fig... Gregorovius [,Ferdinand] Wanderjahre in Italien. Figuren, Geschichte, Leben und Szenerie aus Italien Köln Agrippina 1953 hard back cloth 681 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Gregory's street directory ... Gregory Gregory's street directory of SYDNEY & suburbs Sydney Gregory Publishing Co 18th edition soft cover 384 pp € 7,00 Aquilabooks
Gregory's street directory ... Gregory Gregory's street directory of MELBOURNE and suburbs and metropolitan road guide 5th edition Sydney Gregory Publishing Co 5th edition hard cover 335 pp € 7,00 Aquilabooks
Scientific Materialism in n... Gregory, Frederick Scientific Materialism in nineteenth century Germany Reidel Dordrecht 1977 soft cover xxiii-279 pp € 32,00 Aquilabooks
Counterparty Credit Risk. T... Gregory, Jon Counterparty Credit Risk. The New Challenge for Global Financial Markets New York Wiley 2010 hard back xxiv-424 pp € 22,00 Aquilabooks
The geography of the U.S.S.... Gregory, J.S. [ed.] The geography of the U.S.S.R. An introductory survey Moscow Novosti Press 1975 soft cover 144 pp € 4,00 Aquilabooks
Gregory, J.W. - Australia Gregory, J.W. Australia Cambridge at the University Press 1916 hard back dec. cloth 156 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Vijf voordrachten over rege... Greidanus, J.H. / J. Nieveen / A.J.Dekker i.a. Vijf voordrachten over regeling en ontregeling in de natuur- en geneeskundige wetenschappen met een inleiding van F.H.L. van Os 1969 ing. 125 pp € 4,00 Aquilabooks
A solution of the prblem of... Greidanus, J.H. A solution of the prblem of mind and matter [Verhandelingen KNAW 1e reeks deel 30] Amsterdam Noord-Hollandsche U.M. 1981 soft cover 45 pp [added: A fundamental theory of the relation between mind and brain € 6,00 Aquilabooks

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